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    As the sun peeked out from behind the trees she came running over, carrying her favorite cuddle-buddy, a well-worn lovely she has had since birth, Iwas smitten. Little missS had a very tough entry into this world andhas spent countless hours at Rady’s Children Hospital, where I too spent too much time last summer, while the very best children’s hospital around it is still not where you envision a childhood taking place.

    Thanks to mamaC for setting this up for the family: you amaze me with your generous spirit and kind heart. People, like these make my job make sense, they appreciate the little moments; they want to savor the moments and time spent together. Here is a sneak peek from the session with little missS and her clan.

    One bundle of happiness wrapped up in an energy ball of goodness, little miss S…

    may you be blessed 

    temecula photographer…san diego photographer

    Busy week ahead. I get to shoot another awesome high school senior, two great doggies, a family full of grand-kiddos and a horse! Should be fun and with the weather finally warming up I will  be in hog-heaven. A sneak peek from the V family session…recognize the ugly wall from the estate? Yup! We headed back out to my favorite estate to wander the morning away. I like mamaV’s striking seriousness in the photo; the contrast with the rest of the family: I have plenty of you smiling mamaV, no worries! Also, lovin’ the way little brotherR is holding both big sister’s hands…

    ahh.. families

    may you be blessed

    photographer san diego…

    Happy Day!

    oh the love they brought..

    and the joy…

    may you be blessed

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    chaos and calm…family photographer temecula

    This sums up the year so far… calm love in the midst of chaos!

    Thanks bfamily for indulging me to  get this shot…

    This shot has been in my mind and now I have one: need to create a series of these someday…calm, chaos and family

    that balance we all strive for…

    may you be blessed 

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    temecula photographer

    what would you save in

    case of fire?

    may you never find out and

    may you be blessed

    monday’s are not for whimps…

    nor are they for sleeping in…they are getting up and living the life we have been given and being grateful for it… or so I keep saying to myself, I figure if I say it enough I will believe it! So, I will post… the love of a mother and child which never fails to lift me up.

    The love between mamaJ and missH always makes my heart a bit lighter.

     may you be blessed


    a friendly reminder…

    remember you can skip personal entries by scrolling down to the bottom of page and choosing your preferred area, seniors, children, editorial, etc

    bypass the personal… simply scroll down and choose

     may you be blessed

    drt and his family…

    I was blessed to have met drt and his wonderful family over the holidays… thanks so much for allowing me into your family for a while.

    a simply gorgeous young lady…

    missj, thanks again for your grace and kindness ~ you look marvelous, as always!


    … the sweet little brother who makes them all laugh~

    blessings everywhere in this family


    …the spectacular mr and mrs

    together and happy, grab it, save it, live it…

     may you be blessed

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    happy love day…

    nothing sweeter than your smile…

    I hope your day is filled with the ones you love and their smiles, hugs and kisses.

    here are some cuties that will be sure to bring a smile to their loved ones this year








    may you be blessed


    crazy by request…

    I got a number of emails requesting to see the crazy dog that kept wandering into our shot and I found it for you. This is yet another reason why I bring my sweet misterN along with me when I suspect weird things may happen on my shoot ~ he is my renaissance man that can handle it all with a wink and a smile to boot!

    without further ado.. the dog

    may you be blessed

    ugly walls and crazy dogs…

    It’s the little things in life that make me happy, like this crazy dog that kept wandering into our shot and the way mamaA just laughed when little missC accidentally knocked her over onto the wet sidewalk and of course ugly walls, they really make me happy these days. While I like a pretty picture as much as the next person; I tend to like a little dirt thrown in for good measure, makes it more real, like life ~ it needs some texture.

    little missC I could shoot you all day…

    …and big brother, misterN, you make my “job” a piece of cake

    Can you see why they needed an ugly wall? MamaA, you hit it out of  the park being yourselves, simply who you are as a family and as individuals… I am so thrilled that we got a shot minus the dog!

    My favorite family photo…

    may you be blessed

    evidence of faith…

    Ohh… Jfamily, you were my evidence of faith this season.

