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    you will also find their work here on “my” blog. That’s just the way it “rolls” around these suburbs! 
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  • happy st. patty’s day…

    from my home to yours…may the road rise to meet you

    and may your Irish eyes be smiling…

    may you be blessed

    out of the weeds…

    and into the garden…not sure what that means but I think it means that I am digging myself out of my editing and can see hope of sleep again!


    may you  be blessed

    longshadow ranch…

    editing some pics from Longshadow Ranch in Temecula..from the benefit for missSophie

     may you be blessed

    city whisperer…

    Needing someone to take care of that un-permitted room? That illegal garage addition? or facing “other” City issues? Well, help is on the way! There is someone out there that “speaks government” and he can accomplish what neither you nor I have time, energy or know-how to. He runs HpInspects (google it) or call him at 951.225.2988 and ask him some questions: if he can’t help you he will know someone who can.

    Trust me.

    He built me this is in a previously illegal space. All legal now!

    I’m loving it!

    may you be blessed

    marvelous missM…senior photos

    Presenting a sneak peek at the marvelous missM…I will be finishing these up and post a few more when I do. It was hard to just grab a couple but I must get back to the editing so here is a sneak peek for you and your mama missM. You are an inspiration. SFSU is lucky to be “getting” you. I have so many wonderful things to say about this young lady, her style, charisma, and charms pale to her beauty and intelligence. She will be calling the shots very soon in this big world and I for one will be happy to follow them MissM had a good head on her shoulders and an incredible moral compass: I am impressed. Could go on and on but she needs her pics, so I will contain myself and just wish missM all the best that this world has to offer. Thanks for the smiles and the great day.

    Enjoy your journey.

    and thanks missM for being you and bringing joy into my life…

    Nod to the derby …

     carefree…missM makes it all look so easy


      you know we had some fun… 

      may you be blessed

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    senior portrait photographer…riverside, san diego, oc

    The sun was peeking through the trees and the peacocks were yelling their gorgeous little heads off. As the mud squished into my flats, reminding me that yes indeed I should definitely have gone with the boots, I was so happy to be shooting at ‘the estate” again.  An incredible young lady, missC, gave me distinct pleasure of capturing her last moments as a senior. MissC is intelligent, hilarious, gracious and ready to get OUT of high school and on to college: I believe she needs a challenge and her nursing career plans will indeed give her that, neonatal specialty to boot. You go missC, those babies need your kindness and effervescent smilethat literally lights up the world around you.

    Grateful to have my computer back, here is a sneak peek at the stunning missC.


    may you be blessed

    happy love day…

    nothing sweeter than your smile…

    I hope your day is filled with the ones you love and their smiles, hugs and kisses.

    here are some cuties that will be sure to bring a smile to their loved ones this year








    may you be blessed


    working on this cutie…

    quick peek of what I am working on this weekend…

    is he a cutie or what?!

    may you be blessed

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    new year…new challenge

    I know it has been the “new year” for 23 days now and I have neglected my blog much longer than I care to admit, but it is a new year and I am challenging myself to blog…gulp…daily. Yes, daily. I have NO idea what on earth I will have to blog daily, but I am giving it a whirl! I appreciate you still visiting after my hit and miss blog updates: I appreciate you waiting months before getting your sneak peeks on here and this “new” year I will not be making you wait any longer.

    Starting today I will try my very very best to post something so you don’t get that, “argh…same post” feeling when you click over to our blog. Remember that you can scroll down and simply pick your category so you can eliminate seeing my family updates if they bore you! I will also be adding a photographer category to do some tips and tricks sharing, as well as combing other categories so you don’t want to run screaming from the choices!

    That being said, welcome to the New Year; I hope to see you here again!

    because a post is ALWAYS better with a pic…


    may you be blessed…

    headshots and hamburgers…

    two of my favorite things, head-shots and hamburgers

    and little ‘hams” like this guy ~ actually he was “all pro” no ham

    I was fortunate enough to spend some time with this little guy who will soon be gracing the pages of your favorite magazine IMO…

    you know I love me a little attitude…

    his true nature.. sweetie-pie  

    …thanks for allowing me the opportunity to capture these for you!

    Be Blessed


    still to come…

    I’m working, I promise!!

    G family, we had the most wonderful time with you… hundreds of incredible shots that make my heart sing

    I will be posting your sneak peek next week, thanks for your patience!


    Be Blessed

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    published… Riverside family photographer

    Woo- Hoo!

    I love getting this Family Magazine, it is always chocked full of great ideas, so to be published in it was icing on the cake,

    thanks Inland Empire Family!

    recognize this one?

    always fun to see this one from our 

     photo-shoot for our local Children’s Museum, Imagination Workshop…

    it’s a wonderful, hands-on place that my kiddos have grown up in ~ always something new to discover there…

    and big thanks to my sister for letting me know that I got published… what if I missed this month?!

