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  • January exception

    I don’t normally shoot in January but made an exception because this family is my role model, or one of the top ten… seriously I have a number of families that I quiz and watch and basically harass to find out HOW they got to be such an amazing, close, loving, respectful, fun, committed family… then I analyze their every move (OK, not quite) but I do think long and hard about their answers and I nurture the seeds they plant in my brain and I pray that when the time comes and my little ones are not so little that they too will be amazing young people who make this world a better place… like these two young adults and their wonderful folks…




     her joyful spirit is hidden here with the”attitude” shot but you can still tell that this young lady has something to tell the rest of us ~

    and oh by the way,  check out those awesome boots… I so wanted to steal them, but it was pointless as I couldn’t get my big toe into them



    and her brother, who is so cool and generous to his sister that it makes me speechless…



    the two folks who did the world a favor by raising them to be who they are … on behalf of the world, I  thank you!



    thanks for being good sports … Mark had threatened to confiscate my camera by this point and we were all starving… but I had an idea…



    one more to leave you with, I have so so so many more, but wanted to give you a sneak peek because I know you will be missing her this weekend

    I hope you see this and remember your day together and that it makes you smile and know that she is always with you.. even from too far away …



    thanks for allowing me the honor of hanging out with you and for the delicious lunch afterwards!


    be blessed

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