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  • mama’s helper…

    lov’n me a mama’s helper… 

    may you be blessed

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    I was fortunate enough to get a call from a very sweet young lady,missT, needing to update her head-shot. MissT is an aspiring actress with a heart full of gold: her attitude and zest for life was infectious. I look forward to watching her career take-off and know that whatever project she is part of will be blessed by her charisma as well as her talent. Thank you missT for “finding” me and trusting me to update your zed card! Now, go to work missy! Here are a couple of her head-shots that we captured up in Temecula: it never really matters where you shoot a head-shot, just go toward the light and keep shooting!

     missT has a wide variety of “looks” and can change them on a dime…

    from sultry to girl-next-door in the blink of an eye, literally

    see! same girl, just 10 seconds later!!! Who can do that?!?!

     which will come in quite handy in her acting career…

     may you be blessed


    studio closing until April…

    Yup.. it’s time

    Studio closing February-April…

    We have a few May and June openings if you are thinking of booking, now would be the time to grab those.

    We usually close down shop Dec-Feb but we worked late this year and will be closing the studio from February - May … time to catch up on all the behind the scene studio details, camera updates, computer updates, what’s new in photography updates, etc… you would be surprised at how much of my time is NOT shooting, like MOST of it! The business side is the most consuming and all-encompassing part of the studio and thus the shut-down. That and I just plain old need to get out and shoot for me and for art and to rejuvenate myself!

    That being said, we will try and update with a post or two just to keep things going…

    since a post is better with a picture…

     Be Blessed


    a girl’s bff…

    We were fortunate to spend a bit of time with a very lovely “local” girl, and her bff..

    here is a peek…

    Nothing like a girl and her dog… especially when they are both stunning!


    ~ thanks for allowing us the opportunity to shoot for you, we had a great time ~


    Be Blessed

    Fedora Girls Newest Singer…

    If you haven’t heard this girl sing, you are missing out… and now she is with the Fedora Girls!

    Miss R, it is always a pleasure to be around you and it’s an honor to shoot with you. You make it so fun and easy ~ thanks!

    I am stunned at how much you have changed in less than a year: slow down already little-lady!

    So excited to hear you sing with the group ~ let me know when I can come listen at a rehearsal.

    Here are a few pics that caught my eye, lots more to choose from~

     The eyes that pierce the soul…

     ~ your smile lights up a room ~

     … here is the attitude we needed

    the tough, strong, confident and beautiful singer…

    Be Blessed

    a thousand words..


    They say a picture is worth a thousand words… thank goodness because I have NO time to write but have to post these sneak peeks

    Mister H is a master of “the attitude” look and yet doesn’t have one ~ quite refreshing!

    The young man on his way to the yacht club… (age 15 I would venture to guess)

    here he is after his rugby match… (yes, of course he won!)

    this must be his younger brother!?!

    Be Blessed


    smiles for miles…

     I could post these mother daughter pairs all year, I get miles of smiles when I put a mom with her daughter. I will try and finish up my week of mother daughter in today…

    aren’t moms the best gift from God that you could imagine ~ I know mine is. …and daughters, well no words to describe my love for mine, but that’s a whole ‘nother post!


    this is one of my favorite photos … they have the same sparkly eyes and perfect skin… yes I am jealous

    thanks for letting me intrude on your tea party!


    ok… where to start on these two? their energy? smiles? eyes? sweetness? the fact that they could be twins or sisters?

    seriously, these two have a great connection that can not be missed…



     obviously they are stunningly beautiful but they sure don’t act like it… just down to earth horse loving gals that happen to look like supermodels..

    I LOVE this in Black and white


    thanks again moms for letting me capture a moment with ”your girls”

    Be Blessed 


    bring your lipgloss…


    the week of honoring moms is still going! be warned, when I shoot you kiddos, I always force encourage you to join them in at least one shot… I will tell you that in 20 years you will come across it and LOVE it and you will wonder, what was I complaining about? I looked goooooood… and guess what… most everyone realizes this WAY before 20 years :) Consider yourself warned, and bring a lip gloss to your kiddo’s session!


    well, anyway… here is a mother daughter pair that needs not wait one second to realize how their fabulous insides match their gorgeous outsides

    I love the flow of the image and the closeness of the pair, they could not be any closer and that makes me so happy to see… lucky girl, lucky mom

    had to add this one in color! isn’t she a beauty?


    mirror images of each other… I can’t decide if I love it more in black and white or color… see below


    hard to say…

    I just know that I like being near both of them… their kindness is inspiring… look at their eyes and how thewy entertwine themselves

    …that’s a mother’s love 

     Be Blessed

    Grandma’s Rock! * Temecula Photographer * So Lucky

    Sneak Peek …

    ~ another reason why I love my “job”  ~

    I get to meet Grandma’s that love so completely and joyfully:

    I get to watch them interact with their “little loves” and it restores my faith in families and society.

    You may recognize this little guy, he was my first blog entry! Little H is the cutie from the pram. He is growing up way way too fast! Grandma came out and mom, being so smart, knew she needed a session with the two of them! An Incredible Mom! Little H will cherish these as he grows up.  

    Wait until you see the ones I have of Grandma chasing him and holding his hand, they will melt your heart … and the one of the three of you is also incredible, but I will save those for you to see privately! Don’t want you “boo-hoo-ing” on line, “boo-hoo-ing” is always better with a box of deluxe tissues, a comfy couch, a hand to hold and a hot Starbucks!

    However, since I know you are checking.. here are a few I grabbed for you sneak peek… and THANK YOU again for trusting me with your memories

    my favorite tree  ~  my signature shot


     you have NO CLUE how FAST little H is.. getting this shot was no small feat! 

    Mister Mark and his mad flying skills rocked the session! (I.O.U babe!)



    look at that JOY! aren’t happy kids just the greatest invention that God made?!?!



     love the peacefulness to this .. he was worn out by now and just happy to cuddle Grandma!


    A .. I have some great ones in black and white that will go with your last session…  yeah!!

     back to editing … just wanted to show you I really am working on them!!! ha!


    Be Blessed