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  • love is in the air…

    busy.. busy..and beyond busy here…

    a peek at what’s coming up… by Mark… he ROCKED this shoot so hard…


    Be Blessed

    with gratitude…


    it is with gratitude that I remember and celebrate the lives of all those who have given theirs so that I may have mine… here… in the best country (not perfect but best)… how very blessed I am to have been born here, to grow up in a place where I am free to worship God, to work where I want,  to live where I want, to marry who I want, to raise our children the way we want… the list of our freedoms here are endless… our privileges too numerous to count… all that clean water alone is enough to make me grateful for a lifetime

    so thank you to ALL who serve this wonderful country of ours… I pray for you and your loved ones… may God bless and keep you, may He make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you, may He lift up his countenance and give you His peace

    thank you for your sacrifice

    thank you for your courage

    thank you for your commitment

    Be Blessed




    smiles for miles…

     I could post these mother daughter pairs all year, I get miles of smiles when I put a mom with her daughter. I will try and finish up my week of mother daughter in today…

    aren’t moms the best gift from God that you could imagine ~ I know mine is. …and daughters, well no words to describe my love for mine, but that’s a whole ‘nother post!


    this is one of my favorite photos … they have the same sparkly eyes and perfect skin… yes I am jealous

    thanks for letting me intrude on your tea party!


    ok… where to start on these two? their energy? smiles? eyes? sweetness? the fact that they could be twins or sisters?

    seriously, these two have a great connection that can not be missed…



     obviously they are stunningly beautiful but they sure don’t act like it… just down to earth horse loving gals that happen to look like supermodels..

    I LOVE this in Black and white


    thanks again moms for letting me capture a moment with ”your girls”

    Be Blessed 


    bring your lipgloss…


    the week of honoring moms is still going! be warned, when I shoot you kiddos, I always force encourage you to join them in at least one shot… I will tell you that in 20 years you will come across it and LOVE it and you will wonder, what was I complaining about? I looked goooooood… and guess what… most everyone realizes this WAY before 20 years :) Consider yourself warned, and bring a lip gloss to your kiddo’s session!


    well, anyway… here is a mother daughter pair that needs not wait one second to realize how their fabulous insides match their gorgeous outsides

    I love the flow of the image and the closeness of the pair, they could not be any closer and that makes me so happy to see… lucky girl, lucky mom

    had to add this one in color! isn’t she a beauty?


    mirror images of each other… I can’t decide if I love it more in black and white or color… see below


    hard to say…

    I just know that I like being near both of them… their kindness is inspiring… look at their eyes and how thewy entertwine themselves

    …that’s a mother’s love 

     Be Blessed

    mothers and daughters continued…

    as promised, here are some more favorite mother daughter pairs ….

     these two could be ivory snow models ~ that or high fashion models (don’t role your eyes Mama F, it’s true)

    I have never seen them without looking like a million bucks including the smiles… wait, forget Ivory Snow, I think Crest or Colgate needs both of you to increase their sales…

    thanks for putting up with me for the past three years! I promise I will download you photos.. soon


     here are two incredible ladies that I have been blessed to photograph ~ to be around them is to be lifted up and view the goodness in the world

    little H being not so little anymore and Mama J just getting younger… gotta get her secret



    not so long ago they played with me and Mark and allowed us to capture moments like this… heartwarming



    one of my all time Favorite Mother Daughter moments…



    I know this is a bit “artsy” for some of you but I LOVE it! Her eyes and smile tell it all…


    thanks ladies for making me smile

    Be Blessed

    more glue…

    a few more moms… if you don’t understand the glue comment, read previous post!

    these two are peas in a pod, can you tell they have FUN together!?! I ADORE them both so very much… I am lucky to call them friends…


    another mother daughter pair that lights up the room ~ sweet, smart and strong, they have it all!


     one more… aren’t they gorgeous? I do believe you will see the little one on the big screen someday, she is quite the actress/performer


    gottta  run … more moms coming …

    Be Blessed

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    the glue…

    that’s what moms are.. the glue that holds the family together… in chaos, in love, in sadness,  in tough times,  in joy,  and in calmness moms are that Crazy(!)Glue that hold us.  Thank you to my mom for sticking it out all those years so they we remained a family (she would say she didn’t have to “stick anything out” and that we three kids and my dad were just a joy and pleasure to be with,  but after being a mom and being married I do believe it was harder than she ever let on) Again, thank you mom for making me part of a family and for being our glue ~

    In honor of Mother’s Day I will be posting some of my favorite mother daughter photos this week, so check back for more mother love

    I am choosing them at random and quickly at that because I have to be done before my family comes back with mother’s day treats and finds me here… they would have my head of they saw me on the computer on Sunday AND Mother’s Day…


    one of THE most loving mother’s I have the privilege to know…

    (not to mention gorgeous, kind, generous, funny, dedicated, hard working and funny)

    Wishing you a very happy day with your family ~ take some pics with your mom :)

    Be Blessed

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