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  • pay the piper…

     I have so much to post that is wait for it…wait for it…actually work related!! Did you faint?!  I know I have avoided it, I have denied it, I have even forgotten about it…but it is time to pay the piper, suck it up, do the right thing, stand tall and be brave, no wait, I don’t have to stand at all, just edit and post…and edit and post I will…promise! Unless I get distracted again by all that crafty-goodness in blog land, so really , no promises.

    Remember you can always bypass our family stuff, the decorating saga and crafty goodness and go straight to photography by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the category that interests you!

    anyway…here is one shot of missH, a cutie that makes me smile from my head to my toes. I could go on and on about the virtues of marvelous missH, but must get to work! I will simply say she is amazing and I am blessed to know her and her mom, mamaE, thank you thank you thank you for your life-saving help with ALL those kids!! Were you as exhausted as I was?!?

    missH…you leave me speechless and smiling ~ a pretty great way to be left, thanks!

     may you be blessed


    cutie-pie missR…

    may you be blessed

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    almost missed it…

    I have been working all day, well after the party at school, the 5th one this week..seriously, let’s just call it summer vacation already! Almost forgot to blog…

    here’s one that I am editing today…

    may you be blessed

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    The ever lovely and talented missB graced me with her presence for a quick headshot…

    if you need a great hair cut or color call her at Paul Mitchell in Temecula she is studying there and is awesome! Bargain prices and fun for the kiddos!

    may you be blessed

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    little missG…

    ahh.. lucky me to shoot little missG for the holidays…

    may you be blessed

    cutie patootie…

    another cutie-patootie that melts my heart with her big brown eyes…

    thanks MamaA and MissC… you are both wonderful (as is big brother that I missed shooting)

    a sneak peek of little MissC…

    such style for such a young lady… you could teach me a thing or two!

    Be Blessed

    I *heart* headshots …

    I am counting my blessings to have had the opportunity to shoot some headshots for a beautiful and talented young lady.

    Miss B brought the goodness to the session and never let me down with her incredible energy and postive attitude… thanks

    this is such a perfect character look for you here… the perfect “don’t think anything” look

    I call this your “who me??!?!?!” look…

    …and here is your younger sister perhaps?

    you have a great range of :”looks” Miss B and I can’t wait to hear you play that guitar!

    Thanks again for the great afternoon…

    Be Blessed  



    Fedora Girls Newest Singer…

    If you haven’t heard this girl sing, you are missing out… and now she is with the Fedora Girls!

    Miss R, it is always a pleasure to be around you and it’s an honor to shoot with you. You make it so fun and easy ~ thanks!

    I am stunned at how much you have changed in less than a year: slow down already little-lady!

    So excited to hear you sing with the group ~ let me know when I can come listen at a rehearsal.

    Here are a few pics that caught my eye, lots more to choose from~

     The eyes that pierce the soul…

     ~ your smile lights up a room ~

     … here is the attitude we needed

    the tough, strong, confident and beautiful singer…

    Be Blessed

    a thousand words..


    They say a picture is worth a thousand words… thank goodness because I have NO time to write but have to post these sneak peeks

    Mister H is a master of “the attitude” look and yet doesn’t have one ~ quite refreshing!

    The young man on his way to the yacht club… (age 15 I would venture to guess)

    here he is after his rugby match… (yes, of course he won!)

    this must be his younger brother!?!

    Be Blessed