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  • baseball all-stars… summer fun

    What an amazing and fun summer so far…

    I was thrilled when N made Allstars because by the time I am “into” the baseball season ~ you know, got the chairs, snacks, matching shirt colors ~ it is o.v.e.r and I am bummed.

    Luckily, for me, this year he made All-Stars and we were able to enjoy the season, and all the fun that it entails, so much longer! I never seem to have it “together” in April to make baseball cupcakes and BBQ after the game, but in June, not a problem, bring it on!

     I always figure that half of the fun of baseball, any sport actually, is the snacks!

    case and point

    when I golf  I simply “skip a hole on the front and one on the back for snack breaks. Yup, you read that right, snack breaks and par 4’s, the perfect match. This odd rule of mine may be directly linked (pun intended) to how my dad taught me the game of golf. Our first time on the course he hollers across the green, “pick it up, pick it up”  “what?!?”  “after 5 hits, just pick it up and write a 6 that’s all the chances a golfer gets” “oh. ok. that’s cool.” I write down 6 and off we go to the next hole. Seems my dad has his own little ways of moving along a torturously slow game with a daughter that has no clue how to play golf, even after her lessons! So, this “snack and sports habit” of mine may be partially my dad’s influence.  I love to share the blame!

               You should have seen my husbands face the first time I simply picked up my ball and wrote a 6 and went back to the cart. He was bewildered and then hysterical because he could just see my dad teaching me this! Needless to say, I now know that it ISN”T a rule dad but M thanks you for the laugh. (another “I don’t have a father, but a dad” memory)

    in case you can’t read his eyes they are saying, “enough already…it’s a game not a photo-shoot”


    If they could keep playing I would have had time to match E’s hat with her baseball dress… and M, well he dresses himself.

    Happy Summer to you…

    Be Blessed


    published… Riverside family photographer

    Woo- Hoo!

    I love getting this Family Magazine, it is always chocked full of great ideas, so to be published in it was icing on the cake,

    thanks Inland Empire Family!

    recognize this one?

    always fun to see this one from our 

     photo-shoot for our local Children’s Museum, Imagination Workshop…

    it’s a wonderful, hands-on place that my kiddos have grown up in ~ always something new to discover there…

    and big thanks to my sister for letting me know that I got published… what if I missed this month?!

    Be Blessed



    luckiest photographer in Southern California… ok the world

    I am the luckiest because I get to shoot fun, happy, wonderful kids like this


     and this

    Be Blessed

    land the I love…

    happy 4th of July… hope you are enjoying yours with those you love…

     Be  Blessed