    Be Blessed



    sonic boom

    what is going on at that military base?!? I swear my heart can’t take anymore of this house rattling earthshaking nonsense… let’s just get it over with already … you’ve practiced … we trust you … now go get the bad guys and let us have some peace and quiet in So. Cal … then come home and rest …

    until then …

    here is a sweetie who has a “warrior dad” one that is probably involved in those top secret maneuvers that are making my house shake and for him and all the others like him, thank you. (but enough!)

    more coming …

    Be Blessed

    manly men

    I am under-the-weather or in other words, I have been attacked by the nastiest cold known to mankind…

    on a brighter note, look what I have coming up…

    more manly men heroes


    Be Blessed

    happy heart …


    may your heart be filled with love and your home be filled with chocolate!

    wishes you only the best dreams this valentine’s day!


    be blessed

    help needed …

    fellow photographers, have you considered joining this wonderful organization?

    I promise you will get more from these kiddos than anything you will give them …




    please consider helping, there are SO many families that need your talent and time ….


    be blessed

    who’s your hero?

    in life I have many heroes… my parents were my first and remain my heroes to this day … they are dedicated loving people who put the needs of others before themselves, they value marriage and family ~ When I was about 8 I found a baby bird that had fallen from it’s nest: it was all alone and helpless. Without thought I scooped it up, walking it and my bike a mile back home, where upon my arrival, my mom quickly helped me make it a home and even procured me a tiny eyedropper to feed it. I was certain it would live and be my special bird forever. My mom however had her doubts (which I never knew until years later) but offered me encouragement and support to save the baby bird. 

    Fast forward… middle of the night… I screamed, cried, yelled, wailed from the depths of my being, waking up the entire house… he’s deeeeeeeaaaaaaad … he’s dddddead …  he’s dead.  Through my screaming and sobbing (you would have thought the entire world had come crashing down, because to me it had) my mom calmly got up (remember it is 2am on a school/work night) hugged me, found a gorgeous velvet jewelry box (for his coffin) and proceeded to make hot chocolate. Meanwhile, my dad put on his robe and shoes, went out into the pitch black night and retrieved a shovel, dug a hole and buried him.  I don’t recall any conversation, just the feeling of love and knowing it would all be OK ~

    It didn’t occur to me that it was odd to bury him in the middle of the night or that I should wait until morning when everyone is rested. It didn’t occur to me because my parents, my heroes, are amazing. They took my pain and without thought of themselves, and how exhausted they would be the next day,  they comforted me and buried my bird and prayed for him. They are heroes because they are selfless.

    It is my deepest hope to be that kind of parent. I am nowhere close, but I keep trying. However, I had the opportunity this past weekend to meet a family. A family of heroes. Not just one, but 5 incredible people who are changing this world one moment at a time. They have certainly changed mine. They touched my heart and it will never be the same. Little R, just thinking of you with my camera makes me smile all day.

    this little boy and his entire family are now on my list of heroes

    they epitomize love, compassion and goodness

    thank you for coming up to Temecula and sharing your hearts with us …  thanks for being his hero, as he is yours, I am sure

    more to come …

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    lucky me

    Truly, I am the luckiest photographer in the world.

    I am fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful little souls with wonderful attitudes, energy and love. Everytime I get to shoot new kids I am reminded just how well off the world really is. It isn’t in the paper or making headlines, however if you stop and talk to some kids your hope will be renewed. They are bright, quick witted, kind, loving and smart ~ if the future is in their hands the count yourself lucky.

    Seriously. Take a minute. Talk to a kid. Really listen. You’ll see.


    she is as smart, kind, sweet and polite as she looks (funny too!)

    little c, also known as mr. blue eyes, you make my job easy and fun, thanks

    be blessed



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    it’s true

    cliches are cliches because they are TRUE…

    I find myself saying the common motherly, “time really does fly”  and “children grow up too fast”  and of course  “there are many ears in a cornfield?!?” what? I heard that the other day and well… while this cliche may ring true for many of you, my ears and cornfields haven’t yet mixed and therefore I have yet to succumbed to this cliche.

     here are some cuties that are growing up way too fast

    she seems to know something that we don’t…

    and this one, well, he is going to be breaking a few hearts someday…

    and then there is this one… oh those eyes.. they look right into your soul

    and a smile for mom!


    be blessed


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    mini sessions


    here are some samples of the custom cards that I will be offering for my holiday mini session clients…


    more details to follow!!

    locations and dates still under consideration this week,

    so if you have an idea please email me, or leave a comment!


    be blessed

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