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  • have yourself a very merry

    wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and memories under the mistletoe…

    our Christmas card, made entirely from my point and shoot with the exception of the one shot of e on the back…

    the cobbler who’s children have no shoes, it’s an old and common tale

    the back ~


    this one is the front from my FaVoRiTe card I made this year

    (you know I love all my clients, but am partial to this little angel and her irresistible smile and quick humor)

    is she just holiday joy, or what?!

    be blessed

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    little miss r

    Until then…

    Here are a few more for you to enjoy…

    I can’t really call this work!


    a totally different look for you here, I really like the way this invites you in to wonder what she sees


    love this one, little miss r, you are a natural ~ your spirit shines through the lens


    looking WAY more than 7 years old here…



    such a “funster” as I like to say… 



    be blessed

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    one cool cookie


    oh my goodness what an honor to work with this young lady and my oh my… little miss r is going places… a black-belt with the singing voice of an angel (you owe me a song missy, I know you were an ice cube when we finished, so next time I get two, OK?!) It was fun hanging out together in the freezing cold.  (actually, just below 50 degrees, which in my neck of the woods is almost cause for school closures!)

    so… here is a sneak peek for you Mama M 

    side note to mama M ~ I will talk to S regarding cover not sure what more I can blog until after it is in print (didn’t think of this before :O gotta’ watch those lawsuits!) email me and I will set up a private password for you because I know you want to see how they all turned out)


    love this look… a bit startling at how old she looks to me … seven going on seventeen… and not to worry people, no need to email me regarding her  ”attitude” shots, she has lots of great smiles as well.

     be blessed

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    I can explain…

    My son cracked up, “that shirt is perfect for her” and I must say, I agree.

    Also, begs the question, why can’t I properly use my point and shoot? Seriously, did the dog take this shot while running backwards?

    None-the-less, it cracks me up and will remind me in years to come why I was so busy and joyfully tired at the end of the day.

    Will add to my to-do list, “get this picture with a real camera”

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    lucky me

    Truly, I am the luckiest photographer in the world.

    I am fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful little souls with wonderful attitudes, energy and love. Everytime I get to shoot new kids I am reminded just how well off the world really is. It isn’t in the paper or making headlines, however if you stop and talk to some kids your hope will be renewed. They are bright, quick witted, kind, loving and smart ~ if the future is in their hands the count yourself lucky.

    Seriously. Take a minute. Talk to a kid. Really listen. You’ll see.


    she is as smart, kind, sweet and polite as she looks (funny too!)

    little c, also known as mr. blue eyes, you make my job easy and fun, thanks

    be blessed



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    it’s true

    cliches are cliches because they are TRUE…

    I find myself saying the common motherly, “time really does fly”  and “children grow up too fast”  and of course  “there are many ears in a cornfield?!?” what? I heard that the other day and well… while this cliche may ring true for many of you, my ears and cornfields haven’t yet mixed and therefore I have yet to succumbed to this cliche.

     here are some cuties that are growing up way too fast

    she seems to know something that we don’t…

    and this one, well, he is going to be breaking a few hearts someday…

    and then there is this one… oh those eyes.. they look right into your soul

    and a smile for mom!


    be blessed


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