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    She was thinking and I was fiddling with settings and I stopped what I was doing to grab this moment ~ she is a beauty when she smiles as well as when she is serious.

    I will now always wonder what she was thinking about which is sometimes better than actually knowing.

    Be Blessed

    Old school Film…Photographer…San Diego…Riverside…OC


    Working on a little old school film effects today.

    The only regret that I have is that I had a limited amount of time to spend with him. I would have LOVED to hear his stories. His life. His memories. His dreams. I can only imagine how he grew up in his village in Spain. Imagine what he has seen and experienced. His eyes, quick smile and generous spirit emanated a feeling of pure joy. I bet he has a truckload of stories.

    Regret stinks..

    I could have learned so much about what really matters.

    Be Blessed

    here they come…

    These lovely girls are now starting high school and I want to wish them all the best that it has to offer.

    So happy for their new advetnures and honored to know them and their families!

    Good Luck Ladies and Enjoy every minute!!

    You will Rock it!!

    Watch out, here they come!!

    Lucky teachers, they are getting an amazing group of young ladies!

    May you…

    Be Blessed

    visiting from abroad…

    I am back at work and loving every minute of it!

    Today I was fortuante to meet the lovely MissL who is visiting from Spain.

    Although we did NOT speak the same language, by the end of the session we communicated just fine.

    I believe photography is a language of the soul rather than of words and today I was proven to be right.

    Be Blessed

    priceless artwork…

    There is nothing better than something made by my kiddos. Yes, I am “that mom” that wears her macaroni necklace with great pride and decorates her home with clay and crayola creations.  So, when I found www.etsy.com/shop/LilyCole I was thrilled beyond imagination

    and here is the reason…

    I don not normally “plug” business’ or people but there must be exceptions to this rule and let me tell you, LilyCole is that exception ~ pure Delight. Joy. Love.

    may you be blessed

    Temecula Photographer…San Diego…OC Photographer

    this boy makes me smile ever time…

    misterN thanks for making my day brighter, as always…

    may you be blessed

    can you take it…

    one more of these cuties that is?

    may you be blessed

    are you ready?

    missM is ready for *heart* day…are you?! thanks again missM for making my day!

    may you be blessed

    riverside photographer…

    lovely missT..


    may you be blessed

    back in the saddle…

    I am back in the saddle so to speak and back to reality and shooting awesome people that aren’t related to me!

    Refreshed and relaxed is a great way to end the school year and summer vacation as well.

    may you be blessed

    weeds and seeds…

    A good day to pull weeds at the church and plant some seeds at home and that my friend is exactly what is happening around this part of town.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    may you be blessed

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    knives for good and pigs for fun…

    happy saturday…

    I hope you are loving yours as much as missE is loving hers!

    and misterN is loving his…


    the fabulous missr, misse’s riding instructor…

    a boy and his knife… never thought my boy would own so many different knives

    praying that they will always be used for good!

    may you be blessed



    washed and found…

    I started this jar a few years back…

    The money is missing of course, but all other items seem to remain in the washed and found jar!

    We go through it sometimes and crack up at our findings, it’s a good memory jar… I am mulling over starting one for a time capsule theme for 2011 but am uncertain as we do have the “memory box” which is overstuffed ~ it would be like a memory box that we could see…

    How do you keep your memories?

     it’s the little things in life that always make me smile…

    may you be blessed 

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    that kind of family…

    they are that kind of family…they ooze “coolness” and confidence and class

    I was thrilled that they came up to get a family session with me before both kiddos are off to college which is just around the corner! Thanks, T family, I had a great time!

    I feel like I should live at the estate after this holiday season, did a bunch of sessions there this year and I never got tired of it, so many options.

    anyway… here is the enchanting T family…

    You may remember missR from her 09 senior pics…if I knew how to link it I would but I don’t so I won’t, sorry…will learn in 2011…promise! click on senior down below, 2009…caffeine drip is the title

    love the contrast on this and the parents behind them…

    for you photogs, used my 60mm ISO100 f1.4

    same lens and opening here to capture this stunning young man…

    Be Blessed 

    Miss California…NAM winner

    I was blessed to shoot missR this week… she just won Miss California (preteen) and she is as lovely as ever…

    The truth about missR is that she is a super sweet young lady that lights up every room she enters.

    I have so much to say about her, however I am due to shoot in 20 minutes so I have to run and leave you with a very mini sneak-peek for mamaM and my promise to post more asap!

    You, missR, bless me every time I get to hang out with you…thanks for your ideas, cooperation and sparkling attitude.

    You are a super star for many many reasons…

    what an angelic smile!

    I love this suit her talented mom made…mamaM, i will post more next week, still editing!

    Thanks so much for calling me and I loook forward to the next session!

    Be Blessed 


    I’m back!

    I am back shooting after our summer “adventure” with N and had the good fortune to have my first session back to be with a lovely friend and her two incredible kids.

    Spending a couple hours with two very special kiddos felt like minutes… and their remarkable, loving, funny, gorgeous, kind mom was so energetic and patient that even though I know this about her I was still in awe of her mothering. I am hoping her goodness is contagious ~ as are my kids!

    anyway… here is a sneak peek for you MamaS

    this one just jumped out at me when I shot it and now it leaves me full of joy…

    MissM you “worked it out” for me so marvelously… you are a natural!

    life is SO NOT FAIR…

    I did nothing to his eyes or lashes ~ seriously… how is this fair?!?!?!

    Oh  MisterC you are going to get aways with murder with those baby blues!!

    more to come…

    Happy B-day PapaJ ~ we missed you! (and you owe me 5 minutes for a family shot!)

    Be Blessed

    cutie patootie…

    another cutie-patootie that melts my heart with her big brown eyes…

    thanks MamaA and MissC… you are both wonderful (as is big brother that I missed shooting)

    a sneak peek of little MissC…

    such style for such a young lady… you could teach me a thing or two!

    Be Blessed

    studio closing until April…

    Yup.. it’s time

    Studio closing February-April…

    We have a few May and June openings if you are thinking of booking, now would be the time to grab those.

    We usually close down shop Dec-Feb but we worked late this year and will be closing the studio from February - May … time to catch up on all the behind the scene studio details, camera updates, computer updates, what’s new in photography updates, etc… you would be surprised at how much of my time is NOT shooting, like MOST of it! The business side is the most consuming and all-encompassing part of the studio and thus the shut-down. That and I just plain old need to get out and shoot for me and for art and to rejuvenate myself!

    That being said, we will try and update with a post or two just to keep things going…

    since a post is better with a picture…

     Be Blessed


    thank you…

    Big thank you to all our clients/friends of 2009

    We cherish our time(s) together and wish you are yours the very best year ahead.

    We thank you for trusting us with your memories.

    Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season and a very happy new year!

     BTW… I designed this dress… yes, it’s true… it’s for a new kid’s couture line…

    it was toooooo fun!

    Be Blessed

    editorial photographer temecula ca…

    the seriously short blog entry of the

    sweet and stunning bride…

    I love the contradiction between the tough and innocence in this one…

    thanks for allowing us to shoot with you…

    (this was an editorial shot not their actual wedding day ~ hence the short and sweet entry I am allowed to do!)

    Be Blessed

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