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  • Old school Film…Photographer…San Diego…Riverside…OC


    Working on a little old school film effects today.

    The only regret that I have is that I had a limited amount of time to spend with him. I would have LOVED to hear his stories. His life. His memories. His dreams. I can only imagine how he grew up in his village in Spain. Imagine what he has seen and experienced. His eyes, quick smile and generous spirit emanated a feeling of pure joy. I bet he has a truckload of stories.

    Regret stinks..

    I could have learned so much about what really matters.

    Be Blessed

    another cutie-pie to photograph…temecula

    …couldn’t you just hug this one alllllll day long?!?! I know I could!

    may you be blessed

    temecula photographer…

    working away….



    may you be blessed

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    some more amazing kiddos that I was fortunate to spend time with…

    misterJ, it was great to meet you ~ thanks for your cooperation and nice manners!


    missR…you are as sweet as you look! thanks for the awesome smiles! I think I get to see youa again next week! :)

     misterN, you sure made my “job” easy! thank you! love your pictures!

    misterD, your enthusiasm is contagious! you are so great to be near, thanks for being such a great subject, I love your color pics too but this black and white made me smile! 

     misterC…you were a trooper! you did a marvelous job! thanks!

     ahh…lovely missK, I sure enjoyed taking your pictures, you are a natural!


    Be Blessed