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  • I’m back!

    I am back shooting after our summer “adventure” with N and had the good fortune to have my first session back to be with a lovely friend and her two incredible kids.

    Spending a couple hours with two very special kiddos felt like minutes… and their remarkable, loving, funny, gorgeous, kind mom was so energetic and patient that even though I know this about her I was still in awe of her mothering. I am hoping her goodness is contagious ~ as are my kids!

    anyway… here is a sneak peek for you MamaS

    this one just jumped out at me when I shot it and now it leaves me full of joy…

    MissM you “worked it out” for me so marvelously… you are a natural!

    life is SO NOT FAIR…

    I did nothing to his eyes or lashes ~ seriously… how is this fair?!?!?!

    Oh  MisterC you are going to get aways with murder with those baby blues!!

    more to come…

    Happy B-day PapaJ ~ we missed you! (and you owe me 5 minutes for a family shot!)

    Be Blessed

    how do you spell love? b.r.o.t.h.e.r.s.

    ~ two of my favorite brothers to shoot ~ they keep me hopping and make me laugh ~

    aren’t they the best buddies?

    and did I mention how much FUN they are?

    if I could bottle their energy I would make a million

    little N’s smile just melts my heart

     ahh… these are the moments that make all your efforts worthwhile ~

    you know “someone” taught them how to love each other like this

    and you know “those someones” are tired and sometimes wonder if it is working

    well, my dear someones, it is working, you are doing a fabulous job!

    Just look at that love…

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