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  • lingering…

    …still lingering in the afterglow of vacation and all that comes with it

    laundry, laundry, laundry

    oh and the memory of this….

    may you be blessed 

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    for mind…

    and body…

    that is why God invented vacations…

    may you be blessed

    land shark…

    no words needed…

    may you be blessed

    all is calm…

    …all is bright!

    may you be blessed 

    rancho bernardo photographer

    ahhhh… this is the good life…good food…good company…good weather

     What makes this meal even more delicious because there are no dishes to do!

    may you be blessed 


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    happy to be on vacation…

    much needed break heading our way…will be back soon!

    may you be blessed


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    something about her…

    just gets me…

    may you be blessed

    20 years ago…

    I just ran across this and scanned it in to post here to remind myself…of Michael, of being a daycare provider, of working two jobs and going to college, of pushing 6 kids in a giant stroller around and around the property, of eating on UCI’s campus, of that cute little boutique next to the fat free yogurt store, of falling in love with photography more and more every day, of a free trip to Amelia Island to help watch this cutie-pie, of how fast time goes…a reminder, a smile, a memory ~ that’s what pictures do for me. They take me right back where I can feel the wind blowing and hear the other kids (still strapped in the stroller) babbling aways as I quickly grab a shot of sweet sweet little misterM. Simply because of this photo, I remember.

    shot more than 20 years ago with a cheap camera, black and white tri-x and developed in my bathroom…


    may you be blessed

    more pet photography temecula…

    Another amazing member of mamaJ’s family is sweet missL, who is almost 80 in dog years. We had to capture her but not annoy her. It is never worth it to annoy a client especially an elderly one. It was a stealth surprise for mother’s day , so mamaJ couldn’t see or know what we  were up to. We had to be quick and quiet! It was worth it, we got some good ones for mamaJ.

    The very ladylike and lovely, missL…

    may you be blessed

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    la jolla photographer

    I am off shooting…enjoy your life!

    may you be blessed 


    may you be blessed

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    the city whisperer…commercial residential inspections and help

    If you need a good home or commercial inspector, here is the BEST one around. Now if you have built something a little “illegally” say we say, he can help you with that as well. he is known as the City-whisperer! He speaks fluent government and can deal with all the red tape and nightmares that come with city offices for you. There is help out there, trust me!


    may you be blessed

    temecula photographer…senior missM

    I did actually finish missM and here are a few more from that session. She had so many to choose from I honestly an simply grabbing randomly! Thanks again missM for allowing me to shoot you senior pictures: you made my day! Your energy is contagious: thanks for coming along missS your music selection was perfect, as was your company.

    missM, leaving (or taking rather) her heart in San Francisco…

    isn’t she just the cutest?!?!

     I really like the whole looking into your future shot…and NO that is not what I told her, it just reminds me of that! I am certain I said something more professional like “check out that cute guy over there check out that brilliant sunset off to the right.” Does it really matter what I said? not so much, she is looking into her very bright future ~ that’s the point!

    go get ‘em missM the future is yours…

    just a little girl fun…


    Back to the races ~ gorgeous image if I do say so myself.

     Of course missM made her way into the private room…it was so cool, literally, and the smell… heaven!




     may you be blessed

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    oc photographer

     still working, nothing else to report! days are flying by as the countdown until summer vacation begins…

    woo-hooo! I can’t wait!


     may you be blessed

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    temecula photographer…

    working away….



    may you be blessed

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    marvelous missM…senior photos

    Presenting a sneak peek at the marvelous missM…I will be finishing these up and post a few more when I do. It was hard to just grab a couple but I must get back to the editing so here is a sneak peek for you and your mama missM. You are an inspiration. SFSU is lucky to be “getting” you. I have so many wonderful things to say about this young lady, her style, charisma, and charms pale to her beauty and intelligence. She will be calling the shots very soon in this big world and I for one will be happy to follow them MissM had a good head on her shoulders and an incredible moral compass: I am impressed. Could go on and on but she needs her pics, so I will contain myself and just wish missM all the best that this world has to offer. Thanks for the smiles and the great day.

    Enjoy your journey.

    and thanks missM for being you and bringing joy into my life…

    Nod to the derby …

     carefree…missM makes it all look so easy


      you know we had some fun… 

      may you be blessed

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    pet photography…

    It is the final push before summer vacation starts and the back-to-school rush begins. Finishing up the seniors this week on the blog although they have long been delivered so I may skip some of those, we’ll see. Will start back with a great dog that I had the pleasure of shooting recently. Thinking about going into some pet photography, what do you think?? They can’t listen any less than toddlers! ha!

