The Details For the Best SEO Works Now

You ask yourself: what is SEO? What is important and how does it work? Good that you ask. In this extensive article, we answer all the questions you have about SEO (search engine optimization).

You will learn the background, get to know the most important criteria and we will show you the most effective SEO tools.At the end of the article you will know what to do to optimize your web pages to rank well with Google and other search engines.If that’s what you want, let’s get into the SEO stuff right now.

What does SEO stand for?

SEO is English and means “search engine optimization” or German ‚Äúsearch engine optimization “.Technically, it’s the art and craft of designing and tweaking web pages to best rank in organic search results. And, if I say the best, we mean a position on page 1, if possible even number one. From the Phoenix SEO Agency you will have the best deal now.

SEO is also and above all,

  • To provide the searchers with the information they are looking for
  • Cover the search intention 100 percent
  • To offer satisfactory solutions and answers
  • After that, Google and the users rate your websites. The relevance of your pages to users’ search intent is more important to SEO than ever.
  • That’s exactly what I’ll tell you more about now.

What is SEO Content?

SEO content is primarily content written for the reader. It’s content that provides solutions and answers. Solutions and answers that satisfy the reader.Only secondarily, SEO content is text optimized by keywords, media content, and other search engine SEO measures.

How such content can evolve over time to ultimately rank at the top, I’ll show you in the info graphic below.

Info graphic: The Development of Optimized SEO Content

Development of SEO content

Of course, the ranking depends on many other factors (over 200). The graphic only relates to the content and the user signals.To better understand Google, it might be helpful to take a closer look at the function of the search engine.

How does Google search work?

How the Google search engine works, Google will tell you the best.When it comes to the reach of your own homepage, Google is the best friend of every web user. The search engine placement follows certain rules that should also be respected by private individuals.

  • Write a nice text, garnish it with colorful photos and put the result online? Sure, that works. But those who have built their website not just for friends and relatives have to act differently: disciplined, systematic, machine-compatible.

Because on the Internet, Google rules. A machine that decides what is high on the list of results – and what hides somewhere on page 150. And the Google placement follows rules that every page builder who wants to be present on the web – whether company or private person – must submit to.

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