    Your gracious family taught me so much: thank you for your kindness, generosity of spirit and grace. Your kids, with their loving hearts, are learning to be forgiving and flexible from you: the world going to be influenced in such spectacular ways by these two ~ some things I just know and this is one of those things. I am honored to call you friends.

    I must admit that this is a Noah capture of his buddy misterJ: you can see why I bring him to certain shoots…he saves me often!

    the energy and happiness in misterJ’s movement screams “all boy” all the time to me…

    Marvelous misterJ you embody joy and life, may you never lose it.

    another Noah’s capture… he was so proud it made your Christmas card!

    …slow down littleM, your scaring me looking so gorgeous and grown up

    classic all American family… no worries…picture perfect…and that’s how is should remain…

    thanks again Jfamily…

    may you be blessed

    making wishes…

    another sneak peek for you… 

    misterB took a break from shooting hoops to let me capture  a few pics for his mama! Thanks misterB for following directions so well: I was impressed! Not many young men follow directions as well as little misterB ~ keep up the good training there mamaT.

     Here is misterB looking beyond cute with those tiny baby teeth and innocent grin that is going to get him in trouble with the ladies in about 13 years. Ok, maybe 20 years, mamaT, let’s not rush it! They already grow up too fast. I certainly enjoyed my time with you, thanks for allowing me, and my wonderful assistant missJ, to come over and meet with you and your boys, such a pleasure. I do believe it’s the start of a wonderful friendship: it was like shooting family only saner!

    misterB…no words needed


    This is why I venture out into windstorms and shoot in rain if I must, I simply love natural light… you can’t get this in a studio.

    The adorable misterB made some mighty big wishes…

     I hope they all come true for you, little sweetie, each and every dream.

     may you be blessed



    sneak peek… temecula children’s photographer

    sneak peek here for mamaT…

    As the sun shone down and the clock ticked away for babyB’s Dr appointment you, mamaT, kept your head and your smile…

    and because you did ~ we got this precious photo that makes my insides turn to warm mush!

    I can just feel the love oozing out from you mamaT and the security in babyB resting in it.

    awhhhh, I need another baby after our time together, LOOK at this boy…

    babyB could not be yummier…oh be still my heart

     Check out babyB’s personality here, this is one strong and confident boy!

    this one is simply one adorable baby ~ couldn’t you just kiss those sweet cheeks all day long?

    ahhh babyB you are loved…

    may you be blessed 

    day three…

    day three, only 362 more posts to go!

    I am still playing catch up on the posts this is from December and is one family that makes life better for all who meet them… they are a blessing, inspiration and plain ‘ol fun to be around. Thanks Ofamily for being you and for sharing that awesomeness with us ~ this was a teamHp shoot all the way!

    LOVE this.. two peas in a pod

    …watch out world, there is one more coming and I can’t wait to get my hands on her!



    I simply love the “love” in this… 

    may you be blessed

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    day two…

    …and so it begins!

    This is day two of my daily post for a year and luckily I am so far behind in my blogging I can use this week as a “catch up” for my dear, patient clients! Up first are two of the most energetic and happy boys that I know and am fortunate to love dearly as they belong to mamaA, whom I also love dearly.

    Thanks for coming up to Temecula and for the most unforgettable session to date! Wish I could tell the story here but truly there  are no words to describe how we got these boys to smile ~ you simply had to be there. MamaA, you are beyond dedicated to helping me “get” the shot!


     may you be blessed

    that kind of family…

    they are that kind of family…they ooze “coolness” and confidence and class

    I was thrilled that they came up to get a family session with me before both kiddos are off to college which is just around the corner! Thanks, T family, I had a great time!

    I feel like I should live at the estate after this holiday season, did a bunch of sessions there this year and I never got tired of it, so many options.

    anyway… here is the enchanting T family…

    You may remember missR from her 09 senior pics…if I knew how to link it I would but I don’t so I won’t, sorry…will learn in 2011…promise! click on senior down below, 2009…caffeine drip is the title

    love the contrast on this and the parents behind them…

    for you photogs, used my 60mm ISO100 f1.4

    same lens and opening here to capture this stunning young man…

    Be Blessed 

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