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    I’m Nancyelizabeth, a Southern California photographer that is finally joining the 21st century and Blogging for my clients!
    Seeing that I am also a mom, of two budding artists and a  wife with a husband that is also a photographer,
    you will also find their work here on “my” blog. That’s just the way it “rolls” around these suburbs! 
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  • booking for fall…

    Are you ready for fall???? I’m not!!


    I am already almost booked for fall, please contact me to schedule your session before we miss another year!

    may you be blessed

    hidden love…

    I’m baaaaack! Whhile I wasn’t really “gone” on some fancy vacation but rather gone from my computer, the best vacation there is, to be honest! I was busy enjoying the last minutes of summer with my kiddos and busy making/updating their scrapbooks with them…

    and busy washing, ironing and sewing “love” into their school uniforms…

    yes sewing love, hidden love…

    I started it when misterN went to kinder, never thinking that I would still be doing it 5 years later but alas I am, happily. When both kiddos looked at me with wide innocent eyes and hollered “yes” to my question of should I still sew in love? I willingly obliged and hid some other smiles among their uniforms as well. Wonder if they will have hidden love in their college cap and gown? I am thinking yes!

    and busy making space for homework projects, good work boards, backpacks, Spanish bags, piano bags and positive notes…

    and the accessory area for missE, not to be confused with her many jewelry boxes!

    and much much more…this was just in between the fun!

     may you be blessed

    back in the saddle…

    I am back in the saddle so to speak and back to reality and shooting awesome people that aren’t related to me!

    Refreshed and relaxed is a great way to end the school year and summer vacation as well.

    may you be blessed


    …still lingering in the afterglow of vacation and all that comes with it

    laundry, laundry, laundry

    oh and the memory of this….

    may you be blessed 

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    Grandkids make the world a happier place, mamaC I am so happy that your mama was happy on mother’s day!

    MamaC surprised her mom with a big canvas portrait of her grandkids. Grandma didn’t even know that we took the picture!

    grandkids rock…

    may you be blessed


    I love that he reads the newspaper with such abandon that it leaves behind the print everywhere…well, love that he reads it and learning to love the rest, let’s be honest. It was one of my great joys to read the newspaper everyday, which I gave up 10 years ago when he was born because, well, he was more interesting to look at and while he still is more interesting I am determined to start reading it again and my sneaky plan is to get him hooked first and then missE and well, soon we will all be ignoring each other over breakfast, but in a good way!


    may you be blessed

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    For the love of everything holy, why am I trying to blog every day?? Feel free to leave me a comment and remind me please!

    just a quick peek and post…

    love you missa… you are a photographer’s dream, thanks for your “awesomeness”

    may you be blessed

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    lima bean…

    After Christmas this year I went a bit, shall we say, overboard on the elimination of cr-p from my house. It now looks like we just moved in as opposed to living here 9 years. It is no exaggeration when I say it is empty: the bookcase is gone, the sofa table is gone, the couch is gone, chairs gone, all of it is gone to the thrift store or dumpster. Basically, we have a piano, few books and one sitting couch (that needs to be gone) left in the main room. 

    The dining table remains, simply because I don’t have the heart to toss it out. 

    It is the table I grew up with, the one my mom made me dust every inch of, including the twirly chair legs. It’s the table where my amazing (and dearly missed) Grandma Peggy and Grandma Maci sat with me, listened to me, shared stories with me and enjoyed meals with me. The table has held many Monopoly tournaments, Christmas dinners, baby showers and New Year’s Eve Pit games. It also held our meatloaf and “pep up” drinks while it absorbed the groans as we sat there staring at both, hoping they would disappear. Same table that I had to eat “a” Lima bean at, yes just one, and it almost killed me. We use to hide under it as kids and inevitably one of us would hit our heads and need ice. Now, my kids hide under it, hit their heads and need ice ~  sadly, they are no smarter than we were.

    How could I get rid of it? Could you?

    I know my sister could, she keeps things in her heart and a table is a table. My brother most likely would say he has never sat at the table or may have a vague memory of it looking familiar! However, I am cursed with the memories that are tied to that table, or rather blessed if I am to admit the truth. It was probably one of the first expensive items my parents ever bought and I was so grateful to get, as Mark and I certainly couldn’t afford a nice table 13 years ago, when we got married: actually we can’t afford one now, but that’s a whole ‘nother story! That is the table I simply can not toss…and heaven knows I want to. That table holds much more than our food…it holds our lives in it’s every nook and cranny. 

