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  • like a summer breeze…

    These kiddos are like a summer breeze in the middle of the Sahara… just what you need… or at least what I needed!

    I was thrilled to spend some time with them and must admit that these images are chosen willy-nilly because there isn’t a bad one in the bunch and they all made me smile, take a breath and just enjoy what is my life… some kids just do that to you…

    sorry for the delay Mama S and Papa B here is that sneak peek, with so many left unblogged for no good reason other than that doggone 24 hours in a day problem I seem to have…

    you are raising three angels that bring such love for life and each other into the world it will change it… keep up the good work and…

    see for yourself…

     mister J you are so so handsome and beyond cool… just an incredible young man, thanks for letting me take these:

    your patience was a gift! thanks

    oh what joy you bring to life… your spirit shines brighter than the noonday sun

    thanks for being you and thanks for allowing me into your world…it’s a great world!

     straight to the heart here… miss C

    your eyes combined with your missing tooth, you know that melts my heart…

    wait.. one more  woodland fairy climbing a tree… serene beauty of you…

    ok… so many more this is simply a peek into what we captured

    since my natives are circling for their dinner… I’ll leave you with my blessings and gratitude for the time spent together…

    Be Blessed



    still to come…

    I’m working, I promise!!

    G family, we had the most wonderful time with you… hundreds of incredible shots that make my heart sing

    I will be posting your sneak peek next week, thanks for your patience!


    Be Blessed

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    head above water…

    I am keeping my head above water and enjoying the view, but I have to ask,

    “Where did all these gorgeous families and models, actors and singers come from?!?”

    I am thrilled to be working with each and every one of you… please know I may not be able to blog everyone right away, but I will eventually ~

    I am the editing queen these days, that is why I have disappeared, but look at this girl…

    more to come on  the stunning Miss B…

    Be Blessed

    Fedora Girls Newest Singer…

    If you haven’t heard this girl sing, you are missing out… and now she is with the Fedora Girls!

    Miss R, it is always a pleasure to be around you and it’s an honor to shoot with you. You make it so fun and easy ~ thanks!

    I am stunned at how much you have changed in less than a year: slow down already little-lady!

    So excited to hear you sing with the group ~ let me know when I can come listen at a rehearsal.

    Here are a few pics that caught my eye, lots more to choose from~

     The eyes that pierce the soul…

     ~ your smile lights up a room ~

     … here is the attitude we needed

    the tough, strong, confident and beautiful singer…

    Be Blessed

    a thousand words..


    They say a picture is worth a thousand words… thank goodness because I have NO time to write but have to post these sneak peeks

    Mister H is a master of “the attitude” look and yet doesn’t have one ~ quite refreshing!

    The young man on his way to the yacht club… (age 15 I would venture to guess)

    here he is after his rugby match… (yes, of course he won!)

    this must be his younger brother!?!

    Be Blessed



    a little bit of j crew attitude coming your way…

    This young man, mister H, is quite extraordinary and takes a killer photo!

    Just a glimpse for you as I am now editing yours ~ they look amazing (no surprise) ~

    Be Blessed

    rocked the boots…

     Here is the little lady that rocked those pink cowboy boots!

    Little lady, you are a super-star, thank you for spending the day with me.

    My heart was so happy as you held my hand and sang me Christmas songs!

    Hope you had half as much fun as I did.

    ~ love how your eyes go straight to my soul ~

    melting…my heart is melting…

    We sure did a good job “lying around on our tummies” in old town, didn’t we?!?


    hard to believe you are three years old…

    You do so great with following direction, you rock!!

     Mama M… doesn’t she make your heart ache in all the right ways?!

    Be Blessed






    coming up…

    so lucky to be editing these pics…

    you know I had fun when she dressed like this!

    Mama M, I had to post to let you know that all the pics are making me smile!

    You did such great wardrobe choices I am editing all night and loving every minute.


    Be Blessed