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  • frog legs and fairy wings

    Decked out in frog legs and fairy wings she danced down the hall to her room…

    it was our “last last last night to honestly read” It’s Hard to be Five and our “very last last  night” to make our five jokes and rhymes … because the next time she wakes up in her frog legs and fairy wings she will be

    SIX years old

    yes.. this is what she wore to bed … somehow wings don’t bother a real angel it seems


    “the last last last honest reading”

    I have  to remember she helps me blog and  makeup or not she will insist (rightly so) that this picture does “show the story” and must be included

    sheesh, why did I ever teach her to read and write and for that matter, when did I give her permission to grow up?

    oh, maybe that is really my sister reading to her… yeah, she lightened her hair, that’s her, my sister with no makeup and messy hair!!  sorry J but the people want the truth!!


    anyway.. enough about my sister and her poor nightly grooming habits!!! (anyone want to bet she leaves me a comment now!?! I am so busted!)

    going on now

    in our house, we decorate the birthday person’s door while they sleep… the signs usually stay on the back of the door all year.. I think she has four and five still stuck back there

    yes, she thinks she is funny… “how old are you?” I ask and…

    up come seven fingers, then ten, or nine, later she does twenty with the help of her toes

    the grin is because she is off to get her very special present… the one she would be “deeply saddened if I have to wait until I am seven to get”

    well… I don’t believe I could bear a year of “deeply saddened six year old” so off to adopt her first furry pet!

    it seems that fish and crabs are “not a real pet” because they have no dander,  fleas, I mean fur…

    I gotta admit, I love these rabbits.

    They act like dogs, especially this one, he comes right up and will get on his hind legs and beg for a treat!


    I wasn’t sure how allergic I would be but then I remembered my rabbit jacket that my mom bought me as a kid and well, I figured why not

    although now that I mention it …

    I do believe that part of the story is “going to deeply sadden her”  better save it for next year.. or the year after NEVER!!

    Since she is off at school now, I am betting that she will never read this far… I’ll let you know if she does


    Be Blessed

    (I know I am)

    counting down the final days


     it’s that time of the year… the future is opening it’s doors and the seniors are ready to run through them, or perhaps knock them right out of their way… whenever I start to doubt this crazy world I meet another great young person and my hope is restored…

    congrats young mister J on your upcoming graduation… enjoy and go make a difference on this big blue marble of ours …

    i love the color in this, those eyes are piercing here …

    of course he worked the classic black and white like nobodies business …

     announcement …

    gotta have the best friend since elementary school in one!

    and one more…

    Thanks for allowing me to capture your final days as a senior!

    Be Blessed




    the world awaits

     this handsome young man is also an extremely talented singer/performer and is graduating in just a few weeks …

    can’t believe it has been FOUR YEARS already!!!!!

     waiting to hear you sing again ~


    when you are offering voice lessons, let me know and I will link you here if you would like!!


    Be Blessed

    thanks for your patience

    another wonderful opportunity to meet a family that enhances this world… thank you for coming up to our little town and we are excited to have you back again soon! so many images to choose from, here a few of my favorites

    Little J, I sure would like to see some images that you have taken with your new camera. You got a great one of your sister and I am sending it to you this week: I may have to hire you to help me in the future! or maybe you will be hiring me to help you ~either way I will be lucky to work with you!

    I LoVe  little J’s impish smile and laughing eyes in this photo … awesome!

    and talk about two peas-in-a-pod

    the men in the family… they take their games seriously!

    can you see the warrior in them both? The US is lucky to have them on our side.

    this kind of adoration and love is priceless

    sweetie pies …


    happiness … joy … family …

    I feel like I am peeking into their hearts …

    such a privilege to meet you all ~ your images are on their way! hugs to you all!

    Be Blessed


    sonic boom

    what is going on at that military base?!? I swear my heart can’t take anymore of this house rattling earthshaking nonsense… let’s just get it over with already … you’ve practiced … we trust you … now go get the bad guys and let us have some peace and quiet in So. Cal … then come home and rest …

    until then …

    here is a sweetie who has a “warrior dad” one that is probably involved in those top secret maneuvers that are making my house shake and for him and all the others like him, thank you. (but enough!)

    more coming …

    Be Blessed