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    Seeing that I am also a mom, of two budding artists and a  wife with a husband that is also a photographer,
    you will also find their work here on “my” blog. That’s just the way it “rolls” around these suburbs! 
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  • kids…kids…kids

    some more amazing kiddos that I was fortunate to spend time with…

    misterJ, it was great to meet you ~ thanks for your cooperation and nice manners!


    missR…you are as sweet as you look! thanks for the awesome smiles! I think I get to see youa again next week! :)

     misterN, you sure made my “job” easy! thank you! love your pictures!

    misterD, your enthusiasm is contagious! you are so great to be near, thanks for being such a great subject, I love your color pics too but this black and white made me smile! 

     misterC…you were a trooper! you did a marvelous job! thanks!

     ahh…lovely missK, I sure enjoyed taking your pictures, you are a natural!


    Be Blessed 




    heart sing…

    what I am up to these days…being blessed by editing more amazing kids

    ~ here are a more few more  that make my heart sing ~

    misterT, you look marvelous ~ thanks for your cooperation and positive attitude!

    missR… I really enjoyed meeting you: you did a spectacular job~ love your pics!

    misterC, you are adorable and so much fun ~ your eyes, your hair, your face, your attitude…all a photographer’s dream!

    misterC, a pleasure to spend a few moments with you ~ am thrilled to be seeing your entire family next month!

    You are quite the handsome and well behaved young man ~ thanks!

     may you…

    Be Blessed

    mini-sessions are booked…


    Sessions are tentatively full…waiting for confirmation from 3 families. If you

    want to be on a waiting list email me at

    nancyelizabethphotography@yahoo.com  and I will put you on in

    case a family changes their mind this week. Any sessions not confirmed by

    Saturday will be opened to next family.

    Thanks everyone! I am excited about our location and some new families

    joining the artbyhp team ~ we’ll have fun!

    I am offering a special holiday mini-session for a limited (8) number of families.

    Prices are that of the session fee:  you can choose an individual portrait, family portrait or  kids only …it is up to you!

    No package to buy: it is included  with 5-12 images on a disk with permission to print and 20 custom made cards.

    Sessions are $150 or $250 depending on how many images and cards you want. 

     Be Blessed
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    the future…

    I must say that if these kids are our future…

    then, we are VERY fortunate!

    thank you all for allowing me to photograph you and your last year before heading off to the big rodeo, so to speak…

    first sneak peak is…

     the ever lovely and talented, missC..always a pleasure to shoot

    you leave me speechless (and you know that is rare!)

    misterA, your energy and brains combined with these piercing blues spells trouble ~ the good kind of trouble!

    ~thanks for trusting me~ 

    missJ, it was so wonderful to meet you…

    you have a rare quality that the camera loves…your goodness and grace shine through…beautifully!!

    ahhh… missG, what can I say? happy missG

    missG, you love photography as much as I do, a kindred spirit!

    Somehow you can work BOTH sides of the camera, that is unusual ~ to look gorgeous and shoot good, I need your secret!

    missJ,  thanks for letting me pose you all over the place! You did great!

    I love how your energy mixes in with your classic beauty and don’t get me started on your amazing eyes and hair…oh that hair! wow!

    missC…missC…missC you have no idea how truly beautiful you are.

    You must know you are smart and talented and funny and kind-hearted and respectful,

    but I bet you have NO clue how stunningly beautiful you are, but I do!

    loving this image of you missJ

    ~ you have quite a future ahead of you ~


    sweet…so sweet missG…love it…

    misterA and his mischievous smile…you can’t help but smile back!

    Be Blessed 


    three A’s…

    I just have time to post some young ladies that make me smile…thanks for trusting me to “shoot” you! I had you ladies all in order an in a row, but I am mixing you up…

    sidenote: Photographers, I need to seems that I need to re-calibrate my computer because my web ones that I am posting her have too much noise, you photographers out there please overlook the noise fact and I will be fixing my sizing for you so you can relax! Just enjoy the composition and grace of the ladies!

    The first missA is quietly strong, smart and obviously gorgeous.

    missA, you are looking fierce and way way way tooo old in this photo!

    …the second missA, the ever gorgeous, happy and sooooo polite

     The third missA is also obviously gorgeous,

    yet not so obvious is her subtle humor and kind demeanor…

       LoVe, lOvE, LoVe the movement and natural joy in this one of you missA…

    I am so lucky to have such models to practice on!

     missA, we miss you in our photography class…come visit us at portrait time!

    You will make us all look good!

    ahh… missA you are so sweet and easy to photograph… thanks!


    one more because before I run out the door… missA, you eyes are piercing…just stunning…

     Be Blessed

    so much to blog…

    …here is what I have been up to lately

    I recently had the honor to photograph some amazing young people and they are patiently awaiting their sneak peeks…

    thank you all for being so positive and fun…your parents are lucky!

    missD rocked those curls and oozed sweetness and joy…

    LOVE this one…

    …the always positive and easy to shoot missA, thanks!

    …misterJ you did great! love the one with your mom and your sports shirts!

    Now for some black and whites for me…I can NEVER enough of B&W

    …if you knew misterZ you would be amazed that he could give such a “look” ~ he is all smiles normally

    I bring out the attitude in kids.. hmmm… is that a good thing?!? (yeah, I think so!)

    …you’re killing me missA.. those eyes…that smile…dying here

    …thrilled I got this pensive shot of gorgeous misterJ

    I bet his parents know this look and not many others…

    …an artsy look of missD here…stunning

    Be Blessed