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  • sweet and sassy…

    Enjoying my day with my little sweet and sassy miss…happy Saturday!


    may you be blessed

    sensational missS…

    Super senior missS stole the show this month during sensational session… that is my alliteration for the year!

    Seriously, missS will take another day to blog and even then you will only see a fraction of her photos!  

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart missS for the fabulous time!

    just walking by a doorway.. stop for a sec…look here…and viola!

    Love this simple shot (in the rain) …


    I always need a little attitude before I can call it a wrap! Thanks missS I know this was hard for you!

    The new face of fighting fires: I do believe she would start a few more than put out!

    Better keep her away from those men in uniforms mamaM! I will post some more favs later this week.

     until then…

    may you be blessed


    Fair warning… if you are at a session with you may be in a photo! I couldn’t resist a quick snap of big brother waiting for little brother to get his picture taken!

    may you be blessed

    temecula photographer…

    Sorry for the odd blogs the last few days, nothing of great joy or interest to write about just a little bumpy road I am on. Sometimes it just takes too much energy to think about things, let alone write about them, that’s what is going on these days ~ but God is good all the time so this too shall pass however slowly it may seem to me it will pass!

    Anyway…still behind on sharing sessions, here is a great family that I shot eons ago…you may recognize missS, whom I will be blogging later since I finally finished her senior pics!

    I am blessed by this family and their friendship…

    may you be blessed

    back to work…

    I am officially back to work, although I never really left I did remove myself from the computer for a couple days and now it is time to pay the piper!

    look at this cutie-pie I got to meet a couple weeks ago…

    I just wanted to grab this one and go play for the day! Thanks mamaC for bringing the kiddos down, grandma is going to be thrilled!

    may you be blessed

    last day…

    last day of “vacation” from school and while not really a vacation at all it was heavenly to not have school to deal with on top of “life”…

    we have been lighting lots and lots and lots of candles this week…

    may you be blessed

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    Happy Easter

    and many more…

    Wishing you and yours a lovely and joyful Easter: He is risen!


    may  you be blessed

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    no news is still…

    good news…no time to explain!

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    no news…

    is good news…

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    how does your garden grow…

    Ours grows with a few too many crops! We are planting two raised beds full of fruits and veggies includig; blueberries, watermelon, raspberries, grapes, strawberries, melon, corn, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, beans, herbs, and of course pumpkins! Hope we’re hungry in a few months!

    Here is the “before” photo of our lovely garden…


     may you be blessed

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    busy helping the mister with his business…I love marketing!

    raffle prizes…

     may you be blessed


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    We are on vacation… all week!

    this was LAST year, funny how some things never change… this year it is simply a different tree and a taller boy!


    may you be blessed


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    Palm Sunday…

    A favorite season of mine, Easter season: the hope of Easter inspires me and renews my faith. We get to celebrate Easter twice this year, a silver lining in an otherwise gray cloud; and yes I know it is actually called Lent, I just prefer to call it by the resurrection, it lifts me up and I need lifting these days.

    Can you believe those bows?! Bet she won’t be letting me put those in this year: sad day when the bows have to be smaller than your head.

    She’s growing up. I will survive.

    may you be blessed

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    could it be…

    yes…it is true, I am getting closer to my wainscoting…finishing up the rain-gutters, sun room, garden boxes, fallen tree removal…

    but soon… this is me

    may you be blessed

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    mary poppins…

    Beyond the call of duty: that is where missS went and I thank her. She made the day in and out of the rain marvelous, just marvelous. That sweet outward demeanor is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Here is a sneak peek at missS and her senior session that left me laughing for hours after it was over.

    The simply stunning missS…

    and missS as mary poppins….

    may you be blessed


    Shamefully admitting…

    that I have turned to caffeine to help me along my path! I have not used it in over 20 years and ahhhhh does it do the job! Hoping I  don’t start drinking Coke or Pepsi for breakfast as that is my caffeine of choice and was my habit it my 20’s….time will tell, but for now I am a.w.a.k.e. and moving fast! Planning my new built in for my dining room….

    may you be blessed

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    temecula photographer, oc photographer

    She brought a big ‘ol bag of fun ~ missM, thanks for making me laugh! I can see why you and missS are such good friends; you are both amazing, spooky smart and beyond fun and full of energetic mischief!

    still working on missS but wanted to post one of missM

    may you be blessed

    another busy week…

    Keeping  busy editing and shooting and living life…here is a cutie that I am working on.

    Sneak peek of sweet little missJ,

    may you be blessed

    nifty little bookshelves…

    Thinking that I need to make these…and kicking myself for my timing on hanging plain square ones YESTERDAY.


    may you be blessed

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    chicks in the nest…

    …happiest when my chicks are in the nest, even if they are tearing it up! My sweet misterN is back after his adventure on Southwest, (really Southwest?!? his first flight is on Southwest, the airline that has planes getting giant holes in them when they are 3,ooo feet in the air while they going exactly where he is going, that Southwest?!?!?) to state capitol. Well, he survived and so did I! The adventure started at 3am and ended just after midnight: the highlights for him being, flying, panning for gold and flying. It even SNOWED! All in all a trip of a lifetime.

    Big weekend ahead here, baby shower, work, egg dying, raised garden building and maybe just maybe he may actually finish the sun-room so we can get back in it: four months out and counting. I, the ever eternal optimist continue to hold out hope!

    Perfectly captured shot by young misterN…

    may you be blessed

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