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  • Old school Film…Photographer…San Diego…Riverside…OC


    Working on a little old school film effects today.

    The only regret that I have is that I had a limited amount of time to spend with him. I would have LOVED to hear his stories. His life. His memories. His dreams. I can only imagine how he grew up in his village in Spain. Imagine what he has seen and experienced. His eyes, quick smile and generous spirit emanated a feeling of pure joy. I bet he has a truckload of stories.

    Regret stinks..

    I could have learned so much about what really matters.

    Be Blessed

    the young one…

    The young one here… MisterN… the one they make use the oldest camera with the worst lens.. the one that has to “stay back” and out of the way…

    I am happy to do it though because I get to shoot andnow they let me take the older ones by myself.  I found this cool palce to shoot and my mom didn’t!

     See what I can get if they give me some room?!

    I grabbed this picture while I was trying not to get stepped on by my mom.

    Personally, I think I should be paid but mom says it is good practice and I am lucky to be along.  I say we are both right.

    Here are a couple of hers…

    Cute kid isn’t he? He loves baseball as much as me I think.



    thanks for checking out our pictures…hope you liked them as much as we liked taking them, which is a TON!

    We love shooting pictures! (mom says especially of MisterC and MissM and I do agree with her.)

    mine last one for tonight..

     Be Blessed