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  • grateful…truly blessed and duly grateful

    hope you have lots to be grateful for…

    heaven knows that I do…

    little miss e last year… 

    and this year…

    btw I made, yes MADE,  her outfit ~ I made her shirt last year, but this year I didn’t like to sleep so I had plenty of time! 

    bet’cha didn’t know I could even sew.. neither did I ~ but it turns out I can ~ and  I can paint little flowers, too!

    and this year no cousin to wrestle with so N had time to take some photos for me

    … love this shot

     grateful, grateful, truly blessed and duly grateful I am…

    check out the card…

    Be Blessed 


    * remember you can by-pass personal blog entries by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on what you want… seniors, children, editorial, published, etc… thanks

    The last year for single digit is upon him… seemingly impossible, but true…

    nine… that’s half-way to independence… that’s half-way until he can leave for college… that’s half-way until he can date… ;) ha-ha

    half way… that’s how the words come out of my throat, they seem to stick there… half-way

    One thing that isn’t half-way if how we celebrate life around here… all the way. As usual, we celebrated for a week!

    Here is what half-way looks like…

     It all started with the “surprise” decorated door and requested birthday muffin delivery…

    complete with off-key singing of course!

    and then there was “the party”… 

    he’s had:

    pony-rides in our backyard party (age 1) 

    fire-engines in our front party (age 2)

     birdhouse building and construction party (age 3)

    La Jolla Beach party (age 4)

    camping at Doheny Beach party (age 5)

    gymnastic/crazy place with entire kindergarten class party (age 6)

    children’s museum party (age 7) 

    golfing with the guys party (age 8 )

    and now at the grand age of 9

     yup, a  ”boys only” bowling party… 

     complete with shirts, cake, pizza, arcade and boys… wild bowling boys

    side-note: any moms out there thinking of this…

     The shirts were perfect for spotting wandering young men. Easy to keep a continuous head-count! 

    and the requisite “hurry up mom” smile with the cake…

    It was a gooood cake and somebody spent a long time making it so I had to get a shot of it.

    (and no I am not that somebody, although I did put on the pins bowling balls and candles if that counts!)

    and of course miss e… the waitress for the party

    (she had the choice of hanging with her fun auntie but chose to be my helper instead. I didn’t even have to bribe her, I honestly let her choose:

    I wonder if she regrets that decision, I’ll have to ask her. )

    Details:Her shirt said Queen Pin E on the front and the back was The Bowling Sister as opposed to the rest that had King Pin so&so

     …the back was the same The Bowling Boys with B-day boy’s name and date of party on it.

    They had red-ribbon week at school the next week, so that was a pretty great coincidence and handy for parents!

    Then the surprise celebration in La Jolla… we nabbed them out of school early and continued the celebration.

    Received the double fist pump and huge  “YEAHHHHHHHH”  when he heard the news, which is

    … pretty much the best reaction you can hope to receive from a nine year old!


     He doesn’t even bother to change from school, just straight to the beach

    then the bon-fire, the mystery midnight challenge, (long story and tradition) the presents and of course … s’mores with candles

    Hoping life continues to bring them both this much joy

    ~ nine and almost seven ~

    My sweet sweet N, I love you so much.

    I don’t know why God blessed me when he made me your mom,

    but I thank Him many times a day for the honor and privilege of being just that, your mom.

    We also celebrated with more family, but they are blog-shy. Needless to say his magic kit and trying to make his sister disappear would have been good blog material,but hey I can respect our differences! Maybe I’ll photoshop in those eye things so you can’t tell who you are ~ that would be fun!

    ok, back to the b-day boy

    I know, I know, half-way.. no need to rub it in young man… I can still ground you!

    You are an amazing young man and I am proud to be your mom ~ happy half-way!

    This last photo makes me cry, happy tears.

    lucky lucky lucky me

    may you also

    Be Blessed


    headshots and hamburgers…

    two of my favorite things, head-shots and hamburgers

    and little ‘hams” like this guy ~ actually he was “all pro” no ham

    I was fortunate enough to spend some time with this little guy who will soon be gracing the pages of your favorite magazine IMO…

    you know I love me a little attitude…

    his true nature.. sweetie-pie  

    …thanks for allowing me the opportunity to capture these for you!

    Be Blessed


    california bride…

    M had great opportunity to capture these recently…

    the gorgeous couple…

    the stunning bride…


    Be Blessed



    a girl’s bff…

    We were fortunate to spend a bit of time with a very lovely “local” girl, and her bff..

    here is a peek…

    Nothing like a girl and her dog… especially when they are both stunning!


    ~ thanks for allowing us the opportunity to shoot for you, we had a great time ~


    Be Blessed


     this image brings me peace…

    wishing you the same

    Be Blessed

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    I *heart* headshots …

    I am counting my blessings to have had the opportunity to shoot some headshots for a beautiful and talented young lady.

    Miss B brought the goodness to the session and never let me down with her incredible energy and postive attitude… thanks

    this is such a perfect character look for you here… the perfect “don’t think anything” look

    I call this your “who me??!?!?!” look…

    …and here is your younger sister perhaps?

    you have a great range of :”looks” Miss B and I can’t wait to hear you play that guitar!

    Thanks again for the great afternoon…

    Be Blessed