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  • visiting from abroad…

    I am back at work and loving every minute of it!

    Today I was fortuante to meet the lovely MissL who is visiting from Spain.

    Although we did NOT speak the same language, by the end of the session we communicated just fine.

    I believe photography is a language of the soul rather than of words and today I was proven to be right.

    Be Blessed

    temecula photographer…

    MissC, you are simply stunning and sweet and stylish…it was too short that is all I can say! Seriously, if we had time we would be rockin’ the hats and coats and wandering to find more light and places to shoot because you are soooooo enjoyable to be around. Thank you for being you…


    may you be blessed

    happy weekend…

    hope yours is a good one…

    may you be blessed

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    built in banquette…

    Here is another great built in for the dining room…think this came from a late-night pinterest search…

    I have looked at over 45,000 fabrics and still can not decide on what to recover my chairs with. The problem seems to be that I love fabric. Always have. Always will. The textures, the patterns, the colors..ahhhhh the potential of making a room be that place you want to go read a book in, or chat with friends for hours in, or play games with your kids in, or dance in…see the problem? I am not sure what I want the room to be. i am leaning toward a bright happy, upbeat area with a more “cozy nook” built in at the far end, sort of a combination that somehow flows together. My struggle is that the room is one long box of boring!

    Anyway, thank you to the pinner here… am trying to learn how to link, I promise, just as soon as I pick my fabrics for chairs. and then the curtains. and then the built in. and then the loveseat. and then the pillows. and then I will indeed learn how to properly link people. However, not thinking anyone is actually reading this blog, so no worries anyway, it is just a way for me to remember my life!

    I do like the height of this one and the apples. Otherwise, not my style but still lovely.

    may you be blessed

    miss t…

    a few more, because she makes me smile!

    Thanks missT for coming up to my neck of the woods ~ I had a great time! You have to let me know which one you choose to update your zed card with, tough choices.

    You are simply stunning.

    love this one…

    sweetness and light…

    may you be blessed


    headshots, san diego, riverside, oc, temecula

    I was fortunate enough to get a call from a very sweet young lady,missT, needing to update her head-shot. MissT is an aspiring actress with a heart full of gold: her attitude and zest for life was infectious. I look forward to watching her career take-off and know that whatever project she is part of will be blessed by her charisma as well as her talent. Thank you missT for “finding” me and trusting me to update your zed card! Now, go to work missy! Here are a couple of her head-shots that we captured up in Temecula: it never really matters where you shoot a head-shot, just go toward the light and keep shooting!

     missT has a wide variety of “looks” and can change them on a dime…

    from sultry to girl-next-door in the blink of an eye, literally

    see! same girl, just 10 seconds later!!! Who can do that?!?!

     which will come in quite handy in her acting career…

     may you be blessed


    temecula, san diego, oc photographer…

    coming up…

    the stunning misst

    may you be blessed

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    makes you

     Look at this cutie that I got to meet ~ makes you smile doesn’t she?!?

    may you be blessed

    happy sunday… temecula photographer

    may you be blessed

    headshots and hamburgers…

    two of my favorite things, head-shots and hamburgers

    and little ‘hams” like this guy ~ actually he was “all pro” no ham

    I was fortunate enough to spend some time with this little guy who will soon be gracing the pages of your favorite magazine IMO…

    you know I love me a little attitude…

    his true nature.. sweetie-pie  

    …thanks for allowing me the opportunity to capture these for you!

    Be Blessed


    Fedora Girls Newest Singer…

    If you haven’t heard this girl sing, you are missing out… and now she is with the Fedora Girls!

    Miss R, it is always a pleasure to be around you and it’s an honor to shoot with you. You make it so fun and easy ~ thanks!

    I am stunned at how much you have changed in less than a year: slow down already little-lady!

    So excited to hear you sing with the group ~ let me know when I can come listen at a rehearsal.

    Here are a few pics that caught my eye, lots more to choose from~

     The eyes that pierce the soul…

     ~ your smile lights up a room ~

     … here is the attitude we needed

    the tough, strong, confident and beautiful singer…

    Be Blessed


    a little bit of j crew attitude coming your way…

    This young man, mister H, is quite extraordinary and takes a killer photo!

    Just a glimpse for you as I am now editing yours ~ they look amazing (no surprise) ~

    Be Blessed

    rocked the boots…

     Here is the little lady that rocked those pink cowboy boots!

    Little lady, you are a super-star, thank you for spending the day with me.

    My heart was so happy as you held my hand and sang me Christmas songs!

    Hope you had half as much fun as I did.

    ~ love how your eyes go straight to my soul ~

    melting…my heart is melting…

    We sure did a good job “lying around on our tummies” in old town, didn’t we?!?


    hard to believe you are three years old…

    You do so great with following direction, you rock!!

     Mama M… doesn’t she make your heart ache in all the right ways?!

    Be Blessed