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    be blessed

    here they come…

    These lovely girls are now starting high school and I want to wish them all the best that it has to offer.

    So happy for their new advetnures and honored to know them and their families!

    Good Luck Ladies and Enjoy every minute!!

    You will Rock it!!

    Watch out, here they come!!

    Lucky teachers, they are getting an amazing group of young ladies!

    May you…

    Be Blessed

    out of the weeds…

    and into the garden…not sure what that means but I think it means that I am digging myself out of my editing and can see hope of sleep again!


    may you  be blessed

    shut the door…

    look at this adorable love seat

    just hand me my tea and magazine and please shut the door on your way out…

    may you be blessed

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    headshots and happiness…

    I love shooting headshots…just say’in!

    may you be blessed

    san diego photographer… headshots… zedcards

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    rubber band wrists…

    missA and her rubber-band wrists completly, utterly, totally make my insides go to mush…

    and those two tiny baby teeth…

    oh my

    may you be blessed

    something about her…

    just gets me…

    may you be blessed

    san diego, oc, temecula photographer

     I have known missK for most of her life, however I have not had to opportunity to capture her alone. Well, my luck changed and I got to spend a snippet of time with the beautiful missK. Given only one word to describe missK, it would certainly be…charming. Utterly and completely charming. Her smile. Her demeanor. Her sense of humor…all charming and disarming actually. Thanks missK for giving me a moment out of your very busy and charming life, you are amazing.


    may you be blessed

    working on this cutie…

    quick peek of what I am working on this weekend…

    is he a cutie or what?!

    may you be blessed

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    big browns…

    Those big brown eyes sparkled and shined with every grin he gave.

    Thanks mamaJ for coming to Temecula so I could capture a few shots of your sweet sweet misterE.

    He is so confident and full of life ~ not to mention ADORABLE!

    Two peas in a pod!

    Look at the JOY in mamaJ’s eyes! misterE you make your mama so happy!

    Just perfect…nothing else to say. 

    Love his little baby teeth and those eyes are exactly what  gets me every time.

    Thanks mamaJ and misterE for trusting me.

    Be Blessed


    so much to blog…

    …here is what I have been up to lately

    I recently had the honor to photograph some amazing young people and they are patiently awaiting their sneak peeks…

    thank you all for being so positive and fun…your parents are lucky!

    missD rocked those curls and oozed sweetness and joy…

    LOVE this one…

    …the always positive and easy to shoot missA, thanks!

    …misterJ you did great! love the one with your mom and your sports shirts!

    Now for some black and whites for me…I can NEVER enough of B&W

    …if you knew misterZ you would be amazed that he could give such a “look” ~ he is all smiles normally

    I bring out the attitude in kids.. hmmm… is that a good thing?!? (yeah, I think so!)

    …you’re killing me missA.. those eyes…that smile…dying here

    …thrilled I got this pensive shot of gorgeous misterJ

    I bet his parents know this look and not many others…

    …an artsy look of missD here…stunning

    Be Blessed



    love this girl…

    This girl makes me smile EVERY time I see her… I just got a minute with her to shoot this but had to post it because…

    well,  I needed a smile and thought you might too!

    ~ we need more time together MissM ~

     Be Blessed

    head above water…

    I am keeping my head above water and enjoying the view, but I have to ask,

    “Where did all these gorgeous families and models, actors and singers come from?!?”

    I am thrilled to be working with each and every one of you… please know I may not be able to blog everyone right away, but I will eventually ~

    I am the editing queen these days, that is why I have disappeared, but look at this girl…

    more to come on  the stunning Miss B…

    Be Blessed

    disappearing act * temecula photographer * lost and found


    sorry for the absence… I have injured my back and am unable to move …

    ~ unlike her ~


    be blessed