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    I’m Nancyelizabeth, a Southern California photographer that is finally joining the 21st century and Blogging for my clients!
    Seeing that I am also a mom, of two budding artists and a  wife with a husband that is also a photographer,
    you will also find their work here on “my” blog. That’s just the way it “rolls” around these suburbs! 
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  • booking for fall…

    Are you ready for fall???? I’m not!!


    I am already almost booked for fall, please contact me to schedule your session before we miss another year!

    may you be blessed

    drive you bananas…

    I am so mad at myself for not taking a picture of these first-day-of-school teacher gifts.

    Imagine the eyes on the monkeys done, tied with a Starbucks card and a cute red  ribbon with the note that says…

    “Hope my little monkey doesn’t drive you bananas this year!”

    (Gummy bananas are from William Sonoma and are as delicious as they are cute!)

    Hope you can imagine it, they were cute, honest!

    may you be blessed

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    hidden love…

    I’m baaaaack! Whhile I wasn’t really “gone” on some fancy vacation but rather gone from my computer, the best vacation there is, to be honest! I was busy enjoying the last minutes of summer with my kiddos and busy making/updating their scrapbooks with them…

    and busy washing, ironing and sewing “love” into their school uniforms…

    yes sewing love, hidden love…

    I started it when misterN went to kinder, never thinking that I would still be doing it 5 years later but alas I am, happily. When both kiddos looked at me with wide innocent eyes and hollered “yes” to my question of should I still sew in love? I willingly obliged and hid some other smiles among their uniforms as well. Wonder if they will have hidden love in their college cap and gown? I am thinking yes!

    and busy making space for homework projects, good work boards, backpacks, Spanish bags, piano bags and positive notes…

    and the accessory area for missE, not to be confused with her many jewelry boxes!

    and much much more…this was just in between the fun!

     may you be blessed

    temecula photographer…

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    After 7 months of blogging daily I am debating on the merits of this idea. While, it is a fun time consuming, challenging adventure for me I must admit that it does add a bit of unnecessary stress to life. If you have an opinion please leave a comment. Although it forces me to take note of my life and what-not, I am not convinced that the effort is justified…so I am thinking. Your thoughts?

    Love this from dailybread200blog

    may you be blessed

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    driving lesson…

    I’m thinking 8 years of driving lessons and I may let her drive alone….may being the key word here.

    may you be blessed

    fresh photography…temecula, oc, san diego

    may you blessed

    bright ideas..

    Talk about a bright idea, I am wanting this but debating on whether it would give my kids the wrong idea ~ knowing my kids it would trigger so many experiments and trips to ER that I do believe I will hold off until they are older.

    This makes me smile.

    may you be blessed

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    sew good…

    Golly, I wish I knew how to solve my computer problems without simply buyinga new one! I have had people over to try and fix it’s slooooowness and it’s wacky settings that seem to set themselves every other week, to no avail…my computer has a mind of it’s own. We (me and the computer) are trying to work it out but well, it isn’t looking so good for one of us!

    In the meantime we are sewing…making baby blankets and prayer quilts for our little friend missR who is still in Children’s Hospital and baffling the doctors. Prayers for her and her family are appreciated, she is just a few weeks old and is in proving to be a fighter.

    Yup, that’s the Monopoly game still going on in the background, and the wood for the stairs that I’m debating on leaning against the wall and their great-grandma’s suitcase filled with treasures peeking out. I think the backgrounds always tell more of a story than the subject!

    may you be blessed

    miss america…


    got this from missR’s graphic designer…

    I always love seeing how my clients use their images.

    may you be blessed

    mama’s helper…

    lov’n me a mama’s helper… 

    may you be blessed

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    before table…

    here’s the table my sister found and we are working on…

    I adore this table, you may not “see” why yet but squint and imagine it painted white in between my soon to be newly recovered chairs!

    may you be blessed

    young one…

    misterN capture this the other day at the ranch ~

    I must admit I’m impressed, for a 10 yr old he’s got quite an eye.

     may you be blessed

    temecula photographer…


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    second home has wheels…

    There is nothing fancy about my life…as a matter of fact our “second home” is a trailer that we park at a ranch for the summer.

    I honestly don’t think the kids realize just how much “better” it could be. So, taking a cue from the smart young ones, I will simply say…

    it doesn’t get “better” than this.

    may you be blessed

    road trip basket…

    I made a little road trip basket for my nephewN’s upcoming…wait for it

    …road trip. Complete with his own epic road trip liquid and call ur mom band-aids! Be safe N and take lots of pics!

    my you be blessed

    city whisperer…

    Needing someone to take care of that un-permitted room? That illegal garage addition? or facing “other” City issues? Well, help is on the way! There is someone out there that “speaks government” and he can accomplish what neither you nor I have time, energy or know-how to. He runs HpInspects (google it) or call him at 951.225.2988 and ask him some questions: if he can’t help you he will know someone who can.

    Trust me.

    He built me this is in a previously illegal space. All legal now!

    I’m loving it!

    may you be blessed


    We have totally let down our postcard stores…promise later this summer to restock you!

    may you be blessed

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    to be determined…

    I love love love to sew something for missE with these, so I bought them.. will I use them,

    well that’s to be determined at a later date!

    it makes me calm…

    the movement is second only to that marvelous green and blue/gray colors…

    may you be blessed

    shut the door…

    look at this adorable love seat

    just hand me my tea and magazine and please shut the door on your way out…

    may you be blessed

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