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  • fall collage…

    I promise to stop posting family stuff and post some work, just as soon as I am done with my fall fun! Thanks again to http://bethproudfoot.blogspot.com/ for the subway art! Her marvelous site, it is what it is keeps me smiling. I have NO idea how I stumbled upon her, but WOW oh WOW am I glad I did ~ and so are my kids! They are getting some great lunch treats, party favors, holiday decorations all because of her inspiration and generousity. If you like the crafty-goodness then check her outI 

    I made a simple template in Photoshop and added her marvelous fall printable…just add a cheap frame and viola’ I’m done! I did the thick brown on purpose so I don’t haave to mat it ~ I’m getting smarter in my old age!

    happy fall…

    may you be blessed

    more celebrations…

    My computer still posting s.l.o.w. and we are on our way out of town to another celebration…lovin’ this summer! Since a post is always better with a picture here’s one that makes me smile because you know if you are seeing this on your kitchen counter then something good is about to happen!

    may you be blessed

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    hideous cabinets and cupcakes…

    Celebrations are such a big part of our lives…I think they are important, especially for kids. We recently celebrated “life” and it was wonderful! Don’t wait to to celebrate each other and the daily things, don’t worry if your house isn’t clean or you removed all your furniture, or you need to paint…just invite the joyful people over and watch…it WON”T matter. Trust me, we do it all the time!


    See, they don’t care that you have no furniture and your kitchen cabinets are hideous!

    and neither do I ~ although I do wish my teeth were really this white!

    My computer is running as slow as a snail with a hangover so, I will post more tomorrow.

     may you be blessed 





    may you be blessed

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    love these from bakerella….

    congratulations graduates!

    may you be blessed

    finger hold…

    I simply love love love the finger hold of a toddler.

    misterO, you simply stole my heart…

    may you be blessed

    for mind…

    and body…

    that is why God invented vacations…

    may you be blessed

    fathers and daughters…

    so glad she has him…

    Also, so glad my dad rescued him when his car died… so they could go the masquerade ball

    the mess we turned into a mask because they sent a red and black one…

    It turned out to be a fun memory with missE so no complaints here!

    may you be blessed

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    baseball all-stars… summer fun

    What an amazing and fun summer so far…

    I was thrilled when N made Allstars because by the time I am “into” the baseball season ~ you know, got the chairs, snacks, matching shirt colors ~ it is o.v.e.r and I am bummed.

    Luckily, for me, this year he made All-Stars and we were able to enjoy the season, and all the fun that it entails, so much longer! I never seem to have it “together” in April to make baseball cupcakes and BBQ after the game, but in June, not a problem, bring it on!

     I always figure that half of the fun of baseball, any sport actually, is the snacks!

    case and point

    when I golf  I simply “skip a hole on the front and one on the back for snack breaks. Yup, you read that right, snack breaks and par 4’s, the perfect match. This odd rule of mine may be directly linked (pun intended) to how my dad taught me the game of golf. Our first time on the course he hollers across the green, “pick it up, pick it up”  “what?!?”  “after 5 hits, just pick it up and write a 6 that’s all the chances a golfer gets” “oh. ok. that’s cool.” I write down 6 and off we go to the next hole. Seems my dad has his own little ways of moving along a torturously slow game with a daughter that has no clue how to play golf, even after her lessons! So, this “snack and sports habit” of mine may be partially my dad’s influence.  I love to share the blame!

               You should have seen my husbands face the first time I simply picked up my ball and wrote a 6 and went back to the cart. He was bewildered and then hysterical because he could just see my dad teaching me this! Needless to say, I now know that it ISN”T a rule dad but M thanks you for the laugh. (another “I don’t have a father, but a dad” memory)

    in case you can’t read his eyes they are saying, “enough already…it’s a game not a photo-shoot”


    If they could keep playing I would have had time to match E’s hat with her baseball dress… and M, well he dresses himself.

    Happy Summer to you…

    Be Blessed


    mothers and daughters continued…

    as promised, here are some more favorite mother daughter pairs ….

     these two could be ivory snow models ~ that or high fashion models (don’t role your eyes Mama F, it’s true)

    I have never seen them without looking like a million bucks including the smiles… wait, forget Ivory Snow, I think Crest or Colgate needs both of you to increase their sales…

    thanks for putting up with me for the past three years! I promise I will download you photos.. soon


     here are two incredible ladies that I have been blessed to photograph ~ to be around them is to be lifted up and view the goodness in the world

    little H being not so little anymore and Mama J just getting younger… gotta get her secret



    not so long ago they played with me and Mark and allowed us to capture moments like this… heartwarming



    one of my all time Favorite Mother Daughter moments…



    I know this is a bit “artsy” for some of you but I LOVE it! Her eyes and smile tell it all…


    thanks ladies for making me smile

    Be Blessed

    gone… life as you know it

    gone… life as you know it and in it’s place, love like you’ve never known will arrive

    thanks for letting us grab a few images during your mandatory lock-down, we were thrilled to be able to sneak over while you were “resting in bed”, honest Dr. OB we just grabbed these while she was on her way to the restroom, other than that she was flat on her back just like you have tortured instructed her to be ~ oh, that looks like she was outside but really Photoshop is good these days!

    Seriously, thanks S (and patient hubby H) for allowing the intrusion …

    doesn’t she just look amazing…

    seriously the little man is due in a few weeks and mom looks like this? 

    life is unfair to those of us who waddled and wore sweats!




    I am a big mush for things like this…

    mom on the swing that was grandpa’s and soon “little man” will be sitting with her  

     I am such a softy for treasures like that, my dining room table is scratched and dinged up but can I replace it? NO way, my grandma’s have sat at that table and told their stories and listened to ours as we grew up, my mom has served countless meals and homemade after-school cookies at that table… I have hidden under that table, (just like my kiddos do now) during a raucous game of hide and seek … I have belly ached about having to dust all that “scrolly” wood under the table (the way my boy does now) NO way can I part with it

    just like her and the porch swing… it’s not the fancy stuff that matters, it’s the stuff from the heart…


    Be Blessed

    goodness abounds * baby belly * temecula photographer *

    I am healed, Praise the Lord!

    Sneak peek coming up…

    be blessed

    disappearing act * temecula photographer * lost and found


    sorry for the absence… I have injured my back and am unable to move …

    ~ unlike her ~


    be blessed

    thanks for your patience

    another wonderful opportunity to meet a family that enhances this world… thank you for coming up to our little town and we are excited to have you back again soon! so many images to choose from, here a few of my favorites

    Little J, I sure would like to see some images that you have taken with your new camera. You got a great one of your sister and I am sending it to you this week: I may have to hire you to help me in the future! or maybe you will be hiring me to help you ~either way I will be lucky to work with you!

    I LoVe  little J’s impish smile and laughing eyes in this photo … awesome!

    and talk about two peas-in-a-pod

    the men in the family… they take their games seriously!

    can you see the warrior in them both? The US is lucky to have them on our side.

    this kind of adoration and love is priceless

    sweetie pies …


    happiness … joy … family …

    I feel like I am peeking into their hearts …

    such a privilege to meet you all ~ your images are on their way! hugs to you all!

    Be Blessed


    manly men

    I am under-the-weather or in other words, I have been attacked by the nastiest cold known to mankind…

    on a brighter note, look what I have coming up…

    more manly men heroes


    Be Blessed

    help needed …

    fellow photographers, have you considered joining this wonderful organization?

    I promise you will get more from these kiddos than anything you will give them …




    please consider helping, there are SO many families that need your talent and time ….


    be blessed