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Find the Options for the Perfect Data Protection Now

If you are considering a transfer to the cloud for the storage of your data, we will gladly give you a number of tips that you should pay attention to.

  1. Find out how the data transfer takes place

With an encrypted VPN connection, you reduce the chance that hackers intercept company-sensitive data.

  1. Choose a cloud provider that encrypts your data

For example, with Microsoft Azure, you can use the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). This smart and strong coding ensures that only you have access to the content. If a data breach ever takes place, then the content is unreadable for third parties.

  1. Stay boss about your own data

In the conditions, check whether you are and remain the owner of data stored in the cloud at all times, as is the case with Microsoft Azure. This prevents cloud providers from misusing personal data for marketing purposes and data analysis. You can have the best deals with iWV (ICONZ-WEBVISIONS PTE LTD).

  1. Protect yourself against external influences

Check for automatic backups at physically separate locations. Are your data in emergency situations (earthquake, flood, fire) still available due to the use of different data centers? What measures have been taken against (digital) burglaries and are the servers resistant to malicious attacks? What about the possible attacks of aggressive malware?

  1. Keep the overview

Know where data is stored. Which files are in the cloud and which data do you prefer to save locally? Make a well-considered choice in this.

  1. Never give up everything

Check how the cloud provider responds as soon as the authorities request specific customer data. If the judicial authorities or the police make an application, to what extent will this request be granted? Choose a cloud provider that is completely transparent in how safety is put together. The cloud services Microsoft Azure and Office 365 have an ISO label. For example, Microsoft Azure only provides data with a court order and informs their customers.

Remains over the supplier of the storage service itself

Because we learned from the short but turbulent history of the internet that companies come and go. Sometimes faster and more unexpectedly than expected. And if the provider of your cloud storage drops in with it, chances are that you have lost your data. Even apart from the question what happens to all that storage space if another company takes over the servers and hard disks from the bankrupt estate.

Open door of course, but cloud storage is inherently linked to privacy. There is always a chance that someone can come to your files undesirably. For example, to compose user profiles that in turn are extremely interesting to sell to advertisers and the like for a lot of money. Or just a holiday force that sees a nice way to earn money by selling private data. For these types of problems is a solution, namely encrypting all your files before you upload them. But that takes even more time and there are few people who do that.

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