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  • longshadow ranch…

    editing some pics from Longshadow Ranch in Temecula..from the benefit for missSophie

     may you be blessed

    love these three girls…

     missE, missG and missH are my three most favorites young ladies…they bring happiness to all who encounter their path and I am lucky to encounter it often.

    You little ladies are loved…

    may you  be blessed

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    temecula photographer…

    Sorry for the odd blogs the last few days, nothing of great joy or interest to write about just a little bumpy road I am on. Sometimes it just takes too much energy to think about things, let alone write about them, that’s what is going on these days ~ but God is good all the time so this too shall pass however slowly it may seem to me it will pass!

    Anyway…still behind on sharing sessions, here is a great family that I shot eons ago…you may recognize missS, whom I will be blogging later since I finally finished her senior pics!

    I am blessed by this family and their friendship…

    may you be blessed

    UCLA gets lucky!

    UCLA gets lucky to have this one coming

    Miss M you are so much fun to hang out with and so easy to shoot! Thanks for making my job easy and for putting up with me dragging you all over town. I think you made a great choice… sorry to all the other Universities that lost out on you. You are such a role model and my little MissE is CrAzY about you and I am using that to my advantage! “Well you know MissM does her homework right away and MissM always flosses her teeth after every meal, MissM always talks nicely to her mom, MissM, MissM MissM… ahh… your name works magic around here!! thanks!!

    Since your AuntA is waiting to see more…

    Here is MissM looking striking…seriously, how g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. is she?!?!?!

    LOVE the attitude in this one… just LOVe it

    Something MissM would never pose like naturally… but it works because her goodness shines through…if she really had an attitude the image would be ruined it would be typical teenage but because you are so sweet MissM it is a perfect contradition and it knocks my socks off.. too sexy for your age, (sorry to your dad) , but as a photographer I LoVe it!!

    another favorite of mine…


    I can’t wait to see what you do in this world… you make it a better place already

    thanks again for coming out my way and allowing me to capture your goodness…


    Be Blessed

    land the I love…

    happy 4th of July… hope you are enjoying yours with those you love…

     Be  Blessed

    Grandma’s Rock! * Temecula Photographer * So Lucky

    Sneak Peek …

    ~ another reason why I love my “job”  ~

    I get to meet Grandma’s that love so completely and joyfully:

    I get to watch them interact with their “little loves” and it restores my faith in families and society.

    You may recognize this little guy, he was my first blog entry! Little H is the cutie from the pram. He is growing up way way too fast! Grandma came out and mom, being so smart, knew she needed a session with the two of them! An Incredible Mom! Little H will cherish these as he grows up.  

    Wait until you see the ones I have of Grandma chasing him and holding his hand, they will melt your heart … and the one of the three of you is also incredible, but I will save those for you to see privately! Don’t want you “boo-hoo-ing” on line, “boo-hoo-ing” is always better with a box of deluxe tissues, a comfy couch, a hand to hold and a hot Starbucks!

    However, since I know you are checking.. here are a few I grabbed for you sneak peek… and THANK YOU again for trusting me with your memories

    my favorite tree  ~  my signature shot


     you have NO CLUE how FAST little H is.. getting this shot was no small feat! 

    Mister Mark and his mad flying skills rocked the session! (I.O.U babe!)



    look at that JOY! aren’t happy kids just the greatest invention that God made?!?!



     love the peacefulness to this .. he was worn out by now and just happy to cuddle Grandma!


    A .. I have some great ones in black and white that will go with your last session…  yeah!!

     back to editing … just wanted to show you I really am working on them!!! ha!


    Be Blessed

    happy heart …


    may your heart be filled with love and your home be filled with chocolate!

    wishes you only the best dreams this valentine’s day!


    be blessed