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  • Where are the men?

    Classic! Looks to me like she is doubtful they exist!

    Be Blessed

    Temecula Photographer…San Diego…OC Photographer

    this boy makes me smile ever time…

    misterN thanks for making my day brighter, as always…

    may you be blessed

    temecula, san diego, oc photographer

    One of my favorite young ladies, missC spared a moment for me to snap a few ~ this is just one that I grabbed so mamaF can see that indeed I got one! I am so very very very blessed to call their entire family friends, we all are. MamaC was with me when my misterN was flying off in a helicopter headed for Children’s Hospital, mamaC was with me when I had to leave my kiddo in kindergarten, actually she was with me as we stayed in class cutting out puppets so we didn’t actually have to leave our babies! ha! Thank you mamaC for bringing missD by too, her pics are adorable as well…you and your family are such a blessing blessing blessing. You are loved…as is your precious (and always put-together-gorgeous)


     may you be blessed

    temecula photographer…

    I’m back at the computer and smiling at missM here…

    There is something just so striking about missM in this shot: I can’t quite articulate it but I love it and her…mamaC, you are raising up a wonderful young lady.

     I usually have a strong preference of either color or black and white in a shot but I am torn on this one.

    missM is equally stunning in both…thanks missM for being you!

    may you be blessed

    pay the piper…

     I have so much to post that is wait for it…wait for it…actually work related!! Did you faint?!  I know I have avoided it, I have denied it, I have even forgotten about it…but it is time to pay the piper, suck it up, do the right thing, stand tall and be brave, no wait, I don’t have to stand at all, just edit and post…and edit and post I will…promise! Unless I get distracted again by all that crafty-goodness in blog land, so really , no promises.

    Remember you can always bypass our family stuff, the decorating saga and crafty goodness and go straight to photography by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the category that interests you!

    anyway…here is one shot of missH, a cutie that makes me smile from my head to my toes. I could go on and on about the virtues of marvelous missH, but must get to work! I will simply say she is amazing and I am blessed to know her and her mom, mamaE, thank you thank you thank you for your life-saving help with ALL those kids!! Were you as exhausted as I was?!?

    missH…you leave me speechless and smiling ~ a pretty great way to be left, thanks!

     may you be blessed


    had a moment to grab a few shots for mamaH of her youngest, missK

    I am always a sucker for missing teeth!


    such a cutie…

    missK and her broken arm and mischievous smile! love those eyes!

    may you be blessed


    cutie-pie missR…

    may you be blessed

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    to be determined…

    I love love love to sew something for missE with these, so I bought them.. will I use them,

    well that’s to be determined at a later date!

    it makes me calm…

    the movement is second only to that marvelous green and blue/gray colors…

    may you be blessed

    riverside photographer…

    lovely missT..


    may you be blessed

    summer days…

    love love love the long days of summer…and not working!



    may you be blessed

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    love these from bakerella….

    congratulations graduates!

    may you be blessed

    playing catch up…

    yes, now it is time t o play catch up

    quick peek of little missA

    may you be blessed

    jails, jelly beans, jumping and just plain fun…

    I told you yesterday that I had THE greatest senior session this year with misterN and here are a few more pics to prove it! The world will be blessed when this young man is set “free” in it: his enthusiasm and energy are surpassed only by his goodness. Loved learning about your college plans, spectacular plans that you are already putting into motion as I type ~ you should be very proud of yourself. Thanks again for coming up from RB and spending the day with me: completely my pleasure.

    misterN looking fierce…

    see…I wasn’t kidding about the energy! LOVE IT!

    I was so happy to see this for a background for misterN…and of course he totally nailed it!

    Where misterN loves to be, nature…a rare water in the creek, another so happy moment for me!

    ahhh contrast…texture…and killer eyes

    I tried to talk him into a new pair of boots, something to remember Temecula by, but alas they didn’t fit!

    Watch out ladies…

    The closest misterN needs to come to jail, the old town one! Again, me and textures…a bit of heaven.

    misterN, the pleasure was all mine! 

    may you be blessed

    I *heart* headshots …

    I am counting my blessings to have had the opportunity to shoot some headshots for a beautiful and talented young lady.

    Miss B brought the goodness to the session and never let me down with her incredible energy and postive attitude… thanks

    this is such a perfect character look for you here… the perfect “don’t think anything” look

    I call this your “who me??!?!?!” look…

    …and here is your younger sister perhaps?

    you have a great range of :”looks” Miss B and I can’t wait to hear you play that guitar!

    Thanks again for the great afternoon…

    Be Blessed