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  • the first pitch…

    The most amazing surprise ever…

    I have to post this so that I will always remember…I never want to forget his joy.

    My sweet misterN was so stunned and so very happy!

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, he has the most unbelievable group of friends ~ not a bad apple in the bunch! Yes, mixed metaphor, I know but the point is these kiddos are like none that I have met and you know I teach so I have met hundreds and hundreds of kiddos, many “special, kind wonderful” ones but they have nothing on this group. I would adopt them all if I could!

    missE and I made those “wavers” (of course you did my friend replied! well.. you would too!) really easy, if you need wavers just ask me and I will tell you the secret!

    The FIRST pitch! He got to throw out the first pitch with his Granddad by his side!

    ONCE in a LIFETIME moment with the best Granddad e.v.e.r.

    LOVE, Love, LOVE the moment caught here between brother and sister ~

     Then, the bonus of the two missH’s excitement! I love those girls (all of them!!)

    ok… can you believe this?!?!?!?

    mamaT made these shirts…made me cry…and made our night…

     You, mamaT, are beyond words…thank you so very much.

    my family…my heart…my fortune…

    As soon as missE learned of the party, she began to make signs…hmmm…wonder where she gets that!?

    Check out the b-day pencils she used! Good job little ocd-daughter of mine!

    My all-time favorite picture of us ~ I didn’t even have to photoshop it to look this happy!!

    Happy Happy Double Digits my little love…may He continue to bless and keep you, always.

    and many many more….

    Be Blessed

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    Miss California…NAM winner

    I was blessed to shoot missR this week… she just won Miss California (preteen) and she is as lovely as ever…

    The truth about missR is that she is a super sweet young lady that lights up every room she enters.

    I have so much to say about her, however I am due to shoot in 20 minutes so I have to run and leave you with a very mini sneak-peek for mamaM and my promise to post more asap!

    You, missR, bless me every time I get to hang out with you…thanks for your ideas, cooperation and sparkling attitude.

    You are a super star for many many reasons…

    what an angelic smile!

    I love this suit her talented mom made…mamaM, i will post more next week, still editing!

    Thanks so much for calling me and I loook forward to the next session!

    Be Blessed