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  • chaos and calm…family photographer temecula

    This sums up the year so far… calm love in the midst of chaos!

    Thanks bfamily for indulging me to  get this shot…

    This shot has been in my mind and now I have one: need to create a series of these someday…calm, chaos and family

    that balance we all strive for…

    may you be blessed 

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    temecula photographer

    what would you save in

    case of fire?

    may you never find out and

    may you be blessed


    repeat… you know what’s up on the Hp homestead and it isn’t work!

    That’s misterN and mamaN there, hubby can’t focus while riding: I actually like it better  this way!

    ahh…. life is good

    may you be blessed

    jails, jelly beans, jumping and just plain fun…

    I told you yesterday that I had THE greatest senior session this year with misterN and here are a few more pics to prove it! The world will be blessed when this young man is set “free” in it: his enthusiasm and energy are surpassed only by his goodness. Loved learning about your college plans, spectacular plans that you are already putting into motion as I type ~ you should be very proud of yourself. Thanks again for coming up from RB and spending the day with me: completely my pleasure.

    misterN looking fierce…

    see…I wasn’t kidding about the energy! LOVE IT!

    I was so happy to see this for a background for misterN…and of course he totally nailed it!

    Where misterN loves to be, nature…a rare water in the creek, another so happy moment for me!

    ahhh contrast…texture…and killer eyes

    I tried to talk him into a new pair of boots, something to remember Temecula by, but alas they didn’t fit!

    Watch out ladies…

    The closest misterN needs to come to jail, the old town one! Again, me and textures…a bit of heaven.

    misterN, the pleasure was all mine! 

    may you be blessed

    getting dirty…

    one of my most favorite senior sessions e.v.e.r..

    This is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting seniors…they are willing to get dirty and live a little!

    seriously striking… you are beyond words misterN and talk about a good sport, these senior shoots are not for the shy, but it was worth it!

    thanks misterN

    someday misterN it wil be yours if you deem it so…

    misterN you can strike a pose with the best of them… love the texture in this one and your drop dead intensity


    choices… choices…choices or head on a platter?

    just need a little product placement and it’s a perfect ad!


    I love that he reads the newspaper with such abandon that it leaves behind the print everywhere…well, love that he reads it and learning to love the rest, let’s be honest. It was one of my great joys to read the newspaper everyday, which I gave up 10 years ago when he was born because, well, he was more interesting to look at and while he still is more interesting I am determined to start reading it again and my sneaky plan is to get him hooked first and then missE and well, soon we will all be ignoring each other over breakfast, but in a good way!


    may you be blessed

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    For the love of everything holy, why am I trying to blog every day?? Feel free to leave me a comment and remind me please!

    just a quick peek and post…

    love you missa… you are a photographer’s dream, thanks for your “awesomeness”

    may you be blessed

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    monday’s are not for whimps…

    nor are they for sleeping in…they are getting up and living the life we have been given and being grateful for it… or so I keep saying to myself, I figure if I say it enough I will believe it! So, I will post… the love of a mother and child which never fails to lift me up.

    The love between mamaJ and missH always makes my heart a bit lighter.

     may you be blessed



    may this day bring you many blessings…

    Stonehouse, Temecula

     may you be blessed

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    knives for good and pigs for fun…

    happy saturday…

    I hope you are loving yours as much as missE is loving hers!

    and misterN is loving his…


    the fabulous missr, misse’s riding instructor…

    a boy and his knife… never thought my boy would own so many different knives

    praying that they will always be used for good!

    may you be blessed



    senior portraits temecula photographer

    still working on this a.m.a.z.i.n.g. senior session…

    may you be blessed

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    a friendly reminder…

    remember you can skip personal entries by scrolling down to the bottom of page and choosing your preferred area, seniors, children, editorial, etc

    bypass the personal… simply scroll down and choose

     may you be blessed

    drt and his family…

    I was blessed to have met drt and his wonderful family over the holidays… thanks so much for allowing me into your family for a while.

    a simply gorgeous young lady…

    missj, thanks again for your grace and kindness ~ you look marvelous, as always!


    … the sweet little brother who makes them all laugh~

    blessings everywhere in this family


    …the spectacular mr and mrs

    together and happy, grab it, save it, live it…

     may you be blessed

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    washed and found…

    I started this jar a few years back…

    The money is missing of course, but all other items seem to remain in the washed and found jar!

    We go through it sometimes and crack up at our findings, it’s a good memory jar… I am mulling over starting one for a time capsule theme for 2011 but am uncertain as we do have the “memory box” which is overstuffed ~ it would be like a memory box that we could see…

    How do you keep your memories?

     it’s the little things in life that always make me smile…

    may you be blessed 

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    happy love day…

    nothing sweeter than your smile…

    I hope your day is filled with the ones you love and their smiles, hugs and kisses.

    here are some cuties that will be sure to bring a smile to their loved ones this year








    may you be blessed


    your life in pictures…


    happy Sunday…



    may you be blessed

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    made for this…

    Shooting for fun, riding horses, eating Chinese food, taking naps and thanking the good Lord we are alive, that’s what weekends are made for!

    Celebrate something you wouldn’t normally today, go ahead, take a few minutes and celebrate something, anything. That which you are grateful for: the wind, a cupcake, music, a kiss, quiet, whatever you can find…the work will wait for you, trust me, it won’t take long to find the miracle to celebrate. I tell my kids, and myself, what if we only got to keep that which we were thankful for every day?

    go enjoy it…

    may you be blessed

    senior sessions class of 2011 photographer…

    This is the shot I want to get of one of our basketball players… any takers?

    You’d have to do a few thousand jumps for me and I will be hanging from a high wire, but I do believe it will be worth it. Think about it you upcoming seniors that I am shooting… let’s color outside the lines this year. I will still get your fabulous editorial shots that we love, but then lets capture YOU being you, ok?

    may you be blessed

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    crazy by request…

    I got a number of emails requesting to see the crazy dog that kept wandering into our shot and I found it for you. This is yet another reason why I bring my sweet misterN along with me when I suspect weird things may happen on my shoot ~ he is my renaissance man that can handle it all with a wink and a smile to boot!

    without further ado.. the dog

    may you be blessed

    ugly walls and crazy dogs…

    It’s the little things in life that make me happy, like this crazy dog that kept wandering into our shot and the way mamaA just laughed when little missC accidentally knocked her over onto the wet sidewalk and of course ugly walls, they really make me happy these days. While I like a pretty picture as much as the next person; I tend to like a little dirt thrown in for good measure, makes it more real, like life ~ it needs some texture.

    little missC I could shoot you all day…

    …and big brother, misterN, you make my “job” a piece of cake

    Can you see why they needed an ugly wall? MamaA, you hit it out of  the park being yourselves, simply who you are as a family and as individuals… I am so thrilled that we got a shot minus the dog!

    My favorite family photo…

    may you be blessed

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