    Nothing really needs to be said about this gorgeous and sweet dog, you can see it all in those obedient eyes…

    the amazing missG…

     may you be blessed

    this boy…

     I love this boy…


    may you be blessed

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    I am going to miss these days…

    Never did blog about Easter so here are a couple pics from Easter morning. The mister wasn’t around so I did go the Easter bunny did go a bit overboard on the baskets this year. It was a great morning and day to celebrate the resurrection. It is always extra special to be in church with my parents. My kids don’t realize how great it is to go to church with their grandparents every Sunday, but I do! We actually are going to two different churches at this point because one has an awesome kids group(s) and outreach and the other is our home church that has all the tradition and teachings that I was brought up in and would like my kids to know.  MisterN has been an acolyte at that church for quite a while now and I love watching him serve.  The churches are quite different in style but the message is the same as are the core beliefs. Although, ironically, the “traditional” church with it’s prayer books, hymnals and robes is actually more liberal on judgement, all are welcome and equal ~ as it should be. In the more “modern” church certain people are made to feel less than. It is the one thorn that keeps me from making the switch. I was taught that we all sin and that all are welcome and that it is not ours to exclude. So, we take the best from both for as long as we can ~ I realize at some point I can’t do both, but for now it is all good.

    missE’s easter Basket(s)

    yes, all three are hers and yes, the bunny gave her a coach clutch with a fluffy chick inside, isn’t it cute?! I told you the mister wasn’t around so the bunny went a little hog-wild, not the bunny’s fault just a simple act of natural bunny guilt and hormones~ it happens more often that you imagine and the kids turn out alright, so don’t leave me comments, the bunny can’t read anyway! misterN had an equal amount of baskets and stash the bunny may be reckless but she’s fair!

    A first time for everything: my sweet misterN would NEVER eat the chocolate bunny until this year ~ he’s growing up or growing cynical or both.


    She, missE, has NEVER had an issue with eating the chocolate bunny or anything else chocolate since age 3 when she decided she “did like brown food after all.”

    Like mama like daughter!

    Melts my heart to see them together…granddad, gramme and the monkeys

    Seriously, someone has to learn to take a decent pic of me and the kids. I look like I had a face lift, missE looks miserable and misterN well…

    to do list: get a decent photograph of me with children and me with my parents…

    The reason I include “bad” family here because I still want to remember it all.

    I want to remember racing over to catch the g’s before they got out of their church clothes. We were too long at the candle prayer station and they left before we could get a shot it. Racing like wild dogs on a coon hunt we arrived breathless but in time! “Two more minutes and you would have missed it” chuckled my dad! “get your shoes on”  I replied hastily then added, “or not, no feet, that’s fine, just come out for a minute.” So they did and I will remember what we all wore to church that Easter in 2011. I will remember ironing missE’s petticoat thing that is under her dress and how we went to 5 stores trying to buy Easter shoes but found NOTHING and she had to wear her old gold ones.  I will remember how handsome my dad looked and how he coordinated with my mom’s gorgeous dress. I will remember how, even though my mom was trying to make Easter dinner for all of us in an hour, she still smiled and took the time for pictures and took the time to look through her Easter basket that the kids and I made for her. She made it seem like she had nothing else to do but enjoy the kids and me. That’s my mom. We hurried off because I knew better and I just needed a couple snapshots on my point and shoot to help me remember.

    Holding hands is such torture for some…(not sure why my teeth look like Chiclets and I have no wrinkles but that’s totally inaccurate, the look on the kids faces though, totally accurate!)

    Giving gifts, not so much torture…

    Prayer station that always keeps us late…

    the rest of pics are on my card still… may add someday!

    may you be blessed


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    san fransisco state…photography

    Coming up…missM

    aka missSFSU..

    may you be blessed

    captured quickly…

     The elusive misterT was finally cornered into a mini-session for his senior photos! He was captured momentarily between gigs to complete his “make mama happy” mission. I thank you misterT for your cooperation, sense of humor and style: you are a class act. I have had the honor of knowing you and your family for many years and I am fortunate to know you. I know you are already off in the world making a name for yourself, just keep pushing on misterT and you will make those dreams come true. I believe in you and I look forward to eating at your resaurant someday. I expect to be hearing from you on FB, you are now a nancyelizabeth senior and I wil be keeping track of you! :) MisterT, you can do anything you set your mind to.

    wish my eyes could look so striking…misterT you are fierce when you need to be!

    love the casual feel of this shot, just hanging out front of the bike store…


    thanks for sitting “on more place” “real quick” “last one” “please here?” for me!

    love this of you misterT, it has the look you had from years gone by…

    be strong misterT, be honest, be yourself and you will make it no worries…

    you are an amazing young man… 

    may you be blessed

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