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  • half-way…

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    The last year for single digit is upon him… seemingly impossible, but true…

    nine… that’s half-way to independence… that’s half-way until he can leave for college… that’s half-way until he can date… ;) ha-ha

    half way… that’s how the words come out of my throat, they seem to stick there… half-way

    One thing that isn’t half-way if how we celebrate life around here… all the way. As usual, we celebrated for a week!

    Here is what half-way looks like…

     It all started with the “surprise” decorated door and requested birthday muffin delivery…

    complete with off-key singing of course!

    and then there was “the party”… 

    he’s had:

    pony-rides in our backyard party (age 1) 

    fire-engines in our front party (age 2)

     birdhouse building and construction party (age 3)

    La Jolla Beach party (age 4)

    camping at Doheny Beach party (age 5)

    gymnastic/crazy place with entire kindergarten class party (age 6)

    children’s museum party (age 7) 

    golfing with the guys party (age 8 )

    and now at the grand age of 9

     yup, a  ”boys only” bowling party… 

     complete with shirts, cake, pizza, arcade and boys… wild bowling boys

    side-note: any moms out there thinking of this…

     The shirts were perfect for spotting wandering young men. Easy to keep a continuous head-count! 

    and the requisite “hurry up mom” smile with the cake…

    It was a gooood cake and somebody spent a long time making it so I had to get a shot of it.

    (and no I am not that somebody, although I did put on the pins bowling balls and candles if that counts!)

    and of course miss e… the waitress for the party

    (she had the choice of hanging with her fun auntie but chose to be my helper instead. I didn’t even have to bribe her, I honestly let her choose:

    I wonder if she regrets that decision, I’ll have to ask her. )

    Details:Her shirt said Queen Pin E on the front and the back was The Bowling Sister as opposed to the rest that had King Pin so&so

     …the back was the same The Bowling Boys with B-day boy’s name and date of party on it.

    They had red-ribbon week at school the next week, so that was a pretty great coincidence and handy for parents!

    Then the surprise celebration in La Jolla… we nabbed them out of school early and continued the celebration.

    Received the double fist pump and huge  “YEAHHHHHHHH”  when he heard the news, which is

    … pretty much the best reaction you can hope to receive from a nine year old!


     He doesn’t even bother to change from school, just straight to the beach

    then the bon-fire, the mystery midnight challenge, (long story and tradition) the presents and of course … s’mores with candles

    Hoping life continues to bring them both this much joy

    ~ nine and almost seven ~

    My sweet sweet N, I love you so much.

    I don’t know why God blessed me when he made me your mom,

    but I thank Him many times a day for the honor and privilege of being just that, your mom.

    We also celebrated with more family, but they are blog-shy. Needless to say his magic kit and trying to make his sister disappear would have been good blog material,but hey I can respect our differences! Maybe I’ll photoshop in those eye things so you can’t tell who you are ~ that would be fun!

    ok, back to the b-day boy

    I know, I know, half-way.. no need to rub it in young man… I can still ground you!

    You are an amazing young man and I am proud to be your mom ~ happy half-way!

    This last photo makes me cry, happy tears.

    lucky lucky lucky me

    may you also

    Be Blessed


    a girl’s bff…

    We were fortunate to spend a bit of time with a very lovely “local” girl, and her bff..

    here is a peek…

    Nothing like a girl and her dog… especially when they are both stunning!


    ~ thanks for allowing us the opportunity to shoot for you, we had a great time ~


    Be Blessed

    young and in love…

    sigh… ahh to be young and in love…

    I bet that you would like to hear all about their great love and how their eyes met from across the room and angles sang and the rest is history… well, I’d love to tell you that but it was and editorial shoot and I am not sure these two even met much more than 5 minutes ago… but you can’t tell because they rock!!!

    she was truly a rock-star…


     speaks for itself here…

    Be Blessed

    gone… life as you know it

    gone… life as you know it and in it’s place, love like you’ve never known will arrive

    thanks for letting us grab a few images during your mandatory lock-down, we were thrilled to be able to sneak over while you were “resting in bed”, honest Dr. OB we just grabbed these while she was on her way to the restroom, other than that she was flat on her back just like you have tortured instructed her to be ~ oh, that looks like she was outside but really Photoshop is good these days!

    Seriously, thanks S (and patient hubby H) for allowing the intrusion …

    doesn’t she just look amazing…

    seriously the little man is due in a few weeks and mom looks like this? 

    life is unfair to those of us who waddled and wore sweats!




    I am a big mush for things like this…

    mom on the swing that was grandpa’s and soon “little man” will be sitting with her  

     I am such a softy for treasures like that, my dining room table is scratched and dinged up but can I replace it? NO way, my grandma’s have sat at that table and told their stories and listened to ours as we grew up, my mom has served countless meals and homemade after-school cookies at that table… I have hidden under that table, (just like my kiddos do now) during a raucous game of hide and seek … I have belly ached about having to dust all that “scrolly” wood under the table (the way my boy does now) NO way can I part with it

    just like her and the porch swing… it’s not the fancy stuff that matters, it’s the stuff from the heart…


    Be Blessed

    frog legs and fairy wings

    Decked out in frog legs and fairy wings she danced down the hall to her room…

    it was our “last last last night to honestly read” It’s Hard to be Five and our “very last last  night” to make our five jokes and rhymes … because the next time she wakes up in her frog legs and fairy wings she will be

    SIX years old

    yes.. this is what she wore to bed … somehow wings don’t bother a real angel it seems


    “the last last last honest reading”

    I have  to remember she helps me blog and  makeup or not she will insist (rightly so) that this picture does “show the story” and must be included

    sheesh, why did I ever teach her to read and write and for that matter, when did I give her permission to grow up?

    oh, maybe that is really my sister reading to her… yeah, she lightened her hair, that’s her, my sister with no makeup and messy hair!!  sorry J but the people want the truth!!


    anyway.. enough about my sister and her poor nightly grooming habits!!! (anyone want to bet she leaves me a comment now!?! I am so busted!)

    going on now

    in our house, we decorate the birthday person’s door while they sleep… the signs usually stay on the back of the door all year.. I think she has four and five still stuck back there

    yes, she thinks she is funny… “how old are you?” I ask and…

    up come seven fingers, then ten, or nine, later she does twenty with the help of her toes

    the grin is because she is off to get her very special present… the one she would be “deeply saddened if I have to wait until I am seven to get”

    well… I don’t believe I could bear a year of “deeply saddened six year old” so off to adopt her first furry pet!

    it seems that fish and crabs are “not a real pet” because they have no dander,  fleas, I mean fur…

    I gotta admit, I love these rabbits.

    They act like dogs, especially this one, he comes right up and will get on his hind legs and beg for a treat!


    I wasn’t sure how allergic I would be but then I remembered my rabbit jacket that my mom bought me as a kid and well, I figured why not

    although now that I mention it …

    I do believe that part of the story is “going to deeply sadden her”  better save it for next year.. or the year after NEVER!!

    Since she is off at school now, I am betting that she will never read this far… I’ll let you know if she does


    Be Blessed

    (I know I am)

    counting down the final days


     it’s that time of the year… the future is opening it’s doors and the seniors are ready to run through them, or perhaps knock them right out of their way… whenever I start to doubt this crazy world I meet another great young person and my hope is restored…

    congrats young mister J on your upcoming graduation… enjoy and go make a difference on this big blue marble of ours …

    i love the color in this, those eyes are piercing here …

    of course he worked the classic black and white like nobodies business …

     announcement …

    gotta have the best friend since elementary school in one!

    and one more…

    Thanks for allowing me to capture your final days as a senior!

    Be Blessed




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