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  • Miss California…NAM winner

    I was blessed to shoot missR this week… she just won Miss California (preteen) and she is as lovely as ever…

    The truth about missR is that she is a super sweet young lady that lights up every room she enters.

    I have so much to say about her, however I am due to shoot in 20 minutes so I have to run and leave you with a very mini sneak-peek for mamaM and my promise to post more asap!

    You, missR, bless me every time I get to hang out with you…thanks for your ideas, cooperation and sparkling attitude.

    You are a super star for many many reasons…

    what an angelic smile!

    I love this suit her talented mom made…mamaM, i will post more next week, still editing!

    Thanks so much for calling me and I loook forward to the next session!

    Be Blessed 


    one cool cookie


    oh my goodness what an honor to work with this young lady and my oh my… little miss r is going places… a black-belt with the singing voice of an angel (you owe me a song missy, I know you were an ice cube when we finished, so next time I get two, OK?!) It was fun hanging out together in the freezing cold.  (actually, just below 50 degrees, which in my neck of the woods is almost cause for school closures!)

    so… here is a sneak peek for you Mama M 

    side note to mama M ~ I will talk to S regarding cover not sure what more I can blog until after it is in print (didn’t think of this before :O gotta’ watch those lawsuits!) email me and I will set up a private password for you because I know you want to see how they all turned out)


    love this look… a bit startling at how old she looks to me … seven going on seventeen… and not to worry people, no need to email me regarding her  ”attitude” shots, she has lots of great smiles as well.

     be blessed

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