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    One of my favorite young ladies, missC spared a moment for me to snap a few ~ this is just one that I grabbed so mamaF can see that indeed I got one! I am so very very very blessed to call their entire family friends, we all are. MamaC was with me when my misterN was flying off in a helicopter headed for Children’s Hospital, mamaC was with me when I had to leave my kiddo in kindergarten, actually she was with me as we stayed in class cutting out puppets so we didn’t actually have to leave our babies! ha! Thank you mamaC for bringing missD by too, her pics are adorable as well…you and your family are such a blessing blessing blessing. You are loved…as is your precious (and always put-together-gorgeous)


     may you be blessed

    riverside photographer…san diego photographer

    stay strong Ofamily…babyR is in good hands

    may you be blessed

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    Enjoying the fall and the gorgeous weather… hope you are too! 

    This is what they come back with if you send hubby to pick up an extra pumpkin with the kiddos!

    They were so thrilled so how could I complain?! I did talk them out of carving is so far but I do believe that carving is in our near future ~ after the Native American project!

    International Day at school..obviously MissE had Japan…used those chopsticks the night before..yummy PF Changs!

    Our breakfast table….

    MissE and her spider tights ”flying like the birds” and making me smile! 

    The boy that I was not allowed to leave my side 3 months ago…the boy I helped walk…the boy that took a Life-Flight to Children’s Hospital just mere months ago

    is now…

    doing THIS!  

    Praise the Lord!

    ahh… fall is here…enjoy!

    Be Blessed