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  • temecula, san diego, oc photographer

    One of my favorite young ladies, missC spared a moment for me to snap a few ~ this is just one that I grabbed so mamaF can see that indeed I got one! I am so very very very blessed to call their entire family friends, we all are. MamaC was with me when my misterN was flying off in a helicopter headed for Children’s Hospital, mamaC was with me when I had to leave my kiddo in kindergarten, actually she was with me as we stayed in class cutting out puppets so we didn’t actually have to leave our babies! ha! Thank you mamaC for bringing missD by too, her pics are adorable as well…you and your family are such a blessing blessing blessing. You are loved…as is your precious (and always put-together-gorgeous)


     may you be blessed

    save the date…

    How do you like my new save the date card? I love playing around with PS ~ I would love to take the time to learn graphic design, oh and how to make those cute little cupcake pops, but I digress.

    Aren’t these two just the cutest couple?

    I bet 11.11.11 will be a BIG wedding day this year and how could the hubby ever forget?!


    may you be blessed

    back in the saddle…

    I am back in the saddle so to speak and back to reality and shooting awesome people that aren’t related to me!

    Refreshed and relaxed is a great way to end the school year and summer vacation as well.

    may you be blessed

    smiles for miles…

     I could post these mother daughter pairs all year, I get miles of smiles when I put a mom with her daughter. I will try and finish up my week of mother daughter in today…

    aren’t moms the best gift from God that you could imagine ~ I know mine is. …and daughters, well no words to describe my love for mine, but that’s a whole ‘nother post!


    this is one of my favorite photos … they have the same sparkly eyes and perfect skin… yes I am jealous

    thanks for letting me intrude on your tea party!


    ok… where to start on these two? their energy? smiles? eyes? sweetness? the fact that they could be twins or sisters?

    seriously, these two have a great connection that can not be missed…



     obviously they are stunningly beautiful but they sure don’t act like it… just down to earth horse loving gals that happen to look like supermodels..

    I LOVE this in Black and white


    thanks again moms for letting me capture a moment with ”your girls”

    Be Blessed 


    no comment …

    due to the unbelievable amounts of spam hitting my blog I have deleted all comments, sorry. Until I get a handle on how to stop this I will not be reading or posting comments through this site, please contact me directly through my website until this is solved…

    thanks and since a post without a picture is no fun, here is one for you

    she shows just the “drama” that I feel about this spam problem…


    Be Blessed