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  • Boo!


    Happy Halloween Internet friends ~ before I get my kiddos dressed for tonight’s carnival

    I thought I would post a few more, now that mama T has been able to see her gallery…

    I love the sun peeking through, I couldn’t plan that if I tried, didn’t I plan that set up so perfectly?

    Check out mama T’s hand waiting, ready to catch her little angel if he falls or just needs her close.

     For my photographer friends, yes, I could have cropped or PS’ed her hand out for a “cleaner” image,

    but to me it tells the story ~ his mama is there for him ~ literally and figuratively

     I do believe she will continue to have “his back” long after he has outgrown his baby shoes.


    ahh… golden light and big baby blues… yum… 


    It’s so cool when kids have a sense of humor and a fun spirit ~ even cooler when you get lucky and capture some on film!



    “anything you can do, I can undo faster ” mama T, you were a pro at speedy hat replacement.. look at this impish grin, he knows he has you running!



    chalk + an energetic one year old = joy!



    If we were back East these gorgeous trees would be golden by now, the end of October, but alas we are enjoying a warm autumn and personally I am loving every minute of it!

    Be Blessed

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    little monster

     … a love monster… a hug monster… mommy’s little monster…. love love love the fun these two had together… it is always such a privledge to witness a mom’s love and joy  for her little monster, and these two adore one another and they are surely are the light of each other’s lives…

    the connection is priceless…

    also have it with “happiness” in the circle or  2008 or little o’s name or.. you get the idea

    well, what else did I have to spend 5 hours on yesterday! haha!I have a feeling that this 12×12 collage that will come out every fall until he is off to college ~ it just makes you smile!


    be blessed

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    happy monday


    no matter how much Maybelline I use never do my lashes look this good… how is this fair?!?




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    happy birthday dear N

    oh how did you get to be 8 years old so very fast? truly I have only blinked one time and turned around twice… yet here you are looking at me with that gleam in your eye, cracking me up with your deadpan joke deliveries, amazing me with your insight, and just plain making my heart grow bigger every minute of every day in order to hold my love for you… truly all who meet you are blessed but me the most, as I am the one you call mama…


    you are loved


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    baby Gap

    yes, he is as sweet as he looks… and yes, baby Gap is dying to have him for their ads … little O … you are amazingly adorable


    those baby teeth smiles of his just melted my heart… and check out the chalk on those pants… all boy!


    little O, I do believe that you will always have a hand to hold … this is a favorite of mine … the timeless connection of mom and son …
    huthuthike…Granddebby you may just have your Buckeye in training!
    although, I hear Daddy has plans for a switch-hitter!! is he a natural, or what?!
    Thanks for checking our blog…. be Blessed…
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    mister model

    I had the most wonderful “urban” session yesterday with an amazing little boy. He should be modeling, mama T, seriously, all those outfit changes on the sidewalk did not even dampen his mood.

    This little guy is a natural in front of the camera: his LOVE radiates.

     I appreciate you driving in from LA and allowing me to meet wonderful ~ little O ~  Thank You for trusting me on the cowboy issue: I do believe we kept them at bay! ha! 

    Here is the quick peek I promised Granddebby: he is lucky to have you and your winning Buckeyes! Sorry you missed the game but I am betting O’s smiling face more than made up for it!

    I will be posting more from little O this week!


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    how do you spell love? b.r.o.t.h.e.r.s.

    ~ two of my favorite brothers to shoot ~ they keep me hopping and make me laugh ~

    aren’t they the best buddies?

    and did I mention how much FUN they are?

    if I could bottle their energy I would make a million

    little N’s smile just melts my heart

     ahh… these are the moments that make all your efforts worthwhile ~

    you know “someone” taught them how to love each other like this

    and you know “those someones” are tired and sometimes wonder if it is working

    well, my dear someones, it is working, you are doing a fabulous job!

    Just look at that love…

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    happy saturday

    happy saturday! we are shooting for the big museum entries tomorrow… feel free and leave your ideas…thanks

    look familiar? it’s the Stonehouse, Temecula Creek Golf Course ~ art by Mark! PS by Nancy

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    the champ continues…



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