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    you will also find their work here on “my” blog. That’s just the way it “rolls” around these suburbs! 
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  • caught…San Diego OC Southern California Photography

    Quick post as I am buried in images: lovely, hilarious, sweet, spontaneous, loving and beautiful moments that I get to relive, lucky lucky me. My assistant “caught” this moment and I am filled with equal parts gratitude for her getting it and envy for me missing it.

    Thanks missC for spending the day with us: your beauty is outmatched only by your kindness and sweet demeanor.

    Wishing you a day as wonderful as mine.

    Be Blessed

    happy happy heart …

    they are what makes my heart sing…

    I always have big plans that don’t quite fit into my real life ~ must learn to lower my standards without actually deleting them! Still…got a few decorations and surprises for the kiddos…a day for love, nothing wrong with that!

    my loves…

     may you be blessed

    temecula, san diego, riverside, oc photographer

    I sure enjoy when the kiddos bring their own personality right up front to the session, like missK did. I am lovin’ her french-artsy attitude and persona here…thanks missK for making it interesting!

    You are beautiful…

    may you be blessed

    temecula photographer … san diego photographer

    another sneak peek…the lovely missB who is as patient as she is beautiful ~ thanks for “going first” at the session missB and for making my job easy! Just look at those eyes ~ wow! and that smile what a lovely young lady you are…


    may you be blessed

    pay the piper…

     I have so much to post that is wait for it…wait for it…actually work related!! Did you faint?!  I know I have avoided it, I have denied it, I have even forgotten about it…but it is time to pay the piper, suck it up, do the right thing, stand tall and be brave, no wait, I don’t have to stand at all, just edit and post…and edit and post I will…promise! Unless I get distracted again by all that crafty-goodness in blog land, so really , no promises.

    Remember you can always bypass our family stuff, the decorating saga and crafty goodness and go straight to photography by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the category that interests you!

    anyway…here is one shot of missH, a cutie that makes me smile from my head to my toes. I could go on and on about the virtues of marvelous missH, but must get to work! I will simply say she is amazing and I am blessed to know her and her mom, mamaE, thank you thank you thank you for your life-saving help with ALL those kids!! Were you as exhausted as I was?!?

    missH…you leave me speechless and smiling ~ a pretty great way to be left, thanks!

     may you be blessed

    play ball…

    Time to play ball with misterC…

    I can’t help but smile at this shot! What a sweetie mister C is.


    may you continue to be blessed

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    sew good…

    Golly, I wish I knew how to solve my computer problems without simply buyinga new one! I have had people over to try and fix it’s slooooowness and it’s wacky settings that seem to set themselves every other week, to no avail…my computer has a mind of it’s own. We (me and the computer) are trying to work it out but well, it isn’t looking so good for one of us!

    In the meantime we are sewing…making baby blankets and prayer quilts for our little friend missR who is still in Children’s Hospital and baffling the doctors. Prayers for her and her family are appreciated, she is just a few weeks old and is in proving to be a fighter.

    Yup, that’s the Monopoly game still going on in the background, and the wood for the stairs that I’m debating on leaning against the wall and their great-grandma’s suitcase filled with treasures peeking out. I think the backgrounds always tell more of a story than the subject!

    may you be blessed

    few more…

    Here are a few more from our celebrating life party…

    may you be blessed

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    happy sunday…

    …the day of rest, are you resting?!?

    may you be blessed

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    san diego photographer…oc photographer

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    happy fourth…

    We’re actually celebrating twice this year, yesterday and today ~ kind’a like we did for Easter. Good thing I like my family!

    We are all so grateful to be living in this land of the free and the home of the brave. Thank you to all who fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

    Enjoy the fireworks, I know we will!

    may you be blessed

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    finger hold…

    I simply love love love the finger hold of a toddler.

    misterO, you simply stole my heart…

    may you be blessed

    playing catch up…

    yes, now it is time t o play catch up

    quick peek of little missA

    may you be blessed

    san fransisco state…photography

    Coming up…missM

    aka missSFSU..

    may you be blessed

    captured quickly…

     The elusive misterT was finally cornered into a mini-session for his senior photos! He was captured momentarily between gigs to complete his “make mama happy” mission. I thank you misterT for your cooperation, sense of humor and style: you are a class act. I have had the honor of knowing you and your family for many years and I am fortunate to know you. I know you are already off in the world making a name for yourself, just keep pushing on misterT and you will make those dreams come true. I believe in you and I look forward to eating at your resaurant someday. I expect to be hearing from you on FB, you are now a nancyelizabeth senior and I wil be keeping track of you! :) MisterT, you can do anything you set your mind to.

    wish my eyes could look so striking…misterT you are fierce when you need to be!

    love the casual feel of this shot, just hanging out front of the bike store…


    thanks for sitting “on more place” “real quick” “last one” “please here?” for me!

    love this of you misterT, it has the look you had from years gone by…

    be strong misterT, be honest, be yourself and you will make it no worries…

    you are an amazing young man… 

    may you be blessed

    mister t…

    I am finally catching up with my editing and thrilled to  be working on misterT…

    The marvelous misterT is leading quite the adventerous life these days: I was fortunate to meet up with him while he was in town to capture a few senior photos for him.

    Here is a sneak peek…

      may you be blessed

    Grandkids make the world a happier place, mamaC I am so happy that your mama was happy on mother’s day!

    MamaC surprised her mom with a big canvas portrait of her grandkids. Grandma didn’t even know that we took the picture!

    grandkids rock…

    may you be blessed

    back to work…

    I am officially back to work, although I never really left I did remove myself from the computer for a couple days and now it is time to pay the piper!

    look at this cutie-pie I got to meet a couple weeks ago…

    I just wanted to grab this one and go play for the day! Thanks mamaC for bringing the kiddos down, grandma is going to be thrilled!

    may you be blessed

    shooting, short on time…temecula photographer

    I am off shooting and thus must simply wish for you a wonderful day and happiness to abound and surround  so that you feel the courage to share it with strangers ~ sounds like I have been meditating like I keep threatening to “get back to” but alas, nope, just feeling a bit fortunate among my chaos. Thank you for the opportunity to be “your” photographer… you have blessed me so much more than I ever imagined…

    may you  be blessed


    happy love day…

    nothing sweeter than your smile…

    I hope your day is filled with the ones you love and their smiles, hugs and kisses.

    here are some cuties that will be sure to bring a smile to their loved ones this year








    may you be blessed


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