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    I’m Nancyelizabeth, a Southern California photographer that is finally joining the 21st century and Blogging for my clients!
    Seeing that I am also a mom, of two budding artists and a  wife with a husband that is also a photographer,
    you will also find their work here on “my” blog. That’s just the way it “rolls” around these suburbs! 
      Nothing fancy, nothing to get too excited over, just us sharing with you.
    Together, we are Team Hp, a family of art and photography lovers and we thank you for visiting!
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  • photography for the soul

    be blessed

    Temecula OC San Diego Riverside So Cal Photographer

    One glance at his feet and I knew it was going to be an awesome session!!!

    May You..

    Be Blessed

    visiting from abroad…

    I am back at work and loving every minute of it!

    Today I was fortuante to meet the lovely MissL who is visiting from Spain.

    Although we did NOT speak the same language, by the end of the session we communicated just fine.

    I believe photography is a language of the soul rather than of words and today I was proven to be right.

    Be Blessed

    grandparents, grandkids and grand old time photography by hp

    …nothing like grandkids to make the world a little brighter and your heart a little fuller and your smile a little wider and your life a little better…

    may you be blessed

    Temecula Photographer…San Diego…OC Photographer

    this boy makes me smile ever time…

    misterN thanks for making my day brighter, as always…

    may you be blessed

    wild ride…

    While this life of mine is seemingly calm and normal ~ to me it often feels like a wild ride into the unknown! We, the kids and I, have been sleeping in a hotel while the mister paints the house with an all natural paint (ask me about it if you hate having your kiddos breathing toxic fumes for weeks) that I hear is hard to work with! Sorry m. While the three of us settle into our little room,staying up too late and waking too early, poor m is working all night. Don’t break out the violins yet, he is playing his music too loud and ordering in pizza, trust me he’s fine. We play a bit of tag with the kids and their schedules as I teach for USD and he commutes to Huntington Beach for a job. Somehow, it is still working. I am getting better at simply hanging on…

    Here’s hoping you are hanging on for your ride as well! 

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    Happy Easter

    and many more…

    Wishing you and yours a lovely and joyful Easter: He is risen!


    may  you be blessed

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    help needed …

    fellow photographers, have you considered joining this wonderful organization?

    I promise you will get more from these kiddos than anything you will give them …




    please consider helping, there are SO many families that need your talent and time ….


    be blessed