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    love the melancholy look here…

    of the lovely missA

    may you be blessed

    two peas in a pod…

    see…I’m doing it ~ editing and posting, editing and posting, editing and posting…

     Here is one of the happiest young people I know, missH…she and her mom are like two peas in a pod. Both of them generous, kind, funny, smart, clever and obviously gorgeous…mamaJ, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement and help ~ I would be still be there shooting if it wasn’t for you and your kindness, organization and plain ‘ol hard work. I am beyond thrilled that our kiddos have spent the last 6 years together in elementary school and I honestly can NOT beleive that they are almost ready for the next chapter. You and your missH have added so much joy and competition(!) (really, another ar test?!?!) to our lives and we are forever changed for the better because of both of you…

    you are loved missH and mamaJ…


    may you be blessed

    riverside photographer…

    lovely missT..


    may you be blessed

    real estate photography…

    I had a chance to shoot some real estate recently…fun! I have always been fascinated with how other people live, here in the US and all over the world. My favorite reads are peeks into someones life so far removed from mine that I dream about becoming a nomad, teaching near the K2 climbers, inspiring young ones to speak and a plethora of other lives that would so never be mine without my imagination and a good read.

    Anyway, real estate can do that to me too!

     may you be blessed

    Happy Sunday…


    That is my wish for you today. To enjoy whatever it is you have.

    may you be blessed


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    family photography san diego

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    all is calm…

    …all is bright!

    may you be blessed 

    temecula photographer…

    Sorry for the odd blogs the last few days, nothing of great joy or interest to write about just a little bumpy road I am on. Sometimes it just takes too much energy to think about things, let alone write about them, that’s what is going on these days ~ but God is good all the time so this too shall pass however slowly it may seem to me it will pass!

    Anyway…still behind on sharing sessions, here is a great family that I shot eons ago…you may recognize missS, whom I will be blogging later since I finally finished her senior pics!

    I am blessed by this family and their friendship…

    may you be blessed

    I’m back!

    I am back shooting after our summer “adventure” with N and had the good fortune to have my first session back to be with a lovely friend and her two incredible kids.

    Spending a couple hours with two very special kiddos felt like minutes… and their remarkable, loving, funny, gorgeous, kind mom was so energetic and patient that even though I know this about her I was still in awe of her mothering. I am hoping her goodness is contagious ~ as are my kids!

    anyway… here is a sneak peek for you MamaS

    this one just jumped out at me when I shot it and now it leaves me full of joy…

    MissM you “worked it out” for me so marvelously… you are a natural!

    life is SO NOT FAIR…

    I did nothing to his eyes or lashes ~ seriously… how is this fair?!?!?!

    Oh  MisterC you are going to get aways with murder with those baby blues!!

    more to come…

    Happy B-day PapaJ ~ we missed you! (and you owe me 5 minutes for a family shot!)

    Be Blessed

    cutie patootie…

    another cutie-patootie that melts my heart with her big brown eyes…

    thanks MamaA and MissC… you are both wonderful (as is big brother that I missed shooting)

    a sneak peek of little MissC…

    such style for such a young lady… you could teach me a thing or two!

    Be Blessed

    love this girl…

    This girl makes me smile EVERY time I see her… I just got a minute with her to shoot this but had to post it because…

    well,  I needed a smile and thought you might too!

    ~ we need more time together MissM ~

     Be Blessed

    unsurpassed goodness…

    I wanted more time… I wanted to keep them… I wanted not to feel so selfish…

    I am constantly telling my kids that ”I want” is just a mm away from “gimme”… We don’t use it, we don’t say it, we try and remain as far away from it as  possible and to stay grateful and content with what we have…

    oh but not Saturday… not me…I was all about the ” I want”

    It simply was not enough time for me…

    I wanted more… more time with two of the MOST amazing, polite, funny, KIND and smart kiddos one could ever imagine.

    I tried to take notes, you know, so I could be “that” mom ~ the kind with perfect kids ~ but MamaT did nothing  but smile.

    There was no bribing, no cajoling, no threatening, nada, nothing, zipp-o.

    I would whip my head around, looking for the “evil eye” that I give my kids. 

    Nope. She just smiled.

    I would listen as she spoke, waiting to see if there was a secret language…

    or if she used that low-voice staccato don’t.even.think.about.it voice I give my kids.

    Nope. She just carried on with sweet conversation and honest enjoyment with both kiddos.

    MamaT, missM and misterE, I can honestly say that you are all just perfectly, marvelously, pleasantly wonderful.

    We were more than blessed to have spent a wee-bit of time Saturday with you: we are blessed to call you our friends.

