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  • marvelous missJ…senior photos

    I shot this lovely young lady a while back and she has PATIENTLY been waiting for her pics…here is a sneak peek for you and your dad missJ ~ thanks so much for trusting me and missing a class or two in order to get the good light and spend some time enjoying the process. You are going to leave your mark on this world, you already have: I mean an even BIGGER one. Your  “joie de vivre” is contagious  and I count myself lucky to have met you and your mom.

    my favorite of the day…

     love the light and contrast here…indeed your  “gorgeousness” doesn’t hurt the image either! ha!

     the classic beauty ~ so glad we ventured into the smelly scary area because this is just what we needed…

    who knew the perfect light was in the nastiest part of town…oh yeah, me! thanks for trusting me! 

    love the sweetness about this and the movement in your hair… you did goood missJ!

     a mini collage of our adventure!

    thanks again so much for sharing this once in a lifetime opportunity with me

    and….congratulations on the upcoming graduation!!

    Class of 2012!

     may you be blessed

    great week ahead…

    Looking forward to an awesome week this week: family session, senior session, toddler session…let the fun begin!


    may you be blessed

    like a summer breeze…

    These kiddos are like a summer breeze in the middle of the Sahara… just what you need… or at least what I needed!

    I was thrilled to spend some time with them and must admit that these images are chosen willy-nilly because there isn’t a bad one in the bunch and they all made me smile, take a breath and just enjoy what is my life… some kids just do that to you…

    sorry for the delay Mama S and Papa B here is that sneak peek, with so many left unblogged for no good reason other than that doggone 24 hours in a day problem I seem to have…

    you are raising three angels that bring such love for life and each other into the world it will change it… keep up the good work and…

    see for yourself…

     mister J you are so so handsome and beyond cool… just an incredible young man, thanks for letting me take these:

    your patience was a gift! thanks

    oh what joy you bring to life… your spirit shines brighter than the noonday sun

    thanks for being you and thanks for allowing me into your world…it’s a great world!

     straight to the heart here… miss C

    your eyes combined with your missing tooth, you know that melts my heart…

    wait.. one more  woodland fairy climbing a tree… serene beauty of you…

    ok… so many more this is simply a peek into what we captured

    since my natives are circling for their dinner… I’ll leave you with my blessings and gratitude for the time spent together…

    Be Blessed



    the answer…

    the answer to the riddle is.. another terrific senior session!

    I was blessed to have spent some time with the fabulous MissE who will be graduating in 2010 ~ Go RBHS!

    This was a hard one to choose a sneak peek for, they are all turning out to be as stunning as this young lady.

    Seriously, MissE has a heart of gold she will be a complete success as she continues on her path. Her empathy, kindness and loving spirit are just what this world needs. I think she will end up helping kids somehow, but who knows, maybe she’ll be a mad-scientist!

    Whatever your “job” turns out to be, MissE your “real job” is to simply be you ~ just the way He made you, amazing.

    from the first part of the riddle, the bikers…

    one happy (and gorgeous) young lady…. MissE

    the “fake baby” part of the riddle…part of her HS class assignment

    ~ it’s a brilliant idea if you ask me ~

    nothing like a crying baby at 2am to get kids to think before they act!

    I love the symmetry here and of course her stunning face, perfect teeth and expressive eyes…

    it looks great in color too, trust me E

    the “cowboy part” of the riddle… Temecula is such a fun place to shoot senior photos!

    ~ of course it helps if the senior is sweet and outgoing (and beautiful doesn’t hurt either!) then people tend go along with our antics ~


    I find this photo to be soooo sweet, just E’s natural beauty

    ~ and for the photogs out there, check the primo flare off the top left… and the bokeh ~ forgett’about it ~

    side-note: I tend to find that bikers are the nicest people…

    MissE, thank you again for allowing me to shoot your senior photos for you.

    I have many many more to edit, check back for another sneak peek…

    Be Blessed



    fortunate senior photographer temecula

    fortunate because I got to spend the evening with miss B… I don’t want to embarrass you miss B, but I have to say that you have grown into such a lovely, kind young lady and I am quite sure that you will leave your mark on this world sooner than later…

    thank you for allowing me to photograph your senior pictures and I hope that your senior year is the best year yet and that it flies by for you: I know you are so ready for college.

    here is a sneak peek… more to come… check back…

    you just rock…can you say covergirl?

    hmm… maybe this is why men sing to you on the street


    see internet? I wasn’t kidding… these are the mystery serenaders (is that a word?) that came out to sing to miss B as we were shooting

    I won’t repeat the song, although very flattering, it will embarrass miss B too much if I do… I really want to though


    can you imagine trying to learn calculus or scientific theories while seated next to her in High School?

    It’s a miracle any young men pass their classes these days!

     back to editing….maybe I will post the police, dumpster and mattress shots next… seriously, you win good sport of the year!

    Be Blessed