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    I’m Nancyelizabeth, a Southern California photographer that is finally joining the 21st century and Blogging for my clients!
    Seeing that I am also a mom, of two budding artists and a  wife with a husband that is also a photographer,
    you will also find their work here on “my” blog. That’s just the way it “rolls” around these suburbs! 
      Nothing fancy, nothing to get too excited over, just us sharing with you.
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  • happiness is a new mac…

    yup…I’ve made the jump and oh is it awesome…

    and so it this key chain…gotta find where I found it and get it

     may you be blessed

    can you take it…

    one more of these cuties that is?

    may you be blessed

    are you ready?

    missM is ready for *heart* day…are you?! thanks again missM for making my day!

    may you be blessed

    be still my heart…temecula photographer

    Can you even begin to imagine the fun they have around the house? Lucky mamaS and papaB to be blessed with such loving, spirited, kind and beautiful inside and out kiddos.

    These are the smiles I love to capture…and those dimples on the girls…be still my heart!

     misterJ, who is always a pleasure to be around and is looking quite dapper these days if i do say so myself!

     may you be blessed

    temecula photographer…

    Although this doesn’t do her justice, but I loved her eyes and little grin so I had to post this of the

    adorable missL

     may you be blessed

    happy new year happy new adventures…

    I have been “gone” living life and not blogging it ~ we are honored to be “getting” an exchange student for a couple months and we have been full-steam-ahead preparing for him. He is coming from Korea and he arrives TODAY!!! I am beside myself with anticipation and excitement. It truly feels like it is my child that is flying across oceans to another county and therefore everything must be perfect for his arrival. OK, not perfect, but as good as I can get it so he feels comfortable and welcome.

    We built a loft bed that I need to go add his “American” name to and later the boys will paint in Korean! I still need to get bike helmet for him, thanks to my friend I have a bike to borrow. We have to finish and hang the welcome sign and clean towels and new hampers and and and… so why am I blogging?! ha!  Just want to remind myself of this day and this morning and all the adventure that is my life since I had kiddos.

    I want to remember everything and quite honestly I need help to do that, hence my photography, blog and hopefully scrapbooking again!!

     the progress…

    May you be blessed


    I am too busy celebrating, recovering from celebrating or getting ready to celebrate to blog, hope you are too!

    Merry Christmas (and most likely Happy New Year) from ours to yours…

    may you be blessed

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    Need to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving before Christmas is here!!  Hope it was wonderful and that you have so much to be thankful for…

    may you be blessed

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    marvelous missJ…senior photos

    I shot this lovely young lady a while back and she has PATIENTLY been waiting for her pics…here is a sneak peek for you and your dad missJ ~ thanks so much for trusting me and missing a class or two in order to get the good light and spend some time enjoying the process. You are going to leave your mark on this world, you already have: I mean an even BIGGER one. Your  “joie de vivre” is contagious  and I count myself lucky to have met you and your mom.

    my favorite of the day…

     love the light and contrast here…indeed your  “gorgeousness” doesn’t hurt the image either! ha!

     the classic beauty ~ so glad we ventured into the smelly scary area because this is just what we needed…

    who knew the perfect light was in the nastiest part of town…oh yeah, me! thanks for trusting me! 

    love the sweetness about this and the movement in your hair… you did goood missJ!

     a mini collage of our adventure!

    thanks again so much for sharing this once in a lifetime opportunity with me

    and….congratulations on the upcoming graduation!!

    Class of 2012!

     may you be blessed

    the simple truth…

    a reminder to us all…

    by: Roland J R Moose

    may you be blessed

    temecula, san diego, riverside, oc photographer

    I sure enjoy when the kiddos bring their own personality right up front to the session, like missK did. I am lovin’ her french-artsy attitude and persona here…thanks missK for making it interesting!

    You are beautiful…

    may you be blessed

    miss california teen…

    sometimes I even get the distinct pleasure of shooting royalty…

    may you be blessed

    temecula photographer…

    MissC, you are simply stunning and sweet and stylish…it was too short that is all I can say! Seriously, if we had time we would be rockin’ the hats and coats and wandering to find more light and places to shoot because you are soooooo enjoyable to be around. Thank you for being you…


    may you be blessed

    temecula photographer … san diego photographer

    another sneak peek…the lovely missB who is as patient as she is beautiful ~ thanks for “going first” at the session missB and for making my job easy! Just look at those eyes ~ wow! and that smile what a lovely young lady you are…


    may you be blessed

    rotten pumpkin teeth…

    loving those rotten pumpkin teeth and snoopy with his pile of leaves…


    may you be blessed

    longshadow ranch…

    editing some pics from Longshadow Ranch in Temecula..from the benefit for missSophie

     may you be blessed

    monster eyeballs…

    so enjoyed making these…had to improvise on the stickers since NOBODY has them…thanks to www.bethproudfoot.blogspot for sharing this and all her amazing ideas that will bring many lunch-time smiles to my kiddos faces!

    may you be blessed

    green apple…

    thinking of getting this for the kids bathroom…

    love that you can have two sinks in such a small bath and the green apple color makes you want to go brush your teeth and smile at yourself, both good things for the kiddos in my book!

    may you be blessed

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    amazing helper…

    misterC, thanks for being such an amazing helper!

    may you be blessed

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    booking for fall…

    Are you ready for fall???? I’m not!!


    I am already almost booked for fall, please contact me to schedule your session before we miss another year!

    may you be blessed

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