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  • missSophie…

    Former Temecula attorney drops job to help her daughter fight cancer

    By Kerri S. Mabee, on September 5, 2011, at 7:07 am


    I am blessed to be documenting this special event for missSophie…

    Fundraiser info…

    If you want to purchase tickets to go to the event for four year old Sophie Lawler-Ehr…the event will take place at Longshadow Ranch Winery, this Friday, October 7th from 6pm to 10 pm - Children are welcome, they will have great entertainment for them too! Tickets: $20.00 - Adults, $10.00 - Kids - Catering by Wahoo’s restaurant!


    Just a few weeks ago, Colleen Lawler, a former public defender at the Southwest Justice Center and mother to four year-old Sophie Lawler-Ehr, received some news that would devastate any parent. Shortly after Sophie complained of a pain in her chest, it was discovered that a malignant tumor was lodged just above her lungs.

    “Apparently they cannot at this point determine what type of tumor Sophie has,” said deputy public defender Erin Kirkpatrick, a close friend of Lawler’s. “They think the tumor can be either Ewings’ Sarcoma or Small Cell Lymphoma… Both are equally bad and both are extremely aggressive.”

    Sophie’s family is preparing to wage war against the cancer, Kirkpatrick said, with plans in the works for a benefit concert and a  website dedicated to raising funds for the battle that looms ahead.

    “Colleen was  always told that she couldn’t get pregnant. So having Sophie was a miracle,” said Kirkpatrick. ” This has completely devastated Colleen.”

    Lawler, who lives in Oceanside,  has worked as a defense attorney in Temecula for nearly eight years. She recently quit her job to focus on helping Sophie in her fight.

    “Information is coming in quickly. The family is deciding on chemo, and waiting for a report that will determine how aggressive they will have to be with the treatment,” Kirkpatrick said.

    To learn more or to donate to Sophie’s fund, click here.

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