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  • celebration of life…

    I made these, with the help of my kiddos for our “celebration of life” last weekend.

    may you be blessed

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    just chilling…

    and enjoying the summer day…

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    Is anyone else hooked on the million dollar decorator show? Quite self-indulgent but still a marvelous train wreck to watch if you ask me! We are still re-doing our entire house…we did it 9 years ago and thought we would move, but alas are staying so it is time for an overhaul, hence the decorating ideas sprouting up all over my blog.

    Remember you may always scroll to the area of interest for you and by-pass all this personal talk!

    This is another ‘Candace Olson style’ built in design…what little girl wouldn’t love this room? from  http://www.addicted2decorating.com/a-closer-look-at-my-favorite-room-ive-ever-designed.html Isn’t she amazing?! Awesome site, check her out: her designs are inspirational and she seems to be a very NICE person to boot!

    may you be blessed

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    real estate photography…

    I had a chance to shoot some real estate recently…fun! I have always been fascinated with how other people live, here in the US and all over the world. My favorite reads are peeks into someones life so far removed from mine that I dream about becoming a nomad, teaching near the K2 climbers, inspiring young ones to speak and a plethora of other lives that would so never be mine without my imagination and a good read.

    Anyway, real estate can do that to me too!

     may you be blessed

    Happy Sunday…


    That is my wish for you today. To enjoy whatever it is you have.

    may you be blessed


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    We are celebrating life today with friends, family lots of laughter, joy and gratitude. Our lives, their lives, simply the fact that we are alive.

    Because, last year on this day my world crumbled and we almost lost our boy.

    I will elaborate someday but today I will simply say thank you to God for saving him, healing him and keeping our family together.

    Coming home from Children’s Hospital last year…

    Thank you God.

    fearless and healthy now…

    may you be blessed

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    family photography san diego

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    summer days…

    love love love the long days of summer…and not working!



    may you be blessed

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    summer fun…

    love this print from…


    may you be blessed

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    something is happening…

    …kids and I are making homemade pizza with fresh veggies from the garden and pepperoni, of course! Never would have dreamed they would ask me if we could use vegetables from our garden. First, me a garden? Second, them eating a vegetable because they want to? Something strange is happening!

    may you be blessed

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    missed one…

    well, perfection was never my thing so missing a day of blogging for no good reason other than life being lived is well, par for the course. sorry.

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    happy father’s day…

    Blessed to  be spending the weekend with my dad. It’s been a wild year for me and I am updating a post I wrote a couple years back…

    my dad is a dad among fathers because:

    (updated 2011)

    Fathers are careful with their words, they would never send their daughter off to school or softball practice hollering the ever encouraging, ”give ‘em hell“ but a dad would. (Don’t cringe too much mom, it was great advice and it rings in my ears to this day just before I try something new, scary or difficult.) Must admit my kids hear it now and then and it makes them smile because they know it is “a little inappropriate” but it comes straight from the heart of their mom ~ by way of Granddad.

    Fathers are germ-a-phobs, unlike a dad, they would NEVER suck on an old garden house in order to remove the rising flood waters in your playroom… time and time again. Gool ‘ol Spring Valley!

    Fathers are tired, too tired to come to your softball games, let alone teach you how to pitch windmill style for hours and hours… although dads also slow you down with strange batting devices that aim to inflict great pain and oh yeah, a level swing.

    You remember the one dad? The torture device that you put on my bat and and made me swing until my arms fell off… then you said, “just 20 more?!” (where can I get one for Noah ~ do they make them for baseball?!) ~ update: Noah now has one! Ahh… the joys of tradition!!!

    Fathers are formal and don’t let you wipe your food off on your sleeve, unlike a dad, a sleeve, back of your hand, whatever, no matter to him. Seriously, “a little dirt is good for you, just like a little blood.” ~ and of course the ever sage advice that I heard a time or two, “If it doesn’t kill you it will only make you stronger.”

    Fathers are uninvolved, the opposite of a real dad, they don’t know the latest saga of your teenage angst, they don’t take time to hit pumpkins off your head, or engage you in a conversation about your fingerless lace gloves and black mini on your way to the KISS concert, they certainly don’t know about your “grown up life”, let alone your hubby’s and your children’s.

