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    I’m Nancyelizabeth, a Southern California photographer that is finally joining the 21st century and Blogging for my clients!
    Seeing that I am also a mom, of two budding artists and a  wife with a husband that is also a photographer,
    you will also find their work here on “my” blog. That’s just the way it “rolls” around these suburbs! 
      Nothing fancy, nothing to get too excited over, just us sharing with you.
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  • snips and snails…

    You know the rest, but these boys are really sugar and spice.

    Short post that I owed you MsL. Sorry for the delay and I hope your summer is going swimmingly! Thanks for letting me shoot for you.

    I love this moment, this is “them” the way they stay close to each other…

    ~ the brotherly bond that makes me go mushy inside ~

    …isn’t he gorgeous?!

    thick as theives…

    Be Blessed

    and so it goes…

    the days are long and the years are short…

    and so it goes…

    another young lady grown and ready to strike out on her own and conquer the world, well.. after prom and a summer vacation!

    MissB and MrM you know that shooting you is pure fun! Thanks for letting me drag you about the property and for putting up with my “blinders-on” antics! I promise I didn’t think anyone was paying any attention to us ~ no idea we were causing a commotion, but with MissB you usually do!

    Anyway.. here is a peak and the disk is on it’s way to the MamaC  aka… the one who paid the bill! (be nice to that Mama she loves you both!)

    here it goes… MissB the commotion causer!

    LoVe this!!!! The boyfriend/dad dilemma!!!

    They both look fierce but MissB still steals the show!


    Check out the angel watching over them both!

    ~ may your guardian angels always be fast enough to keep up with you ~ 


    I will leave you with this one…

    Classic beauty and the handsome beau!


     Be Blessed