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  • true happiness…

    Family, friends, fantastic food and fun filled our Thanksgiving celebration this year. Hope yours was as marvelous as ours was.

    So much to be thankful for…the miracle of misterN’s healing, missE’s bravery, my family and friends ~ thank you God for all you have given me.

    We have been through much the past two years and I have come to realize that my health and my family are pretty much all I need to be beyond thrilled with life. It is nice to know how you are going to pay the bills, but it doesn’t bring me happiness, relief, yes but not joy. It’s also nice to have pretty sparkly jewelry and great boots which make me smile but not deeply. I have been taught, the hard way, what matters and I am grateful every moment for what He has blessed me with, family and the good health we share (minus the annoying colds and flus) that are just that annoying not life threatening and thus unimportant. May He bless you with the knowledge of true happiness without the tough lessons!

    This first picture was quite the feat to “get” and you can see them mumbling through their teeth…oh well! They just wanted to get to the fun, but I need to remember it all…all of it, every bit of life I want to remember it all and the pictures help me not to forget the details, the small talk between your teeth, “hurry up mom” moments…the moments that mattter. I want to remember.

    I still love it! I am use to the mumbles!

    misterN peeled and mashed the potatoes so we could bring the organic dairy free batch to the feast that is Thanksgiving dinner!

    misterN was so pleased to make them all by himself…and not one bite was left after dinner! 


    I left for a minute (or two) and I come back to see this ~ honest to God ~

    “What are you doing?” I asked totally bewildered, having made potatoes many many many times and never had to use a MAGNIFYING GLASS!

    “Just making sure I didn’t get anything brown in them,” he replies deadpan. 



    oh… and no, there was NO “brown” in them anywhere!

    Yummy!Incredible Job misterN!! Look at those creamy WHITE potatoes!!

    A break from ping-pong…our after dinner exercise!!

    The amazing gracious, generous Gramme!

    I am so blessed to have such a supportive, kind and loving mom as are my kiddos to have such a Gramme.

    Don’t they look alike?! Ahhh… the sweetest “girls” around! I love you both so much!

    missE is bringing our traditional pilgrim hats for a dessert appetizer!

    One of the three table ~ look at those happy faces!

    the “men” at their table!

    I just noticed they are in an “age procession” seating arrangement!

    In a blink the ones at the end will be the ones in the middle and then

    well I can’t go there yet…

    be still my heart..

    I love to see my folks with my kids and although it is a common occurrence it still “gets” me every time.

     growing up toooooo fast…

    happy turkey day my little turkeys!!

    Be Blessed

    big browns…

    Those big brown eyes sparkled and shined with every grin he gave.

    Thanks mamaJ for coming to Temecula so I could capture a few shots of your sweet sweet misterE.

    He is so confident and full of life ~ not to mention ADORABLE!

    Two peas in a pod!

    Look at the JOY in mamaJ’s eyes! misterE you make your mama so happy!

    Just perfect…nothing else to say. 

    Love his little baby teeth and those eyes are exactly what  gets me every time.

    Thanks mamaJ and misterE for trusting me.

    Be Blessed


    so it begins…

    we are off to an early Thanksgiving celebration…

    missE and missG planned the coordinating ensembles over a 5 phone call, 4 text photos and one FB message evening, including one call on our family walk with the help of my cell phone!

    Great Job Girls… now go study something!

    separated.. so close and yet so far…

    then.. the first holiday miracle.. your NICE teacher mrsH allowed you to sit and travel together for the day!

    how surprised you were my sweet missE!


    you had to tell your dad when he called…luckily the “no cell phones at school rule” was bending right at that precise moment…

    whew! lucky girl!


    …counting my blessings is pretty easy today!

    Be Blessed 

    shoes of freedom…


    To all the men and women who wear these shoes so that I may walk freely in mine…

    THANK YOU and May God Bless You and Yours.

    Be Blessed


    Enjoying the fall and the gorgeous weather… hope you are too! 

    This is what they come back with if you send hubby to pick up an extra pumpkin with the kiddos!

    They were so thrilled so how could I complain?! I did talk them out of carving is so far but I do believe that carving is in our near future ~ after the Native American project!

    International Day at school..obviously MissE had Japan…used those chopsticks the night before..yummy PF Changs!

    Our breakfast table….

    MissE and her spider tights ”flying like the birds” and making me smile! 

    The boy that I was not allowed to leave my side 3 months ago…the boy I helped walk…the boy that took a Life-Flight to Children’s Hospital just mere months ago

    is now…

    doing THIS!  

    Praise the Lord!

    ahh… fall is here…enjoy!

    Be Blessed