    Fathers are selfish, never would they give up the most treasured gift on earth… TIME. Fathers just work and work and work… they don’t make work look like fun, like a dad does, or trick you into thinking washing their car is a reward and going to the dump is a great privilege. Fathers just aren’t that bright! Dads are clever, some may say sneaky… that’s another story.

    Fathers are doom and gloom, they don’t show you your potential, like a dad does, or teach you about God and the goodness on earth, certainly they don’t take time to teach your Sunday School class, but dads do this and so much more.

    Fathers fill this world… and on this day, I am so thrilled to say that I don’t have a father, I have a dad.

    The most caring, generous, loving, kind, funny dad that God has ever created, mine. I, my children and my husband are blessed beyond measure to have him in our lives and I the most fortunate to call him dad.

    I have more to say  (no surprise there!) but I need to finish making his cupcakes and wrap his gift before we go see him and tell him that he is loved and admired. Then, my kids will canon ball him in the pool and the dad advice, (If you don’t want to get wet, stay away from the pool.) will continue and we will all become better people because of it.

    Because a post is better with a picture (not yet updated) ~

     Here is a snapshot of two girls that LOVE this man, my dad, her Granddad…. Happy Father’s Day!


    I would be remiss is saying happy father’s day to my hubby, who is turning into a “real dad” with every passing day!

    I “made” him some goodies this year that I found through some amazing blogs out there…

    love the subway print…from http://amandaparkerandfamily.blogspot.com/2011/06/fathers-day-ideas-freebies.html

    LOOK at that I finally figured out how to add the proper links! easy-peasy what took me so long?!?

     and these are as delicious as they are cute… from bakerella of course…http://www.bakerella.com/?s=fathers+day

    may you be blessed

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    michaels coupon


    I love that you can simply print your own coupon and it works for JoAnne’s or Michaels!

    may you be blessed

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    built in banquette…

    Here is another great built in for the dining room…think this came from a late-night pinterest search…

    I have looked at over 45,000 fabrics and still can not decide on what to recover my chairs with. The problem seems to be that I love fabric. Always have. Always will. The textures, the patterns, the colors..ahhhhh the potential of making a room be that place you want to go read a book in, or chat with friends for hours in, or play games with your kids in, or dance in…see the problem? I am not sure what I want the room to be. i am leaning toward a bright happy, upbeat area with a more “cozy nook” built in at the far end, sort of a combination that somehow flows together. My struggle is that the room is one long box of boring!

    Anyway, thank you to the pinner here… am trying to learn how to link, I promise, just as soon as I pick my fabrics for chairs. and then the curtains. and then the built in. and then the loveseat. and then the pillows. and then I will indeed learn how to properly link people. However, not thinking anyone is actually reading this blog, so no worries anyway, it is just a way for me to remember my life!

    I do like the height of this one and the apples. Otherwise, not my style but still lovely.

    may you be blessed

    miss t…

    a few more, because she makes me smile!

    Thanks missT for coming up to my neck of the woods ~ I had a great time! You have to let me know which one you choose to update your zed card with, tough choices.

    You are simply stunning.

    love this one…

    sweetness and light…

    may you be blessed


    headshots, san diego, riverside, oc, temecula

    I was fortunate enough to get a call from a very sweet young lady,missT, needing to update her head-shot. MissT is an aspiring actress with a heart full of gold: her attitude and zest for life was infectious. I look forward to watching her career take-off and know that whatever project she is part of will be blessed by her charisma as well as her talent. Thank you missT for “finding” me and trusting me to update your zed card! Now, go to work missy! Here are a couple of her head-shots that we captured up in Temecula: it never really matters where you shoot a head-shot, just go toward the light and keep shooting!

     missT has a wide variety of “looks” and can change them on a dime…

    from sultry to girl-next-door in the blink of an eye, literally

    see! same girl, just 10 seconds later!!! Who can do that?!?!

     which will come in quite handy in her acting career…

     may you be blessed


    built in banquette seating…

    Still plotting my dining room…

    Am seriously considering a built in custom banquette. I am loving them! This gorgeous one is from Candace Olson and her eye for design is mind-boggling. Love her boldness, textures and ability to mix the modern with the traditional…that’s what I am hoping to accomplish in my own small way!

    may you be blessed

    temecula, san diego, oc photographer…

    coming up…

    the stunning misst

    may you be blessed

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    san diego photographer… headshots… zedcards

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    makes you

     Look at this cutie that I got to meet ~ makes you smile doesn’t she?!?

    may you be blessed

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