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    I’m Nancyelizabeth, a Southern California photographer that is finally joining the 21st century and Blogging for my clients!
    Seeing that I am also a mom, of two budding artists and a  wife with a husband that is also a photographer,
    you will also find their work here on “my” blog. That’s just the way it “rolls” around these suburbs! 
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  • studio closing until April…

    Yup.. it’s time

    Studio closing February-April…

    We have a few May and June openings if you are thinking of booking, now would be the time to grab those.

    We usually close down shop Dec-Feb but we worked late this year and will be closing the studio from February - May … time to catch up on all the behind the scene studio details, camera updates, computer updates, what’s new in photography updates, etc… you would be surprised at how much of my time is NOT shooting, like MOST of it! The business side is the most consuming and all-encompassing part of the studio and thus the shut-down. That and I just plain old need to get out and shoot for me and for art and to rejuvenate myself!

    That being said, we will try and update with a post or two just to keep things going…

    since a post is better with a picture…

     Be Blessed


    RBHS senior session…

    still editing MissE’s senior session from last weekend, here are a few more sneak peeks for you MamaT…

    holy cow is your daughter is drop.dead.gorgeous.

    Yes, those are “her” eyes, no contacts not color “Photoshopped”

    I repeat ~ drop.dead.gorgeous.

     MissE, this next one turned out great ~ your mom’s got a few tricks up her sleeve! Sometimes you gotta “go messy” hair!

    I just love Miss E’s fun-loving, yet coy smile and the movement, the hair, the dress…

    you nailed it MissE !

    (great capture by M here, brother M, aka “the dad”) check him at www.mark@pavsphoto.com he’s more than just sports now! :)

    See M, Nikon’s have some good qualities, admit it, you liked it?! bye-bye Canon?!? Come to the dark side?!?!

     ok, sorry Miss E… back to you

    seems to be a drop.dead.gorgeous. theme going

     ahh… texture, light and a willing model… I was in heaven

    Miss E is pure sweetness and light here…

    I have a few versions of this next photo and they all rock!

    This is just the quintessential “California beach girl” image that young ladies all over America the World strive for, the look that

    MissE was born with…

    relaxed beauty… no effort needed


    and then there is this side, the striking editorial angles that MissE pulls out from no-where…

    MissE, you make me look good!

     Thank you again, MamaT and PapaM and of course, MissE… for trusting me with your senior session.

    I had so much fun!

    The disk is on it’s way… with many many many more images to choose from ~ good luck with that decision!!!!!

    Be Blessed