    Seriously though, I need your book on child-rearing ~ please MamaT write one: you are doing such a spectacular job raising them.

    Here is a small peek of your not-of-this-world kiddos…

    missM, do you have any inkling special He has made you?  Your stunningly gorgeous “outsides” match your golden heart…

     misterE, you are incredibly handsome and completely adorable both inside and out…


    ahhhh… missM I can simply just repeat ~

    your beauty is only surpassed by your goodness…you are your mother’s daughter :)

    that smile… those eyes…those yummy little teeth…

    you are something special misterE and the world is better because of you

    much more coming your way…

    Be Blessed


    a girl’s bff…

    We were fortunate to spend a bit of time with a very lovely “local” girl, and her bff..

    here is a peek…

    Nothing like a girl and her dog… especially when they are both stunning!


    ~ thanks for allowing us the opportunity to shoot for you, we had a great time ~


    Be Blessed

    luckiest photographer in Southern California… ok the world

    I am the luckiest because I get to shoot fun, happy, wonderful kids like this


     and this

    Be Blessed

    smiles for miles…

     I could post these mother daughter pairs all year, I get miles of smiles when I put a mom with her daughter. I will try and finish up my week of mother daughter in today…

    aren’t moms the best gift from God that you could imagine ~ I know mine is. …and daughters, well no words to describe my love for mine, but that’s a whole ‘nother post!


    this is one of my favorite photos … they have the same sparkly eyes and perfect skin… yes I am jealous

    thanks for letting me intrude on your tea party!


    ok… where to start on these two? their energy? smiles? eyes? sweetness? the fact that they could be twins or sisters?

    seriously, these two have a great connection that can not be missed…



     obviously they are stunningly beautiful but they sure don’t act like it… just down to earth horse loving gals that happen to look like supermodels..

    I LOVE this in Black and white


    thanks again moms for letting me capture a moment with ”your girls”

    Be Blessed 


    bring your lipgloss…


    the week of honoring moms is still going! be warned, when I shoot you kiddos, I always force encourage you to join them in at least one shot… I will tell you that in 20 years you will come across it and LOVE it and you will wonder, what was I complaining about? I looked goooooood… and guess what… most everyone realizes this WAY before 20 years :) Consider yourself warned, and bring a lip gloss to your kiddo’s session!


    well, anyway… here is a mother daughter pair that needs not wait one second to realize how their fabulous insides match their gorgeous outsides

    I love the flow of the image and the closeness of the pair, they could not be any closer and that makes me so happy to see… lucky girl, lucky mom

    had to add this one in color! isn’t she a beauty?


    mirror images of each other… I can’t decide if I love it more in black and white or color… see below


    hard to say…

    I just know that I like being near both of them… their kindness is inspiring… look at their eyes and how thewy entertwine themselves

    …that’s a mother’s love 

     Be Blessed

    Grandma’s Rock! * Temecula Photographer * So Lucky

    Sneak Peek …

    ~ another reason why I love my “job”  ~

    I get to meet Grandma’s that love so completely and joyfully:

    I get to watch them interact with their “little loves” and it restores my faith in families and society.

    You may recognize this little guy, he was my first blog entry! Little H is the cutie from the pram. He is growing up way way too fast! Grandma came out and mom, being so smart, knew she needed a session with the two of them! An Incredible Mom! Little H will cherish these as he grows up.  

    Wait until you see the ones I have of Grandma chasing him and holding his hand, they will melt your heart … and the one of the three of you is also incredible, but I will save those for you to see privately! Don’t want you “boo-hoo-ing” on line, “boo-hoo-ing” is always better with a box of deluxe tissues, a comfy couch, a hand to hold and a hot Starbucks!

    However, since I know you are checking.. here are a few I grabbed for you sneak peek… and THANK YOU again for trusting me with your memories

    my favorite tree  ~  my signature shot


     you have NO CLUE how FAST little H is.. getting this shot was no small feat! 

    Mister Mark and his mad flying skills rocked the session! (I.O.U babe!)



    look at that JOY! aren’t happy kids just the greatest invention that God made?!?!



     love the peacefulness to this .. he was worn out by now and just happy to cuddle Grandma!


    A .. I have some great ones in black and white that will go with your last session…  yeah!!

     back to editing … just wanted to show you I really am working on them!!! ha!


    Be Blessed

    no comment …

    due to the unbelievable amounts of spam hitting my blog I have deleted all comments, sorry. Until I get a handle on how to stop this I will not be reading or posting comments through this site, please contact me directly through my website until this is solved…

    thanks and since a post without a picture is no fun, here is one for you

    she shows just the “drama” that I feel about this spam problem…


    Be Blessed