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  • young and in love…

    sigh… ahh to be young and in love…

    I bet that you would like to hear all about their great love and how their eyes met from across the room and angles sang and the rest is history… well, I’d love to tell you that but it was and editorial shoot and I am not sure these two even met much more than 5 minutes ago… but you can’t tell because they rock!!!

    she was truly a rock-star…


     speaks for itself here…

    Be Blessed

    something old… something new…

    something borrowed something blue…  but nothing blue about this shoot

    a bit of crop in camera and it’s a whole different feel… which do you prefer?


    she was just a dream to work with…

     Be Blessed



    temecula photographer… nancyelizabeth

    Here is a sweetie that should make you smile!

    still busy here, (hooray) but had to post this one!

    Be Blessed!

    RBHS senior session…

    still editing MissE’s senior session from last weekend, here are a few more sneak peeks for you MamaT…

    holy cow is your daughter is drop.dead.gorgeous.

    Yes, those are “her” eyes, no contacts not color “Photoshopped”

    I repeat ~ drop.dead.gorgeous.

     MissE, this next one turned out great ~ your mom’s got a few tricks up her sleeve! Sometimes you gotta “go messy” hair!

    I just love Miss E’s fun-loving, yet coy smile and the movement, the hair, the dress…

    you nailed it MissE !

    (great capture by M here, brother M, aka “the dad”) check him at www.mark@pavsphoto.com he’s more than just sports now! :)

    See M, Nikon’s have some good qualities, admit it, you liked it?! bye-bye Canon?!? Come to the dark side?!?!

     ok, sorry Miss E… back to you

    seems to be a drop.dead.gorgeous. theme going

     ahh… texture, light and a willing model… I was in heaven

    Miss E is pure sweetness and light here…

    I have a few versions of this next photo and they all rock!

    This is just the quintessential “California beach girl” image that young ladies all over America the World strive for, the look that

    MissE was born with…

    relaxed beauty… no effort needed


    and then there is this side, the striking editorial angles that MissE pulls out from no-where…

    MissE, you make me look good!

     Thank you again, MamaT and PapaM and of course, MissE… for trusting me with your senior session.

    I had so much fun!

    The disk is on it’s way… with many many many more images to choose from ~ good luck with that decision!!!!!

    Be Blessed


    Remembering those that died and those that continue to die…


    only watch this   http://www.guzer.com/animations/miss_daddy.php  if you feel like a good old-fashioned cry… I believe this little girl is now 12 years old. So sad to grow up without her daddy.


    Be Blessed

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    we interupt MissE’s sneak peek to bring you a sneak peek of this adorable 2 year old!

    ~ happy happy two year old ~


     her mom went all out on these cakes… the taffy pool was a big hit!

    I love how you can see her mom holding her hand as she stands on the chair… a mom’s love is like no other 

      and this just makes me want to take her home..

    her little chin barely able to peek over the edge of the counter and those curls, oh those curls…

    did I mention those little legs dangling in the air, those same legs that will be hitting the floorboards in a blink 

     yup! she is one happy two year old…. 

    many more images coming… your book is being designed ~ she is so lucky to have you do this for her every year!

    and I am so lucky to make it for you!

    Be Blessed

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    the answer…

    the answer to the riddle is.. another terrific senior session!

    I was blessed to have spent some time with the fabulous MissE who will be graduating in 2010 ~ Go RBHS!

    This was a hard one to choose a sneak peek for, they are all turning out to be as stunning as this young lady.

    Seriously, MissE has a heart of gold she will be a complete success as she continues on her path. Her empathy, kindness and loving spirit are just what this world needs. I think she will end up helping kids somehow, but who knows, maybe she’ll be a mad-scientist!

    Whatever your “job” turns out to be, MissE your “real job” is to simply be you ~ just the way He made you, amazing.

    from the first part of the riddle, the bikers…

    one happy (and gorgeous) young lady…. MissE

    the “fake baby” part of the riddle…part of her HS class assignment

    ~ it’s a brilliant idea if you ask me ~

    nothing like a crying baby at 2am to get kids to think before they act!

    I love the symmetry here and of course her stunning face, perfect teeth and expressive eyes…

    it looks great in color too, trust me E

    the “cowboy part” of the riddle… Temecula is such a fun place to shoot senior photos!

    ~ of course it helps if the senior is sweet and outgoing (and beautiful doesn’t hurt either!) then people tend go along with our antics ~


    I find this photo to be soooo sweet, just E’s natural beauty

    ~ and for the photogs out there, check the primo flare off the top left… and the bokeh ~ forgett’about it ~

    side-note: I tend to find that bikers are the nicest people…

    MissE, thank you again for allowing me to shoot your senior photos for you.

    I have many many more to edit, check back for another sneak peek…

    Be Blessed



    a riddle…

    what do you get when you cross a group of bikers, a cowboy and a fake baby?

    answer coming soon…

    and yes, she is involved!

     Be Blessed

    still working… temecula wedding photographer

    so sorry for the lag in postings, just busy working on images and meeting with clients and shooting

    I am loving how the wedding images are turning out, but then again I don’t believe love ever photographs poorly.

    Here are a few more from this wedding, check my site for more tonight and this week: just use your password to see your images.

    Again, thanks for allowing us the opportunity to document this lovely lovely day.

    the stunning bride…


    gorgeous details on the bride’s dress…

     classic…. I like this one in black and white just as well

    Be Blessed