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  • Personality to Spare!

    She makes me laugh, out-loud! Her spirit and love of life emanates from every cell of her being.

    Truly she is a bright light in this sometimes dark world.

    As we wandered off, sorry mamaC, and investigated the area her enthusiasm never waned. I am beyond words lucky (blessed) to have had a few minutes of her time to capture a moment or two of her at “this” age.

    I love teenagers, call me weird, call me crazy, but it is true. When I use to teach I chose middle school and high school would be the second choice. I love their dreams. I love the way they know they will change the world. I love being able to listen to their struggles and simply support them where “they are” in their changing lives. teenageres get a bad rap and altough some may deserve it, most simply need a voice, a guide, someone to believe in them and trust them.Teenagers are the same people they were the day before just “more” of who they are shining through ~ the good the bad and the ugly, just like all of us!

    This teen is the good the great and the beautiful!

    Be Blessed

    Pure Love Conquers Sorrow

    I was very fortunate to be invited to capture some memories for sweet missH on her first birthday.

    The love surrounding her was on this special day was palpable.

    JOY and HOPE for her life and her future completely outshone the sorrow of her loss.

    (Tragically, both of her parents were killed in an auto accident just months ago)

    LOVE, pure LOVE, transformed and conquered all other emotions as little missH and her precious life were celebrated.

    My wish and my prayer and my hope for you, missH, is that you will always know the love and comfort that you knew this day.

    You are loved.

    Be Blessed

    family photos…temecula…corona…oc…san diego

    May this boy feel their love all his life…I am so glad I shoot for “myself” during sessions as well as for the client because to me, this is the story here. This is life. This is love. This is a memory. This is everything.

    may you be blessed

    photographer inland empire, san diego, oc, temecula

    …happy girls make me happy

    I was blessed to capture a few moments for this Kfamily on a gorgeous fall day in Temecula not long ago. They were a joy to work with and since Christmas cards haven’t gone out this is all I can show you!

    may you be blessed

    grandparents, grandkids and grand old time photography by hp

    …nothing like grandkids to make the world a little brighter and your heart a little fuller and your smile a little wider and your life a little better…

    may you be blessed

    Family Photographer, Temecula, Riverside, San Diego, CA

    love love love the three things going on here…

    may you be blessed

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    can you take it…

    one more of these cuties that is?

    may you be blessed

    be still my heart…temecula photographer

    Can you even begin to imagine the fun they have around the house? Lucky mamaS and papaB to be blessed with such loving, spirited, kind and beautiful inside and out kiddos.

    These are the smiles I love to capture…and those dimples on the girls…be still my heart!

     misterJ, who is always a pleasure to be around and is looking quite dapper these days if i do say so myself!

     may you be blessed

    longshadow ranch…

    editing some pics from Longshadow Ranch in Temecula..from the benefit for missSophie

     may you be blessed


    Former Temecula attorney drops job to help her daughter fight cancer

    By Kerri S. Mabee, on September 5, 2011, at 7:07 am


    I am blessed to be documenting this special event for missSophie…

    Fundraiser info…

    If you want to purchase tickets to go to the event for four year old Sophie Lawler-Ehr…the event will take place at Longshadow Ranch Winery, this Friday, October 7th from 6pm to 10 pm - Children are welcome, they will have great entertainment for them too! Tickets: $20.00 - Adults, $10.00 - Kids - Catering by Wahoo’s restaurant!


    Just a few weeks ago, Colleen Lawler, a former public defender at the Southwest Justice Center and mother to four year-old Sophie Lawler-Ehr, received some news that would devastate any parent. Shortly after Sophie complained of a pain in her chest, it was discovered that a malignant tumor was lodged just above her lungs.

    “Apparently they cannot at this point determine what type of tumor Sophie has,” said deputy public defender Erin Kirkpatrick, a close friend of Lawler’s. “They think the tumor can be either Ewings’ Sarcoma or Small Cell Lymphoma… Both are equally bad and both are extremely aggressive.”

    Sophie’s family is preparing to wage war against the cancer, Kirkpatrick said, with plans in the works for a benefit concert and a  website dedicated to raising funds for the battle that looms ahead.

    “Colleen was  always told that she couldn’t get pregnant. So having Sophie was a miracle,” said Kirkpatrick. ” This has completely devastated Colleen.”

    Lawler, who lives in Oceanside,  has worked as a defense attorney in Temecula for nearly eight years. She recently quit her job to focus on helping Sophie in her fight.

    “Information is coming in quickly. The family is deciding on chemo, and waiting for a report that will determine how aggressive they will have to be with the treatment,” Kirkpatrick said.

    To learn more or to donate to Sophie’s fund, click here.

    Kerri S. Mabee  can be reached at kerri.mabee@swrnn.com. Follow me on Twitter @kerrimabee.



    play ball…

    Time to play ball with misterC…

    I can’t help but smile at this shot! What a sweetie mister C is.


    may you continue to be blessed

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    riverside photographer…san diego photographer

    stay strong Ofamily…babyR is in good hands

    may you be blessed

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    love these three girls…

     missE, missG and missH are my three most favorites young ladies…they bring happiness to all who encounter their path and I am lucky to encounter it often.

    You little ladies are loved…

    may you  be blessed

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    save the date…

    How do you like my new save the date card? I love playing around with PS ~ I would love to take the time to learn graphic design, oh and how to make those cute little cupcake pops, but I digress.

    Aren’t these two just the cutest couple?

    I bet 11.11.11 will be a BIG wedding day this year and how could the hubby ever forget?!


    may you be blessed

    finger hold…

    I simply love love love the finger hold of a toddler.

    misterO, you simply stole my heart…

    may you be blessed

    la jolla photographer

    I am off shooting…enjoy your life!

    may you be blessed 


    may you be blessed

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    Grandkids make the world a happier place, mamaC I am so happy that your mama was happy on mother’s day!

    MamaC surprised her mom with a big canvas portrait of her grandkids. Grandma didn’t even know that we took the picture!

    grandkids rock…

    may you be blessed


    Fair warning… if you are at a session with you may be in a photo! I couldn’t resist a quick snap of big brother waiting for little brother to get his picture taken!

    may you be blessed

    temecula photographer…

    Sorry for the odd blogs the last few days, nothing of great joy or interest to write about just a little bumpy road I am on. Sometimes it just takes too much energy to think about things, let alone write about them, that’s what is going on these days ~ but God is good all the time so this too shall pass however slowly it may seem to me it will pass!

    Anyway…still behind on sharing sessions, here is a great family that I shot eons ago…you may recognize missS, whom I will be blogging later since I finally finished her senior pics!

    I am blessed by this family and their friendship…

    may you be blessed

    back to work…

    I am officially back to work, although I never really left I did remove myself from the computer for a couple days and now it is time to pay the piper!

    look at this cutie-pie I got to meet a couple weeks ago…

    I just wanted to grab this one and go play for the day! Thanks mamaC for bringing the kiddos down, grandma is going to be thrilled!

    may you be blessed

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