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  • senior photo temecula…

    Although I am not blogging much these days, I thought I would take the time to post a sneak peek for mamaC and her girl missL ~ both lovely ladies that endured freezing temperatures with gorgeous results!
    It was a fun morning and a great way to start the weekend!
    missL and her favorite tree…

    may you be blessed

    are you ready?

    missM is ready for *heart* day…are you?! thanks again missM for making my day!

    may you be blessed

    temecula photographer…

    Although this doesn’t do her justice, but I loved her eyes and little grin so I had to post this of the

    adorable missL

     may you be blessed

    pay the piper…

     I have so much to post that is wait for it…wait for it…actually work related!! Did you faint?!  I know I have avoided it, I have denied it, I have even forgotten about it…but it is time to pay the piper, suck it up, do the right thing, stand tall and be brave, no wait, I don’t have to stand at all, just edit and post…and edit and post I will…promise! Unless I get distracted again by all that crafty-goodness in blog land, so really , no promises.

    Remember you can always bypass our family stuff, the decorating saga and crafty goodness and go straight to photography by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the category that interests you!

    anyway…here is one shot of missH, a cutie that makes me smile from my head to my toes. I could go on and on about the virtues of marvelous missH, but must get to work! I will simply say she is amazing and I am blessed to know her and her mom, mamaE, thank you thank you thank you for your life-saving help with ALL those kids!! Were you as exhausted as I was?!?

    missH…you leave me speechless and smiling ~ a pretty great way to be left, thanks!

     may you be blessed

    senior photographer temecula…

    Finally finishing up missC’s senior photos, too many good ones. Sometimes that happens and I just keep them all because well, I can! She only needs a couple but seriously, could you choose? Obviously, I can’t. These are just the sneak peek of her session! Thanks so much missC for making my job NOT a job and for you for simply being you. I feel like we were meant to meet and my heart is lighter because of you: you give me hope for the future. You, missC, have so many looks and “sides” to your personality all of which the camera loved, as did I. Thanks again for trusting me with your precious senior photos.

    without further ado… a sneak peek for you


    a girl with secrets…missC

    well, maybe no secrets just sweetness…missC

    no, definitelya wild side or, at least mischievous, to missC…

    the light I needed ~ we got it missC

    thanks misterM

    this could be called…country girl ~ missC

    and this is of course, city girl ~ missC

    may you be blessed

    senior portraits temecula photographer

    still working on this a.m.a.z.i.n.g. senior session…

    may you be blessed

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    UCLA gets lucky!

    UCLA gets lucky to have this one coming

    Miss M you are so much fun to hang out with and so easy to shoot! Thanks for making my job easy and for putting up with me dragging you all over town. I think you made a great choice… sorry to all the other Universities that lost out on you. You are such a role model and my little MissE is CrAzY about you and I am using that to my advantage! “Well you know MissM does her homework right away and MissM always flosses her teeth after every meal, MissM always talks nicely to her mom, MissM, MissM MissM… ahh… your name works magic around here!! thanks!!

    Since your AuntA is waiting to see more…

    Here is MissM looking striking…seriously, how g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. is she?!?!?!

    LOVE the attitude in this one… just LOVe it

    Something MissM would never pose like naturally… but it works because her goodness shines through…if she really had an attitude the image would be ruined it would be typical teenage but because you are so sweet MissM it is a perfect contradition and it knocks my socks off.. too sexy for your age, (sorry to your dad) , but as a photographer I LoVe it!!

    another favorite of mine…


    I can’t wait to see what you do in this world… you make it a better place already

    thanks again for coming out my way and allowing me to capture your goodness…


    Be Blessed

    a riddle…

    what do you get when you cross a group of bikers, a cowboy and a fake baby?

    answer coming soon…

    and yes, she is involved!

     Be Blessed

    senior serenade, stalker and police

    That’s what happens when this girl steps out to do her senior shoot. 

    Men serenade her from balconies, men stalk her to try and get “their own photo” and policemen take breaks just to be in the shot with her! What a wild session we had: soooooo much fun and don’t get me started on the dumpsters and mattress jumping!

    what can I say miss B, you are just that incredible inside and out…


     mama C was right about this…no wonder they sing as you walk past!

    I edited until 2am last night and haven’t left the computer today… I am having too much fun editing your images… will be posting more tomorrow but had to show you this!

     Be Blessed