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    She was thinking and I was fiddling with settings and I stopped what I was doing to grab this moment ~ she is a beauty when she smiles as well as when she is serious.

    I will now always wonder what she was thinking about which is sometimes better than actually knowing.

    Be Blessed

    here they come…

    These lovely girls are now starting high school and I want to wish them all the best that it has to offer.

    So happy for their new advetnures and honored to know them and their families!

    Good Luck Ladies and Enjoy every minute!!

    You will Rock it!!

    Watch out, here they come!!

    Lucky teachers, they are getting an amazing group of young ladies!

    May you…

    Be Blessed

    Pensive photography, artbyhp, nancyelizabeth photography

    love the melancholy look here…

    of the lovely missA

    may you be blessed

    Birthday headshot, Temecula photographer, School pics

    I was lucky to spend some time shooting misterJ on his 14th birthday!

    As always, his mama should be proud. MisterJ is so polite, funny, smart and respectful. He always has a kind word for me and tolerates me shooting well beyond the necessary head-shot because the camera loves him! Thanks for sharing a slice of your birthday with me and I hope it is your best year ever!


    may you be blessed

    out of the weeds…

    and into the garden…not sure what that means but I think it means that I am digging myself out of my editing and can see hope of sleep again!


    may you  be blessed

    here’s a cutie…

    in case you need a smile…

    missD will do the trick ~ she is as sweet as she is cute!

    may you be blessed

    headshots and happiness…

    I love shooting headshots…just say’in!

    may you be blessed

    celebration of life…

    I made these, with the help of my kiddos for our “celebration of life” last weekend.

    may you be blessed

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    family photography san diego

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    built in banquette seating…

    Still plotting my dining room…

    Am seriously considering a built in custom banquette. I am loving them! This gorgeous one is from Candace Olson and her eye for design is mind-boggling. Love her boldness, textures and ability to mix the modern with the traditional…that’s what I am hoping to accomplish in my own small way!

    may you be blessed

    makes you

     Look at this cutie that I got to meet ~ makes you smile doesn’t she?!?

    may you be blessed

    temecula photographer…

    Sorry for the odd blogs the last few days, nothing of great joy or interest to write about just a little bumpy road I am on. Sometimes it just takes too much energy to think about things, let alone write about them, that’s what is going on these days ~ but God is good all the time so this too shall pass however slowly it may seem to me it will pass!

    Anyway…still behind on sharing sessions, here is a great family that I shot eons ago…you may recognize missS, whom I will be blogging later since I finally finished her senior pics!

    I am blessed by this family and their friendship…

    may you be blessed

    San Diego Photographer

    Birds singing, sun shining, cookies baking and all is well in my life. I could also say: car alarm blaring, tree still fallen, dinner not made, floors dirty, laundry piled and all is well in my life. Half full half empty, either way I still want this pink couch…

    may you be blessed

    set for life…

     Here are three of my favorite young people that I have neglected to post, so sorry. I just have a couple more from the holidays to post, will get to them in between current sessions.

    These three kiddos are by far and above some of my favorite people on the planet. They are smart, super smart actually, funny, kind, gracious and so much more. Little missH took care of my missE yesterday after her dentist appt. totally took her under her wing and made sure she wasn’t in pain and that she felt ok. (I was there spying as usual!) My heart just burst on the spot. I do need to hang out with misterZ more, but from all my son tells me he is “the man” around campus but doesn’t let it go to his head, he stays nice. That’s a pretty great reputation to have misterZ! Ahh… and of course missM, who I miss so much since I had to stop my hobby teaching at the school. MissM who lights up the room, hold her own and impresses me with her strong sense of self and determination, oh how I love these kiddos. Their parents should be proud and then take a vacation: your work is done. These three are set for life.

    Together for a quick shot for me! thanks!

    missM…stunning simply stunning …those eyes, that smile…and fo course the stunning hair

    I am so jealous…

     ohh…sweetie pie, thanks for showing me the missing teeth! I made her do this and I love it!

    Indeed missH has a very lovely natural smile that I could have posted, but this is my favorite because it only happens for a tiny portion of her life, the no teeth grin!

     …and misterZ, the brother, the entertainer, the really really smart young man that totally

    brings it to the photo shoots ~ he is amazing!

      may you be blessed











    temecula photographer…san diego photographer

    Busy week ahead. I get to shoot another awesome high school senior, two great doggies, a family full of grand-kiddos and a horse! Should be fun and with the weather finally warming up I will  be in hog-heaven. A sneak peek from the V family session…recognize the ugly wall from the estate? Yup! We headed back out to my favorite estate to wander the morning away. I like mamaV’s striking seriousness in the photo; the contrast with the rest of the family: I have plenty of you smiling mamaV, no worries! Also, lovin’ the way little brotherR is holding both big sister’s hands…

    ahh.. families

    may you be blessed

    temecula photographer…


    misterC you rock!

    may you be blessed


     I cracked up when I found these “notices” all over my house!

    may you be bug free and blessed!

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    temecula photographer…

    coming soon…

    may you be blessed

    that kind of family…

    they are that kind of family…they ooze “coolness” and confidence and class

    I was thrilled that they came up to get a family session with me before both kiddos are off to college which is just around the corner! Thanks, T family, I had a great time!

    I feel like I should live at the estate after this holiday season, did a bunch of sessions there this year and I never got tired of it, so many options.

    anyway… here is the enchanting T family…

    You may remember missR from her 09 senior pics…if I knew how to link it I would but I don’t so I won’t, sorry…will learn in 2011…promise! click on senior down below, 2009…caffeine drip is the title

    love the contrast on this and the parents behind them…

    for you photogs, used my 60mm ISO100 f1.4

    same lens and opening here to capture this stunning young man…

    Be Blessed 

    shoes of freedom…


    To all the men and women who wear these shoes so that I may walk freely in mine…

    THANK YOU and May God Bless You and Yours.

    Be Blessed

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