    Anyway, I am tossing stuff out in the hope of redecorating one day and these are some ideas for our art and photos.

    No decision has been made but I like this…

    and this… 

    and this…

    may you be blessed 


    so glad that I “don’t work”

    so much to blog, but first I have about 80 hours of editing from the past three shoots … so forgive me as I go into hiding to get these done so the waiting parents can get see their precious ones… I have an awesome senior to show you … bunches and bunches of adorable girls … another hero … and a family … to get finished … asap… of course …

    so my youngest says to me yesterday,

    “mama, aren’t you glad you don’t work?”

    “yes, sweetie I am very glad” I replied with a knowing grin!

    you see, my kids don’t think I really work, because  they never notice that I do it! I only edit and lesson plan and grade papers when they are at school, sleeping (hopefully not sleeping at school!) or with hubby… You see,  my hubby and I made a rule long ago that we had to be BETTER THAN DAYCARE since we are the parents …


    would you fire a daycare provider who was ”editing, talking on the phone, doing laundry, on-line, shopping, grading papers, checking emails, watching tv, etc..???? YES, you would.

    so, if we would fire the babysitter/daycare worker then we better fire ourselves or shape up and be better parents “Seriously”, we said, “we can be better than a stranger at daycare,” so that’s our rule.. not a hard one, (usually)

    Although, let’s be honest, somedays I would LOVE to plop them in front of a tv with a bag of chips so I could get my work done during the day, but then my hubby would have to fire me and that would suck, excuse me, be stinky,  so I don’t do it!

    just be as good or better than what you would expect from a good daycare…


    of course they think you don’t work, which is fine by me…

    reality comes soon enough for kids these days

    if I worked when would we have time for tape, baubles and crayola art?!?

    or building snowman towers?!?

    or playing our favorite games?!? YES, these are “just the favorites”

    or making cool rock frogs and gadgets?!?

    or making  more art by an Hp …

    and who among up isn’t up for a game of hopscotch that goes to 127?!?  I was so tired!

    then of course there must be a game of monster … actually, they got my floors clean, which left me more time to play!

    I want to say papa bought this, but I can’t lie so I will plead the fifth …

    I will leave you with this, art by a five year old … time, encouragement, interest and ”voila” you get greatness …

    thank God I don’t work!

    that being said … I only have 2 hours left … to “not work” … 


    Be Blessed 

    ps  for those of you who don’t know, I was a daycare provide and director for many years before becoming a teacher and photographer ~ I knew that at daycare our attention was required to be solely on the children… never would we keep our jobs if we behaved anything other than loving and respectful toward the children.  My point is that my kiddos would become my “job” just like a “real one”, just like daycare, or an office, or an airport, or a restaurant, or courtroom, it matters not that I compared it to daycare ~ if that bothers your senses, just substitute the word to office … wherever people work, they give their time and attention to their job, NOT the phone, errands, tv, laundry room, etc… it is in this way that we would focus on our kids and ignore the rest (just like we had to do at  a “real job”) ~ phones, errands and all the other stuff that I would be fired for if it was a “real job”… it is a simple switch in perspective and priorities … would you fire someone if they were not engaged at their job? that was our simple question …

    so, they became a our “real job” and remain so to this day 

    lucky me :) 


    happy heart …


    may your heart be filled with love and your home be filled with chocolate!

    wishes you only the best dreams this valentine’s day!


    be blessed



    Happy Halloween Internet friends ~ before I get my kiddos dressed for tonight’s carnival

    I thought I would post a few more, now that mama T has been able to see her gallery…

    I love the sun peeking through, I couldn’t plan that if I tried, didn’t I plan that set up so perfectly?

    Check out mama T’s hand waiting, ready to catch her little angel if he falls or just needs her close.

     For my photographer friends, yes, I could have cropped or PS’ed her hand out for a “cleaner” image,

    but to me it tells the story ~ his mama is there for him ~ literally and figuratively

     I do believe she will continue to have “his back” long after he has outgrown his baby shoes.


    ahh… golden light and big baby blues… yum… 


    It’s so cool when kids have a sense of humor and a fun spirit ~ even cooler when you get lucky and capture some on film!



    “anything you can do, I can undo faster ” mama T, you were a pro at speedy hat replacement.. look at this impish grin, he knows he has you running!



    chalk + an energetic one year old = joy!



    If we were back East these gorgeous trees would be golden by now, the end of October, but alas we are enjoying a warm autumn and personally I am loving every minute of it!

    Be Blessed

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